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Psycho Billionarie - Episode2

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
"You have to understand please,just do whatever he says okay"the manager said and i nodded
I hope this ends well i thought
"so when am i going "i asked
"Right now"the manager said
"What ! you mean like now NOW"i asked again
"Yes NOW"he replied
"But i need to go pick my things first" i said
"Dont worry he gat it all covered "the manager said and my eyes widen
"you guys are leaving as early as possible tomorrow,so please try and be on your best behaviour"the manager said
"what do you mean?am always on my best behaviour"i said and the manager starred at me
"then how am i going to talk to my company and parents"i asked
"I will handle all that" he said and i nodded
"Just go out ,you will see a black car outside and a man leaning on it ,just go there and he will take you to the client"the manager said and i nodded
I walked out and called my parent ,give them some excuses and sent money into their account
"Hi"i said to the man leaning on the car
He just ignored my greeting and opened the car door for me to entre
I entered and he started the engine and we were on our way
"So whats your name"i asked trying to start a conversation but he totally ignored me again
Is this guy deaf or something ,,yeah maybe his deaf thats why he dosent reply anything
The drive was not that long and soon we came to a halt
The deaf guy opened the door for me and i came down
My jaw dropped as i behold the sight before me
The house was magnificent,who ever owns its is fucking rich
He walked ahead of me and i followed behind admiring the house
As soon as we entered the house ,he turned and left while i stood there
A maid came in wearing a uniform
"You are welcome ma please follow me "she said and i did
We walked through many rooms and finally stopped at one
"This is your room ma'am,i will be right back "she said with a bow and left
I entered the room and it was beautiful as well
I sat down on the king sized bed removed my shoes and waited for the maid to come back
Soon the door clicked open she came in with a night gown still packed in its leather
"Take and shower and put this on,i will be back with dinner"she said dropping the clothes
"Excuse me please were is the person am suppose to meet ,i mean your boss"i asked
"Am sorry i cant give you any information am under strict rules here"she said and left
Gosh this is way more than i thought ,i wonder who this person is ,what if his a really old man
they are the ones who likes doing their things with so much orderliness
I entered the bathroom and it looks beautiful too,it was way better than my room at home
I took a shower and came out ,a tray of food was already there
I wore the nightie ,i was very comfortable and expensive too
After eating the maid came back and carried the tray ,i lay on the king side bed tossing from side to side
I felt really bored and lonely
I decided to bring out my phone and play candy crush my favourite game
After hours of gaming and lossing i fell asleep
I felt a gentle tap on me and i opened my eyes slowly ,it was the maid
"Ma'am please get up, take your bath and get dressed the boss is waiting for you downstairs "she said and left
I quickly rushed into the bathroom,took my bath and came out ,a black gown was laying on the bed with a new panties and bra and my breakfast was at the other side
I quickly glumped the tea and toast bread before putting on the clothes ,they were exactly my size and the brought out my shape
I finger combed my hair and packed it in a ponytail
I took all the things i needed and head downstairs
I came downstairs and saw someone so engrosed in his phone ,he is very young
Maybe he is another driver
i went and sat close to him,he didnt even raise his head to look at me ,total snub
"Do you know who the boss is and why is everyone acting weird"i whisphered in his ears
"Am the boss"he whishpered back and thats was when i saw his face properly
"Omg ,you are the gay guy,the one people talks about ,i know you"i blurted out immediately
"I hope you read the rules properly ,i hate it when people make noise ,i dont like un necessary questions and this is between me and you ,nobody should know about it "
"Lets go"he said sternly and i stood up and followed behind him
Holy shit,what does a gay want from me ,dose he thinks am a male ,
Oh or maybe he lied to the public ,but why would he do such a thing ,why would he want to ruin his own image
I have like a thousand question to ask him right now
The deaf guy of yesterday opened the door for us and we entered and drove straight to the airport
"Were are we going"i asked
"Paris"he replied
"Why did you have lie to people" i asked again
"quiet please"he said and i kept quiet starring at the window
"Is your driver deaf"i asked again and he sigh angrily
"Hand me the sellotape"he said to his driver and her did
"I thought he was deaf"i said
he opened the sellotape and moved close to me ,our face was really close and i could feel his heart beat
We stared into each others eyes for seconds and he used the sellotape to gum my mouth while i starred at him angrily
Are you kidding me right now?
This isnt going to end well


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