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story : Forgotten Episode -20



Forgotten Episode -20

© Authoress Manny

          Mrs Brianna's POV

I don't know how she would take it but am pretty sure she knows already, and seeing her cry hurts me
I couldn't be a mother to her for 14years and now am scared of how she would react when she find outs am her biological mother

Damian (her husband) I already confirmed that she's ours, but the problem is the man who took her from Us doesn't know who sent him, he only knows it was a lady

Damian decided to make her go public even though am scared I feel it the right to do, let everyone know she's back and the person who took her away would come out, she's the richest person in USA if we combine both I and my husband's wealth, so it normal people want her dead or far but I have a feeling or let me say we have a feeling it not about the riches

I quickly picked a short dress and cute diamond stoned slippers and placed it on her bed and went out of her room

                    Britney's POV

I finished bathing, I washed my hair thoroughly and came out of the bath room with a towel tied around my hair and another black one tired around my chest
I saw the dress mom picked for me, it actually sounds weird calling her mom now
I quickly applied my body lotion on my body and wore my undies and then the dress
I applied oil on my bed and combed it then packed it into a chic ponytail and I wore the diamond stoned slippers she picked for me

When I was done dressing up I looked at myself in my mirror and I still saw the eye bags there but it wasn't that obvious anymore so I let it be and walked out of my room and head down stairs my heart beat accelerating cause I didn't know what they want to tell me but I just hope they already know cause I am not sure I will be okay if it is bad news

I walked straight to the dinning, seeing the both of them seated waiting for me left me scared a bit

Good morning sir I greeted
Morning, how was ur night he asked
Fine how about yours sir
It was great, more than how it been for sometime he said leaving me smiling it his hyperbolical act
I sat down with a smile and break fast was ready and served
We ate in a comfortable silence and when we were done the table was cleared
Mom held me and walked me to the sitting room, honestly have never really sat here am always in my room so it was kinda weird, but I was comfortable since she was holding my hands

We got to the sitting room and sat down, I sat close to her (my mom) and waited patiently for dad to come in few minute he joined us with a smile

Well you must be wondering why I asked us to talk right?? He asked directing the question to me , I just nod signifying yes and he smiled and continued
I don't know if you already know this but you are our child, the people you grew up with aren't your...........
Biological parent I completed the statement for him and he nod
But I don't want to be rash in making the decision cause right now am boiling with happiness, so I want us to go to the hospital and conduct a blood test, is that okay with you?? He asked me again, I smiled and nod
And we all stood up and head to the car, in no time we were already at the hospital, we walked into the hospital and straight to the family doctors office he greeted everyone and we all exchanged pleasantries with him
He collected our blood and went into the lab, we waited patiently for him and in few minute he was back with the result

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