story : Forgotten Episode -21



Forgotten Episode -21

© Authoress Manny

         Director Damian's POV

We arrived at the hospital, I tried my best to act calm but I was nervous as hell, even when director ken collected the blood, from Us my heart was beating terribly, I just wished it would be positive

              Mrs Brianna's POV

I am so nervous, although I know she's mine but what if just what if the result was negative, I really need it to be positive, I need my daughter back
I looked at my husband and I saw how nervous he was even as he tried to act calm I can still see the nervousness, I turned my direction to Britney, I could see the fear in her eyes, and nervous written all over her face

             Britney's POV

The doctor came out with the result and my fear and nervousness increased
What's the result doctor ken?? my dad asked
My mom tried her best to remain calm and did the same too
After conducting the test for more than five times the result remained the same....... he paused and continued..... It shows that miss Britney William shouldn't be miss Britney William instead she should be called Miss Britney Gate he said making all of Us to smile and breath a sigh of relief and my mom smiled and hugged me really tight like I would run away soon, she whispered a thank you in my ear and I smiled gently pulling a way from the hug and my dad took his turn in hugging me and whispering thank you for letting me find you, thank you for coming back to Us
smiled and I could see my tears already falling, the family I always wanted, I finally have it, how lucky am I

            Mrs Brianna POV

She's really mine, I finally found her after all this while am the most happiest person in this planner right now I can't help the tears of joy that escaped my, after thinking I won't find my baby again, she came back to me, and brought back my smile am forever grateful

           Director Damien's POV

Am the most happiest person on earth right now, I can't believe she's right here with me, the result his positive I have a daughter to brag about now, am grateful
I haven't seen my wife smiled so genuinely ever since we list her but now she's smiling so wide and genuine and am happy  for that
We thanked the doctor, and head out all eyes were on Us but we didn't care we head straight home then I explained my plan of exposing her identity to the world to Britney, she seemed scared and I understood but we can't continue keeping in hiding we have to find the culprit and I just ordered for new sets of guards guiding my family and her especially my lawyer already transfered both I and my wife's wealth into her name, when we die she takes everything completely she automatically has become the number 1 most richest person in the whole Us and the number 3 richest person in the Whole World and she's just sixteen
How?? Well am the number 2 richest in US, that is minus my wife's wealth, my wife is the 7th richest person in the US
And that's because she gave most of her wealth away to the less privileged
Well back to reality, she finally accepted and I called about 2 very important media house and did the interview, they asked series of question which I explained and answered and it was time for my daughter to be shown to the world I gently held her hands and brought her in front of the cameras I could sense her nervousness

                  Britney's POV

My pictures were being taken, question was being asked and I answered everything then the most funniest question was asked
okay that question hit me cause I didn't even know, I just stopped answering and gestured to dad that I was tired and he nod, he answered little questions and they left, we walked in and mom said in few hours the house would be filled with visitors, I should go get some rest so I wouldn't breakdown later I smiled and went to my room and feel on the bed, now everyone knows who I am, like everything has changed and I hope I can live with it I closed my eyes and drifted off to dream land


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