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story : Forgotten Episode -19



Forgotten Episode -19

© Authoress Manny

        Nick's Beach House
                  Byran POV

Gosh she's really pretty especially her smile, mehn I have to get her out of my mind, I mean am a known player and am sure she's not that kind of girl and Britney would never allow me do such to her friends
Mehn I just hope am not in love with her, I dont need love ah

Hmmm Byran I heard Kai tell bring in me back to reality
Hey you don't have to yell gosh
Someone was lost, I just hope you aren't lusting after her
Britney's friend Eva
Oh her name is Eva, nice name tho
Hey stop lusting over the girl for goodness sake gosh
Okay fine am nor lusting over her, I said
Nick wasn't even looking at her Us he was just lost in thought
Guys, you know you are all coming to my poll house this weekend right Kai stated grabbing both I and Nick's attention
Yea so?? I asked
I invited three people and I would love it if you respect them, they won't be staying the weekend only Saturday
Who are they?? I asked again
Emma, Britney and Eva
What!!!! I and nick yelled simultaneously
What's what, it final and you guys don't have a choice you have got to come got it
Do they even know about this plan of yours, Nick asked
Year I told them to please go out with me, although I add to strike a deal with Britney and she accepted he explained
Do they know about us I asked
NoPe he said popping the P
Okay I said simply
Nick just laid down on his bed

               Britney's POV

After we had left school, me and Eva went out to have fun, we went to the, park played, rode the roller coaster ate,  took pictures like old times, I really missed to those things

Then we went to a restaurant, I explained everything, told her everything, I was told, how my biological lost me, and how the ones I called my parent weren't my biological parent

How much I want to tell my mom am hers, so we can do every fun thing we both never did, how she would braid my hair and we would both go for shopping and sing together but I can't cause am scared, the person who took me might still come back and the pain we would both feel would be the same if not worst
She might kill me or my parent, I can't lose them again, am scared, so very scared it hurts

She asked me to tell them, we would find the culprits together but I still dont know how to tell them it hard, so freaking hard. I cried on her shoulders until I went home

I got home and bid are good bye, then head straight to my room and continued crying, till I feel asleep

              Next Morning

U worked up by 5:00am with red eyes and eyes bag, I still continued crying, I cried till someone came to knock
Who is it?? I asked in between tears
It me can I come in?? My mom asked
No please I wanna be alone please I responded
Sorry but what kind of a mom would I be if don't check on you, when you have been crying since yesterday huh??? She asked and I could feel she was crying, I hate to ever see her cry so I had to open the door
Come in I said and came inside and sat on the bed
What is wrong dear?? She asked
Can't I be happy, why must I always cry and be sad?? Huh?? I asked
Shhh don't say that you can be loved and you shouldn't cry honey she said
I and my husband have something to say to you and we dont want you to go to school today okay, please stop crying okay??
Okay I said but tears kept falling and I
 kept trying to clean them
 You will go take your bath and I will pick out your outfit but hold on let me prepare your bath okay
Okay i said still crying she came out and I went to bath


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