story : Forgotten Episode -2


Forgotten Episode2

©Authoress Manny

  My alarm woke me from my annoying sleep, I hastily went to do my house chores so as to avoid more complains and insult from the person I call mom not that I hate but I just can't find the reason she now hates me so much

  I just wish we hadn't moved here, well sincerely we never stayed at a particular city for long always moving but I stayed longer in Saint Francisco and I miss my best friend Amber and some other few people
 Well am not a boy freak and I haven't received my first kiss have never dated everyone calls me Red wondering why that's because I have a very long black hair and long eye lashes with a red eye ball and damn cute pink lips and am average and curvey, so why don't I have a boyfriend or didn't have?? Well I just don't know either my best friend Amber is kind of a nerd also super brilliant actually 
Moderate with everything she's blonde tho
Back to Present 

 I quickly did everything and went for a quick shower and got ready in a pair of black jean and a red top my favorite colors and black sandals with my little black bag and went to work 
My work is pretty far but I can't spare any cash for a taxi so I had to run to work thankfully I had ten minute to rest  before work begins 

Later that evening after working for hours my boss gave me my pay and I dashed out of the shop and went to my  other work which I hated cause of the amount of guys that would beI walked into the bar and I went to change gosh I hate d skirt it brought out too much of my body and ass
I wish I could just wear my own cloth but rules are rules and they pay really good 
    I was asked to serve some guys as I did one touched me and glared at him but that didn't scare him cause he did it again until I walked out , I was pissed cause I hate people touching me but I couldn't do anything than to walk out cause I need the money 
I finished and headed home but I met some guys 

    To be continued

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