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Psycho Billionarie - Episode4

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
Hello boss"i said as the gay guy handed me his phone
What is your problem mira ,i thought you said you will be on your best behaviour"boss yelled over the phone
yes boss am on my best behaviour "i replied
But kelly told me you have been a pain in his neck "my boss said
what! He said that about me"i half yelled
Listen carefully i dont want any more complain ,you know what am capable of right"he said
yes boss"i replied
now make him happy so he wont have to send you back tomorrow okay"boss said
Yes boss" i replied and gave him back the phone
How can his name be kelly, instead of sabastine for rude people
"Take her to her room "kelly ordered
"Take a shower and get prepared i will there in a sec"he said to me and i followed the driver upstairs
Woah the room is beautiful too
I entered the bathroom and came out then wore the nightie the maid brought for me
I lay on my bed waiting ,i was already feeling really weird and nervous because most of my clients use to be old men and now this one is young to worsen it all his a gay
Well that was what he told the world
The door opened and he walked in and sat on the single couch
"come here"he said in his usual cold voice and i walked towards him
And now i was standing infront of him, he trail his hands down my thigh thereby causing me to shiver
" Seduce me " he said and i starred at him
"I mean dance sexily and seduce me"he added
Thank God am good at that
Kelly pov
This girl is fully endowed but i dont know what keeps pushing me not to have sex with her
So i asked her to seduce me ,she smiled
It seems shes good at that
She quickly ran and brought her phone and began playing a boring song
I just watched her
She came back ad stood infront of me and started dancing like a mermaid
With all seriousness, This girl is dispicable ,i asked her to seduce me and look at what shes doing
Inside me i wanted to explode with laugh but i dont want her to see me laugh
I quickly ran into my room and began laughing
Jezz its being long i laughed that way
What am i going to do with this girl,i cant have sex with her and she cant even seduce me ,i think the best thing is to send her back
later someone knocked on my door ,i opened it and it was her
"What do you want"i asked sternly
"please can i come in"she asked and i shifted for her to enter before closing my door
"Am sorry about the dance ,i dint know it was that bad ,but i can do to make it up to you"she said
"fine am waiting "i replied
She moved towards me sexily and started removing her nightie while i starred at her ,she was wearing her pant and bra only
She was about to remove her bra and i saw her hand shaking,she was really nervous and scared
I held her hands and stopped her
"Put your clothes back on"i said and she did
"Leave "i commanded and she left immediately
I ran my hands through my hair confused
what is happening ?
I decided to come outside and have some fresh air when i heard sounds coming from her room
I listened and noticed she was crying ,but why
I decided to entre her room immediately i entered she cleaned her tears and stood up
"Get ready you will be going back tomorrow"i said sternly and turned to leave
"Am not going anywhere" she replied and i turned
"What is that suppose to mean "i asked harshly
"There is no way am leaving you"she added boldly
"Really " i asked and she nodded
"If you send me back i am going to tell the whole world that you are not a gay and your only lying to them"she said
"And how is a prostitute going to do that"i asked
"I am a journalist and i have already gotten all the proof i need "she replied and i starred at her in awe
"Besides even if you let me go or stay am still going to tell the whole world anyway but sending me away will make it worst"she added
"so its better you let me stay and do whatever you brought me here for ,so your secret can remain for at least a month"she said
I dragged her by her hand and threw her on the bed and she starred at me in shock
"This is what i brought you here for and i will do it "i said harshly
I dragged her close to me and began tearing off her nightie while she struggles with me
Soon she was naked and i began kissing her body roughly,she started crying and i felt weak immediately and left her room


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