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Psycho Billionarie - Episode3

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
I kept stealing glance at him till we arrived at the airport
And am damn sure its his own private jet
He removed the sellotape and i walked behind with his securities everywhere
We entered and sat down
I was really nervous,but i dont want to show it so that he wont think low of me ,i hope i dont throw up
The plane was about to take off and i held my seat tightly
As other guys would do they will hold the lady's hand right?
Well not this dude beside me ,he didnt even glance at me ,it was as if i was invicible
soon i slept off

someone tapped me gently and i opened my eyes
the gay guy was no longer there , i walked out of the plane with the driver ,he opened the car door for me and i entered and the gay guy was sited there still engrosed with his phone
I wonder why he didnt wake me up himself
"Next time you sleep like that be ready to find your way to where ever we are heading to because nobody will wake you up"he said still focused on his phone
this guy is really rude i thought
I was beginning to feel bored the ride was way too silent for my liking
i streched my hand to the front and turned on the music
"turn it off"he yelled and the driver turned it off
I streched my hand again and turned on the music
"i told you i hate noise"he yelled
I ignored him and started singing to the music on high pitch even if the lyrics was wrong
i could feel he was really angry ,he pushed me down from the car and i landed my butt on the floor
the car drove off leaving me
i stood up and dragged my feet out of the road
Can you see what my mouth has landed me into
I sat down on the road bench in the city paris ,watching the way people move about
What do i do now ,i have never been to paris i dont even know my way arround
I stood up from my seat and began sight seeing ,sometimes you just have to forget your sorrows and enjoy life and thats what am going to do right now
i began walking arround ,turning any direction my leg leads me and i was really enjoying the view
Seriously whats the worst that could happen right now ,i came here with an arrogant dude who claims to hate noise ,he threw me out of his car for singing and i hope you guys dont expect me to sit down and start shouting for help or start crying ,well am not that kind of girl this is a one time opportunity and i wont let it go to waste
I kept taking pictures with a lot of people and things

Kelly Pov
I am so sending this girl back ,what kind of human being is she for Godsake
She cant keep quiet for only 2 seconds
She even have the guts to turn on music when i ordered it to be turn off
I got really pissed and threw her out of the car thinking she will start running after us or crying and maybe react to the way other girls do
But no way ,this girl is evil
We parked at a distance and watched her ,after sitting at the road side she stood up and began walking arround
Where dose she even know that shes going
I ordered my driver to keep following her and he did
She kept running arround taking crazy pictures of herself and things
This girl is insane ,who takes pictures mouth open,and makes funny face
It seems she was really having fun isnt even bothered about anything
Soon she became exhausted and removed her shoes and began walking
"drive to her "i said to my driver and he did
immediately she saw the car she giggled like and new born baby jumped in
Please what do they call this kind of girls becaue right now i have no idea.


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