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story : Forgotten Episode -16



Forgotten Episode -16

© Authoress Manny


                  Nick's POV

I came to school, head straight to class hoping to see Britney but unfortunately for me she wasn't in school, I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to be friends with her, I just can't want to it especially after Kai told me to talk to her


Hey buddy kai said walking into my room
What's up you hardly cone to the house
Well I needed to see Mr Shy
Excuse me what you do mean
Well you think I haven't noticed the way you stare at Britney?? He asked, making me shocked
I wasn't staring at her I replied trying to hide my nervousness
Hmmm you better get her now before it late
I dont even like her okay I said pretending to be annoyed
Okay but isn't she the same girl you saved back at Saint Augustine
Yes and so??
Oh the same girl you kept stalking he said smirking
I wasn't stalking her
Yea just trying to protect her right he replied still smirking
Whatever just go already
Nope let's play video game please he said spouting his lips
Okay okay

           Flashback Ends

It almost lunch and she still didn't show up, Gosh I miss seeing her

                     Britney's POV

I was walking back upstairs after the Director left when I heard sobs coming from a room, I quietly opened the door and there I saw the Director's wife sobbing, u didn't know what to do my mind went blank I didn't even know when I walked in and bent to her side patting her back

I saw her baby's picture mine by the way, she kept crying and saying she was a bad mother not being a able to protect her child, she cried in my arms for over an hour before before gaining herself, I refused to leave her until she bath and I made sure she slept

I walked into my room and quickly entered the bathroom and switched on the shower, I cried for a long time, I don't even know if I should hate them or not for not looking for me, cause I suffered and it hurts

But seeing her cry like this made me feel like telling her I was her baby, I also need motherly care, I really wanted it, it hurts so much but I can't tell her at least not now, until am sure that they love me they didn't abandon me then and only then will I tell them it me

I quickly showered, wore a black dress and head down to the kitchen and me the cook about to prepare lunch
I will do it ma
Whats her favorite
Spaghetti Bolognese with Chicken
Okay thank you
I quickly did lunch and dished her food then put it on a tray with a glass of chilled juice  and head to her room
I knocked the moment I got to the door
Come in was the melodious voice I heard from inside

            Mrs Brianna POV

Britney walked in with a tray of food and came close to the bed and dropped on my night stand, she kept showing that daughterly love I didn't feel for the past years, a part of me still thinking she's my daughter and I really hope she is

Come on ma you need to eat now
Wow my favourite who cooked
I did
Really then I have to eat
I took the tray and ate half of the food, I must say she's a really good cook and  impressed
I thanked her and she left
Minutes later she came and said she wanted to ask about the picture and what happened I didn't want to talk but her comforting gaze made me

               14 Years Ago

Honey can you please leave your daughter for few minute and come help me with my dress
Okay am coming two minutes okay my husband replied
We just came back from an event and he was playing with our Baby, He hard always been happy ever since we got the baby even after hearing that I won't be able to give birth anymore
It was actually a miracle I gave birth to this one
And he never made me feel bad about it, He made me feel even more loved than a woman with lots of kids
He had kept our baby in the sitting room and came to help me with my dress
He didn't even spend up to five minute with me I was even complaining that he loves his baby more than me
We went down stairs that was when I heard a scream I rushed down stairs with my towel around my chest
Honey what is it I asked
Britney Britney I can't find Britney came his replied
What do you mean
What the do you mean by you can't find our baby
We called all the workers and nobody saw anyone coming in
The CCTV camera installed in the house and outside only saw when a masked man took her, he avoided the CCTV cameras along the estate and the house
We searched everywhere informed the police but still we couldn't find her

So what do you think??
Should Britney tell her she's her daughter or should she keep shut??
Now that you know how she got missing what do you think???
TBC guys

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