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story : Forgotten Episode - 10



Forgotten Episode - 10

© Authoress Manny

                   Nick's POV

I was angry at what Mandy did but I didn't want to interfere cause I never did, I was always on my own
Only kia talks to me and that's cause he is nice playful and we have been friends since childhood, he knows basically everything about me

It felt like she knew what would happen cause she hastily took everything away before Mandy poured the water on her 
I was really grateful Kia gave her a towel 

Well kia never liked Mandy cause she's proud, i nodded at him and he smiled 

                   Britney's POV

I changed into the cloth Kia gave me and walked into the class
Everyone was already seated waiting for the teacher 

I gently walked to my sit and sat down 
Mandy gave me a glare but I brushed it off just then the teacher walked in

She's really beautiful and I guess she's pretty good 

We have a new student today so why don't we skip the class and try something like seeing her sing she said

I was shocked and scared but didn't say a word and let out and expressionless face, I guess this is Mandy's plan 
I will just surprise her by singing 

So miss Britney won't you sing?? She asked

I stood up and smiled, I am singing Home sick by Dua Lipa  

Wow that song is hard Britney KIA said I only smiled 
And started 

Here, were the sky's falling 
Am covered in blue
Am running and am crawling 
Fighting for you 
When the rain stops,then, darling, what will I do
And I know I go all in, but why do I?

You give me a reason, something to believe in
I know I know I know
You give me a meaning, something I can breath in
I know I know I know
It a bitter sweet feeling 
Longing, and I'm leaving
I go I go I go
But I wish I was there with you 
Oh, I wish I was there with you 

 Everyone was speechless after I finished singing 
Mandy couldn't hide her shock

Wow Britney you were amazing kia said and I smiled

              Kia's POV

I know Nick likes her but he is denying it, I wish I could tell him to try love one more time but I know he won't listen

He was hurt after seeing what Mandy did, even tho he was quick to hide it 
I feel for her but she has to fight this her self

I already gave her another cloth to change into, don't get it wrong the school has cloths so in case someone gets stained they could change
That's what I gave to her 

I hope she sings cause Monday's are for only music
I was applauded by everyone excluding Mandy and her girls, Tristan and Nick b who had an expressionless face

The teacher could not say a word so I just sat and waited for her to complete the lecture

Lecture ended for the day and Kia offered to drop me home but I declined 
He started with the baby face but I still said no and he smiled and left 

I sat down thinking of everything Nick B was still sitting but I didn't even look at him

Durr I might love his songs but that doesn't mean I do celebrity crushes 

Mandy entered again and came close to me I just stared at her without saying a thing 


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