story : Forgotten Episode -1


Forgotten Episode1

©Authoress Manny

    Am tired I can't train such useless child, that was what woke me from my sleep.
 I kept wondering who got mom pissed again until I heard she's just a kid who doesn't really know anything we shouldn't do that to her dad said..... A kid?? Really a 16 year old is a kid?? Really?? Well all I have to say is that am not sponsoring her anymore neither will you and that's final mom said, I was confused why would she do that 
Oh you must be wondering who she was talking about well it me ..... Sorry allow me introduce myself, am sixteen am in my last year of high school
Am the last among three kids
Am talented in singing but very lazy oh am a nerd and am fucking smart I attend Millicent high school a small school
Thankfully there are no bullies cause no one was super rich, enough of the introduction

Two Days Later 
    I was looking for a job when I stumbled upon a small shop looking for a sales girl but the pay was cheap I had no choice but to accept I receive $5 dollars everyday after work and I add to pay up my school fee and exam fee since it was my last year in high school and the expenses were $2000 dollars and I had only two month to pay up 
I started work immediately but had to work at a bar at night so I could save more and when I get home mum won't spare me with insult 

How do u like the first episode ??

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