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story : Forgotten Episode -15



Forgotten Episode -15

© Authoress Manny

            Director Damien's POV

Who is this ??? She asked
My wife
And the baby??
That's my missing daughter I told you about
How is that possible, no it not, it can't be possible, she can't be ur child she cried as she fell to the ground making my wife rush down
Honey what happened to her?? my wife asked and she stood up
Ma is this really your daughter?? she asked
Yes of course my wife answered, my wife hasn't seen her face yet
Please take me to my room please she begged
Okay Emily!!! I called
Yes sir
Take her to her room
Okay sir, this way miss
Thank you sir she said and cried her way upstairs to her room
What was that? My wife asked
Well that's Britney I dont really know the detail but i think she's our Britney
What!!!??? Why didn't you tell me all this!!!?? She yelled
Charlotte please I didn't want to tell you something am not positive about and you know she was a baby when they took from Us I defended
It okay Damien I understand, so tell me everything and let's find out everything together
I explained everything to her and tears feel from her eyes but she cleaned it and took her to bed and made sure she slept cause she's just too Emotional
Whoever took you from Us Britney would surely pay, I would do anything and everything to find out the truth

             Britney's POV

How can I be his daughter, I know my parent aren't my biological parent I overheard talking about

After work I ended home, my siblings already traveled to aunt's place I walked into the house and head upstairs about walking into my room I started hearing argument I decided to ears drop and find out what the problem is that's when I heard
We should never have accepted to take her in mom said
I know but the deed as been done all we have to think about is our to take her out of our life dad said
I warned you about brining that Britney into our life, now there is too much responsibility for Us we don't even know her family we were just handed the child, we don't even know who gave us the child it so frustrating
I quickly ran out, I cried my eye out that day

       Flashback Ends

I look exactly like that lady, but I can't tell them anything I will keep this secret myself, they might even think am after their wealth. Who knows maybe they are the one who even gave me away.
Director Damian POV

Hello have you done it??
Yes sir the Williams only has two children, Miss Britney isn't there's but no one knows how they got her
what do you mean, I told you to find out how they got that child, tell me everything, the date they got her, where and who gave the child to them
Sir the child was given to them on the 7th of August two days after your child was lost, they also don't know who owns the child, they said it was a man that gave them and paid them off
They no nothing about him only that the guys with him call him Sky
Find out everything about the so called sky,i will try to find out if she's my daughter or not
Okay sir and I drop the call

Oh God, why is this harder than I thought, please help me

             Next morning
             Britney's POV

Who is it??
Oh dear it me,
Hi good morning ma
Morning dear, please come down for breakfast
Okay ma one minute, I quickly wore my flip flop and head to the Dining with her(Director Damian's wife)

            Dining Hall

Director Damian was seen taking coffee as Britney and his wife walked down to their seat
Good morning sir
Morning dear, how was your night
Fine thank you sir, thank you for allowing me stay
No don't say that this is your house also dear feel comfortable
We had breakfast and I think the Director was hearing out I quickly ran to him
Yes dear
Hmmm I was wondering if I could be absent from school today
Why?? Is there a problem??
I just have a lots of things on my mind, I was just wondering if could stay here and think but if I can't it....
Of course you can okay
Thank you sir
And yes am traveling for awhile, so feel at home please
Okay sir
I wonder were he is going but not my business I have to find out if they were the one that gave me up or not
          Director Damian
I have to go to Saint Augustine to see her foster Parent
I know only someone close to me can do this but who is it, who is responsible???


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