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story : Forgotten Episode -17



Forgotten Episode -17

© Authoress Manny

               Next morning
                 Britney's POV

I woke quite early, I rushed into the bathroom did the regular and came out, I saw my cloth neatly laid on the bed with new sets of undies, I already know who arranged it
Although I haven't told her about me being her daughter, after hearing everything last night, I felt it was right but I am still waiting for the Director to come back
Then we would go for a blood text

Hey dear, do you like the cloth I picked out she asked
Yes ma, it actually my style
Okay dear am happy, get ready quickly
Breakfast is almost ready
Okay ma and she left

She picked a black diamond dress above my knee and black diamond stilettos heels, they were freaking expensive, who would think am a scholarship student I have to wear since she picked it herself and bought obviously

I quickly wore the dress and heels, thankfully I always bought heels and trained myself into wearing them cause I loved it so it wasn't hard, I quickly packed my hair into a neat bun and picked my bag. I quickly head down stairs and lo and behold breakfast was just served I sat and ate my breakfast, I gave myself a mental note to visit Eva before coming home when I finished I stood up and cleared the dishes but I wasn't allowed to wash
Am leaving ma thank you I said to her
Wait you have a personal driver and he is going to be the one taking you to school she said I was dumbfounded
But.....I couldn't complete my statement
No buts it final and here is your credit card no argument okay
I smiled and hugged, thank you so much tears feel from my eyes
No thank you and you will find out why I have to thank you soon....Go ahead you don't wanna be late
I might come home a bit late cause I have to see someone
Okay no problem go ahead

I walked out and the driver opened the door for me, I sat and we head to school, few minute we had already arrived I was 10min early the moment I stepped my feet out the gossip began, I became nervous but I summoned a little courage and came out,with the little idea I have of fashion I know am wearing not less than 10million dollars and that was the topic of the day

I quickly head to the elevator, everybody was still talking but no one questioned me and I was happy I head straight to class when I got to my floor, I opened the door and everyone was in class talking and playing except from Nick who was kinda sleeping  the moment I entered everyone kept shut and it was kinda awkward I just calmly walked to my sit and heaved a sigh of relief I was about bringing my head phone out when I noticed how everyone was staring at me and I kina gave me goose bumps

                 Nick's POV

After waiting yesterday and she didn't show up, I kinda felt annoyed and I told my self if she didn't show up, I wouldn't bother myself, i decided to rest my head on my desk after few minute the whole class went silent and that was weird
I decided to check what made the class a burial ground and lifted my eyes, what I saw almost made me go numb, she looked extremely gosh and that dress, Mandy kept bragging about buying it, I wonder what she would do, mehn she looked amazing, the dress brought out her curves perfectly, I was drooling like every other guy I class but Mandy was sending daggers with her eyes

                 Mandy POV
How dare she buy that dress I have been trying to purchase it for over a week and I couldn't, a common scholarship student I have to ruin the dress I took my juice and head straight to her sit and was about pouring it on her when she held my hand very tightly

                 Kai's POV

Omg she's definitely a mermaid, the dress fits her so well, it even brought out her eyes and figure
What the hell Mandy, this is gonna be tough

              Britney's POV

I can't let her ruin the first gift my birth mother gave me never I held her hand tight knowing fully well she's hurting and said
I can let you ruin everything but not this, I don't care who you are or what you are but this dress is more important than you or anybody body else so back off I said like yelled and pushed her to the ground Tristan stood up and was about slapping me when Nick held his hand before Kai could
Back off Tristan, this is between ladies let them end it themselves he said and left him


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