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Psycho Billionarie - Episode5

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
I lay on my bed as tears gush out of my eyes
Just see what my loud mouth has gotten me into
I should have just kept it a secret ,well i had no option ,he was going to send me back
After crying i finally slept off
I woke up with a slight knock on my door
I quickly used the duvet to cover my body
"Come in"i said and a young lady in her 40s walked in with some shopping bags in her hand
"Good morning ma'am" i greeted and she smiled
"Call me annie"she replied
"Mr kelly asked me to give you this,he said you should get prepared and meet him in thirty minutes"she said and i nodded
I dragged my feet to the bathroom did all the necessary and came out
I began opening the shopping bag ,they were filled with expensive clothes and the last one has a lot of undies and bra in them
I quickly settled for a short gown ,packed my hair properly and head downstairs
I was feeling headache ,maybe it was due to last night
I walked down and met kelly having breakfast in the dining and my stomach grumbled ,i was really hungry
"Come here"he said coldly and i walked towards him
"Sit" he ordered and i did
This guy seems to love ordering people arround so arrogant
(this story is written by Author Jenny ,if the name is being changed then the person stole it)
Annie came to us and dished out my own food for me
I began eating hungrily forgetting kelly was there
"Your gonna choke"he finally spoke and i slow dow the way i was eating
"Am sorry about last night"we both said at the same time and starred at each other awkwardly
"I was really pissed because nobody has ever threatened me and also the idea of you exposing me is foolish"he said
"Now you see ,if you tell the whole world am going to deny it and tell them you tried to seduce me or i will simply tell them you are just a common journalist looking for attention
,besides if your proof is not the one that we are having sex then its useless because nobody will believe
,beside how are you going to tell them you are a prostitute?"he added and that was when my brain began functioning well
Why didnt i think about this all this while ,gosh and now his going to send me back and everything i have is gone ,my boss will be highly disappointed and i will still go back to being a prostitute
"Dont worry am not sending you back"he said and i felt relieved
"I payed for you with my money and i cant let it go to waste "he said sternly and i nodded suddenly i lost appetite in the food and excused myself .
story written by author jenny
I dont feel bad when others call me a prostitute but hearing it from kelly makes me feel worst
i walked back upstairs and opened the door to my room ,my clothes were no longer on the bed and the bedspread is now changed and the room smells different
Maybe it was annie that did all the arrangement i slumped on the bed and i feels really comfy
Why didnt i noticed that last night ,i drank alot of water to ease the headache i wad feeling and dossed off

Kelly pov
After breakfast i decided to go upstairs have a change of clothes and go out
I was suprised to see miranda on my bed sleeping
I got really angry ,i wanted to just go there and push her off my bed but something keeps pulling me back
Maybe she thought it was her room
Damn shes so dumb
I carried her in a bridal style and took her to her room
What type of girl sleeps in the morning,shes just waking up some minutes ago and now shes sleeping again
i did a change of clothes and went out

Mira pov
I woke up feeling a lot better but something feels different ,the pleasant scent is no more there,the softness in the bed isnt there too
I looked arround and saw my clothes on the bed and still that same bed speard earlier today
What is happening or am i beginning to see double
But i was sure this room was different or was it a dream
I walked out of my room and head downstairs
the house was so quiet and i think kelly went out and annie isnt arround
Gosh how can they leave me alone all by myself in this big house
i decided to stroll arround the house when i sited a large swimming pool ,i love swimming
I quickly ran inside carried my phone and a glass of juice took them to the pool side
I believe in enjoy while your young and thats what am going to do
I turned on the music in my phone and connected it to a small speaker ,i love pool party but never been invited to one
i removed my clothes leaving my pant and bra and jumped in the swimming pool
Ahh this feels good
I began splashing the water and enjoying the music
"Best pool party ever "i yelled and suddenly the music went off
I turned to see angry kelly looking at me
"Holly molly am dead"


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