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Psycho Billionarie - Episode6

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Kelly pov
I can back and was welcomed by a loud noise
But the noise wasnt coming from inside
Who could be the person ,because mira was sleeping and annie already left
I walked to the pool side and it was no other person than mira
She was in the pool screaming and slashing water everywhere
Gosh were did this girl come from
I walked angrily and turned off the music that was when she turned and saw me and she was shocked
"Get out immediately"i yelled and she did
Gosh this girl know the kind of body she has and yet look at what shes wearing
Dose she want to seduce my driver or what
I was lost starring at her body when she fell down and winked in pain
"What is it "i asked walking towards her
"I think i twisted my ankle"she replied like a baby that is about to cry
"try am stand up"i said and she did but was about to fall when i carried her in a bridal style and head inside
Simple instructions this girl dosent follow
I dont know whats holding me back from sending her back already
I placed her on her bed ,went to my room and brought back the first aid kit
This girl is just giving me extra work
I was applying ointment to me ankle when i heard her stomach grumbled and she chuckled
Whats funny to her?
I was done and she kept starring at me althrough
"Am sorry"she finally muttered and i ignored her
"I was so bored and scared to be alone in this big house so i decided to keep myself busy" she added
If she was bored she should have just watched movies like other people do not blowing up the whole house
"if you misbehave one more time i wont have any other option than to send you back"i said codly and she nodded
Am very sure shes gonna do one crazy thing again
I left her room and asked my driver to take food to her

Mira pov
Arrrh i was really lucky today ,what was i even thinking at that moment
And now look at me sitting on the bed with a twisted ankle and a hungry stomach
a knock came to my door and his driver came in with a tray of food
Perfect timing
He dropped the food and was about to leave when i called him back
"Whats your name please"i asked not expectating any respons ,was just trying
"Luke "he replied
"Am mira"i replied smiling
"I have to go now"he said and turned to leave
Well at least today i got to know his name
After eating i supported my self and head downstairs because i was beginning to feel lonely and bored and i hate it
I limped downstairs and no one was there great ,i draged myself to the kitchen and took a bowl of popcorn before going back to the sitting room
I think i might get extremely fat in one month time ,not doing anything and why is he not touching me ? or is he really a gay
Am beginning to have second thoughts about this guy ,everything about him is just weird
I turned on the tv and began watching a kdrama
this story is written by author jenny
Its really funny
"What are you doing here "i heard a masculine voice said and i turned
"Watching movie and its really funny come sit"i said and he did
Well i wasnt expecting that ,he took the remote control and reduced the volume
I wonder whats with him and sounds
I kept laughing loudly at funny scenes and shoving the popcorn in my mouth while he focused on him phone
"hey see"i said and tapped him and he gave me a deadly glare i quickly focused on movie and soon it end
This guy is just boring ,he didnt even utter a word to me i wonder whats so special about the phone
"Can i asked a question"i said and he nodded
"Why havent you touched me"i asked
"Why are you asking,i paid for your Service and i choose when ever i want it"he said codly
"Besides sometimes am not really in the mood for prostitutes"he added and i felt tears gathered in my eyes but i tried to hold it back


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