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story : Forgotten Episode -3


Forgotten Episode3

©Authoress Manny

     Britney POV 

As soon as I saw them I tried running but they were faster and they caught with me and dragged, I tried running but each time I get slapped and I land on the floor with aching cheeks I cried cause I know there is nothing that can be done they were the same guys at the bar that was trying to touch me and they were strong and able bodied men I just continued crying and close my eyes to face whatever fate has in store for me until I felt nobody touching me and started hearing noises and painful groans and when I opened my eyes I just saw a guy who covered his face with a face mask I could only see his eyes, they were just looking down on me 
 I kept sobbing and I heard him telling me to go I couldn't even stand due to the way I was pushed so I kept staring at his eyes
Won't you go or do u want them to wake up and continue what they already started he said
My ankle is twisted and you shouldn't have helped me if you just wanna mock me I cried he looked at me pathetically and I got angry and cried I tried standing up but fell on my butt again he just smirked and carried me bridal style I was shocked and tried getting down until he shunned me 
Will you stop you got a lot of weight you know?? He said
Why won't you let me see your face, why are you hiding behind a mask at least let me see your face and thank you I cried
He just stop a cab and we entered without saying a word.

 I felt pathetic and weak but I didn't bother asking him anything till the cab stopped and he asked me to go in that's when I realized that I was in front of my gate 
How do you know were I stay and who the fuck are you?? I asked
But he kept mute and didn't say anything else I just got out of the cab angrily and watch as it zoomed off
 I was confused about a lot of things mainly about his Identity but I just let it slide and entered inside my house and head straight to my room for a goodnight sleep

              Nicholas POV 

I sincerely don't know why I helped her but I couldn't let them I felt drawn to her I hate myself for helping i hate helping or staying close to girls and thankfully she didn't see my face and I would be leaving to New York my home
 Well am Nicholas Brown only child and heir to my dad's company Dark empire and am a famous artist stage name is Nick B
I chose not to ever fall inlove ever after what my ex girlfriend did to me I hated all girls in my school as well oh I attend Cyrus Music high a school for music and lot me 
Well you will get to know me more 

What do u think??
Nick is such a sweetheart but cold.
What did Nick's ex do to him??

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