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story : Forgotten Episode -12



Forgotten Episode -12

© Authoress Manny

                    Britney POV

I woke up quite early seeing the time was 5:00am I quickly went down stairs to the sitting room and met it unkept I arranged everything and swept it then went into the kitchen 

I almost fainted it was so messy everything was littered on the floor 
I quickly arranged it and swept the kitchen 
I quickly did coffee and pan cake them head into my room 
I head to the bath room and did my business 

I dryer my skin and oiled my body and packed it in a neat bun then went to look for what to wear I remembered Eva telling me to look bossy so I will wear something that commands respect 

I picked a black long sleeves gown, it was short and it brought my curves, and I used my eye linear to bring out my eyes colour then I picked a red one arm bag and wore my high heel red diamond shoe 

Yea you must be wondering were I got all this stuff, remember I got a million friend whose parent love me and spends on me like am there's

I always his everything from my parent so I brought everything along like my bestie suggested

It was 7:30 already so I came down the others were ready and they were speechless on seeing me, I just smiled 

I told them to leave before I cause I wanted to go a little late and I notice this house as a little issues 

I left the house at 7:50 and took a cab I got to school five minute later and paid the driver then stepped out 

I entered into the school and everyone was wowed I cat walked to class while hearing gossips all around 

Omg she's the scholarship student
Like seriously not possible
It really is her 
Gosh she's like a model
I heard Mandy kept bullying her
Mandy is in for a competition if she goes into modeling 
What about singing I heard she has a very earthly voice 

I just smiled and walked to class
I entered and everyone was shocked 
I smiled just then my phone rang and it was Grudges by Nick 
I quickly swipe the receive icon seeing it was best and I head to my sit 

Hey bes how are you I asked 
 am good guess what 
 common tell me don't keep me in suspense
okay well I arrived last night do we have to meet today by 6
I screamed unconsciously then calmed down hey I won't have time that's closing hour
well I will come pick you, am dropping love you 
oh OK bye love you more

Kia suddenly dragged me up and spined me  around and I chuckled a little
Okay what sup kia I asked
Gosh you look like a model he said 
Awwn you re sweet talker anyway thanks 

Just then the director walked in 
Good day sir everyone greeted 
Hmmm Britney come out he said 
I got scared but still worked out  
Well Britney am sure you noticed your place has a little issues he said and I nodded he smiled 
So I want you to pick among your class mate, some you trust and you are comfortable living it and I almost choked on nothing 
I know it just been few weeks
But I know you must be close to someone one
Am sorry sir I can't I rather stay in the house that way I answered
Okay meet me in my office 
Okay sir and he walked out
I sluggishly went to sit on my sit and yea there is no class today just play and do what you like

             Director Damian POV 

Am happy she didn't choose anybody now I can let are come over to my house and stay I will just have to convince her, I have to find out 

It really killing me inside, I just hope am right, so I can smile again

I hope she's really the one, I want to make my wife smile wild again, she's been through so many things, she has to smile again please God help me 

Okay guys what's Director Damian up to???

Do you think is plan will work??

Let's find out in the other chapters 


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