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story : Forgotten Episode 18



Forgotten Episode 18

© Authoress Manny

                 Nick's POV

What have I done, this is gonna go wild
Have never helped anyone before,I dont know why I did that, I just hope she doesn't think I like her, I won't bother talking to her, I need to end any kinda feelings am having for her, it has to end Gosh

               Kai's POV

I couldn't believe my eyes, Nick that has never spoken in class except when asked a question helped Britney
Gosh I guess am right with my suspicion, I just wish he would bring down his wall and let himself love her

             Britney's POV

Nick helped me, but that doesn't mean I like him, I mean he behaves annoying, even if someone is dying he pretends like he doesn't see anything, he's a jerk but am grateful for his help, but I won't say thank you cause he might snub me

Hey Kai can I see you for a few minute
Year sure let's go he replied and we walked down to the hall way
Well dont get me wrong I was just wondering how rich is hmmm the Director
Ha ha ha why do you ask
Nothing just curiosity, I guess
Well he is the second richest in US, and Nick's dad is the first and my Dad is the third then Bryan's Dad, if you want more information I give them to you for free tho
Hmmm okay tell me
Well me, Nick, and Bryan grow together but we were supposed to be four and the fourth person was supposed to be Britney that's the Directors daughter but she got missing at a young age, actually you look exactly like Mrs Brianna
If I didn't know better I would mistake you for Brianna
Oh thanks alot but what about Tristan and Mandy
Oh they Tristan is the fifth but we don't associate with him cause he is proud then Mandy sixth she's also proud and she likes forcing herself on Nick a lot while Tristan likes her
Wow crazy thanks alot Kai I need one more help actually
Throw the bomb
Well my bestie wants to see you, she's coming to pick me up and she really ones to see you, Byran and Nick
I know Nick isn't possible and I haven't talked to Byran before but you can help can't you, I give him my best baby face and he smiled
One condition he said
Which is I asked
You go on a date with him on Saturday
What, that's hard please something else
Nope only that
Okay fine I will go I said, oh Eva you owe my big time I said in inaudible
Okay let's go he said and help my hand like we were a couple to class, the whole class went awfully quiet when we stepped in
Sit gently baby I will make sure brain comes okay he said and smiled
I face palmed my self and smiled frustrated thanks I murmured

           Kai's POV

She looks cute when she's frustrated, I only want to make her free with me, and yep I know there would be rumor

Hey buddy I said to Byran
Kai what is it he asked
Well I need your help I replied
What now he asked getting frustrated
Well they know am babyish so they always get tired before I do anything which is actually funny
Kai Kai his call snapped me out of my thought
Hey take a chill pill gosh anyway, I want you to meet someone
Who, and why
A friend to Britney and it because I promised and made a deal with her
Mehn I can't sorry he said
Hell no you have to I yelled making everyone to turn to us
Holy shit fine now leave me
Good boy okay see you I said and went to my seat

              Nick's POV

What the hell did she ask Kai that's making Kai so happy, even calling her baby
I need to talk to her but how, it obvious she doesn't even notice me in class or pretends not to gosh

Hey I said I swear I don't know the courage and spirit that moved me to her
I need to see you for a minute I said,
Okay let's go she said and stood up, the whole class was staring at Us and Kai and Byran winked at me
We got to the hall way and I became completely speechless, which obviously irritates her
Please get to the point already she said interrupting me
Okay I realized you wanna know who helped you when you almost got rapes right?? She looked visibly shocked
How,,,,ho,,,,how do you know about that cause I didn't say the detail
Well am the one, I never thought I would see you here, and I think it not bad in revealing myself and I don't need you to thank me
She was speechless, and my heart was beating too fast, so I quickly left

         Britney's POV

Gosh, he is the one but how, yes the eyes is similar
Gosh I didn't even say thank you, but at the same time he told me not to say it
Gosh he's just too proud
But why does my heart beat so fast around him, I mean I hate him right but he has saved me twice even tho he pretends not to know what's going on gosh am going crazy
He even left without me I so much dislike his guts annoying jerk

I quickly entered the class and sat, we had the remaining classes and it was closing hours before I could take my bag Kai was already in front of me with Byran, I guess he is forcing him

Hey Nick he shouted, I guess only him does that
Nick just turned with a questioning eye brow which only annoyed me
My phone rang
Hey besAm outside get your ass here
okay am coming, and I hung up which would be so happy

Hey get her up here please Kai said
Yea really hurry now
Okay, I rushed out and dragged her cause I know she would freak out if she knew I was taking her to the class
Were are we going, she asked
The rest room I answered
Really I dont believe you
Just come already
We got into the elevator, I can see the nervous look on her face I almost laughed
I dragged her to the class door when we stepped out of the elevator
Please don't yell and don't freak out okay
Please why am I getting scared
Just dont freak okay and I opened the door and dragged her in
I was actually shocked to see Nick sitting but Eva looked like she would faint

                  Eva's POV

I was getting scared cause she was kinda giggling but I tried my best to hide my fear
When she dragged me into the class, seeing my top idols made me numb completely
Hey girlie I did my part, you owe she said and sat down
Omg you look pretty honey Kai said
I didn't know when yelled making Brit quickly put her head phone on
Okay okay am so sorry am just too excited
Then a hug, Kai said I didn't mind but bestie spoilt
Kai we didn't agree on hug, if you want it then no more date
Okay fine he quickly pecked my cheek and ran away I laughed a little
I am Bryan my main crush said
Omg I love you I blurted out before I could control it
He just chuckled and smiled, I quickly apologized but my cheek was completely red
Come let's go need some girl time with you Britney said I smiled and was about bidding them bye before Kai and Byran interrupted me
Not so fast honey Byran said making Britney stop on her track
Nick come on now Kai said sternly
He shrugged and waved I smiled widely and said hello but I noticed Britney just shrugged
Bye guys you guys are the best I love you all especially B I said and ran out I heard them laughing especially Britney


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