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story : Forgotten Episode -11



Forgotten Episode -11

© Authoress Manny

              Britney's POV 

She kept staring at me and before I could say a word, she slapped me sending me down to the floor 

Mandy!!! Nick yelled I blinked back tears that were threatening to fall as I carried my bag and rushed out of the class 

I saw kia just about driving out but I ran away from him before I could get out the car 

The last thing I want is for someone to pity me, I was used to pain already it was been a normal thing since I was 5years 

I ran home and head straight to my room and cried my eyes out, I cried till I slept off

                     Nick's POV
I couldn't stop my self from yelling at Mandy 

That was just too extreme, she never did anything to harm her

Babe?? Mandy tried coming close to me as always calling such names like we are a couple 

I just walked out and entered my car then drove home

                        Kia's Pov

When I saw her run out of the school I wanted to follow her cause I knew Mandy did something but I couldn't 

I felt she needed space and time to heal and become stronger 

                     Mandy POV 

Gosh she's just too much, I haven't even started with her

Nick has never gotten mad at me cause of anybody before, he always keep to himself 

I just hope he does not have any feelings for that bitch if not I would end up killing her

               Britney's POV 
I woke up feeling really tired I glanced at my phone to check the time, 11:00pm I slept for a while then

Just them my phone rang, I checked the caller ID and it was Ava (my bestie)

 hi Ava
 hey what sup 
 am okay I lied hby 
 am good but you know you can't lie to me right 
Gosh she knows me so well like I know her 
 just school stuff been stressful tho
 yea kinda I replied
you will be fine and I want you to act kinda bossy make them know you re more than what they think, anyway you don't let someone look down on you , so I gat good news 
  bae that might be but I will try, so  spill it girly 
make a guess 
come on just tell me 
 okay okay you re just too boring anyway Am moving to New York 
Omg I didn't know when I screened out of excitement
 you are busting my ears girl she said 
 am just too excited that's all, how did it happen tho
Dad's work as usual, got to go for now mom needs me down 
Okay bye love you 
 Love you too and I hung up
I feel really happy cause I really needed someone to talk to like I needed to see in person and tell her things 

She always know what the answer should be even before the question she's just too amazing I can't wait for her arrival


                   Eva's POV 
I really hope Brit is alright, I miss her can't wait to get to New York 

I know she has a lot to tell me but she's just hiding it, Gosh I hope she doesn't breakdown before Next week 

What do you guys think about the story so far 

Do you think Nick has feelings for Britney 

Okay You guys are the best guessers

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