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story : Forgotten Episode -14



Forgotten Episode -14

© Authoress Manny

                  Britney's POV

After leaving the Directors office I called my best friend to ask where her house is, and gosh there is no way i can stay with her. Her place is just too too far, I know her dad would assign a driver to me but I don't want to always rely on them it getting much so have decided to accept the Director's offer and I think I trust him not to do anything stupid and besides his wife stays with him

Hey Princess I turned and realized it was Kai
Hey prince I answered sarcastically
Awwn am blushing she just called me prince he said and I chuckled
Okay Kai you wanted to see me?? I asked
Yes wanted to ask if you know how to swim
Yes sure I do why do you ask
Am having a pool party this weekend and I was wondering if you could make it
Oh am not so sure maybe next time am sorry I answered
Oh no qualms I know you aren't free with me for now but when you are you will like me he said and smiled
I already like you just that I will be busy this weekend okay
Okay sure

I head straight to the Directors office since classes were over and I knocked
Come in came his calm voice from inside
When I entered I realized he was looking at a baby picture but he quickly kept it

Sir I just came to say I have thought about the offer and I agree to it

Oh that's good

Sir just give me the address I would come myself cause I have to meet someone now
No I can't do that, this is my card call me when you get home, I will send a driver to you okay
Please don't argue

Okay sir thank you very much he smiled and I left

             Director Damian's POV

Am happy she accepted at least now I would get to find out who she really his, and with the little info I got the family whom she thinks is hers have been maltreating her ever since she turned 8 years nobody knows the reasons and they move frequently due to the system of the job but with what I found out the man whom she calls her father ( Charles ) was the one always asking for transfer

Oh God please let my suspicion be right let her be my Britney please, I really need and miss my daughter a lot

                Britney's POV
Gosh Eva looks more beautiful than before am so happy she's here

We talked she told me how everything has been since I left how many guys wanted my number and she refused, and how many celebrity crushes she has now

She even made me promise to meet Kai and Bryan, Kai is her regular celebrity crush but Bryan omg she's obsessed with him and am not close to him, I had to tell her no when she asked about Nick cause am still scared of him for no reason like I can't stand looking at him

Whenever look at his eyes I feel like he is my mystery guy and I know it not possible but I just feel he is the one and my heart beats when our eyes meet it beats in a way I don't understand and am not familiar with

Gosh I forgot to call the Director and now it 7:00 ah
Just as I was about to call him there came a knock
Who is it I asked
Mam the Director asked me to come pick you up came the voice
Oh okay give me few minute
I quickly arranged few of my things that I would need and went down the rest already went to stay at there friends/classmate place
I locked the door and turned to the driver
Let's go sir and thank you for waiting I quickly entered the passenger seat and up on my head phone

After few minute we finally arrived at a very big mansion, I was totally drooling , They had a huge water fountain with light all around it
It really pretty I walked to the front door and that's when I realized everything in this estate entirely was expensive and luxurious
As rich as Eva is, her compound can't be compared to this and this is just the place have seen
I was about pressing the door bell when the director opened up and ushered me in

Gosh I almost fainted the house was really lovely but there was something weird and I didn't even know when I went to picture frame I looked at the picture and I just didn't understand how the picture got there I looked around and there was lots of them

What pictures did she see???


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