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Psycho Billionarie - Episode10


Psycho Billionarie - Episode10

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Kelly pov
This girl is indeed crazy so she thinks faking that she fainted will make me feel any remorse towards her or what ?
I mean if not for a crazy and clumsy girl who fill fake fainting ,i almost cracked when i saw her mood immediately i said she was faking it
it was so hilarious but i controlled myself because it dont want her to see me laughing
It make me feel weak and she might begin to get the idea that i was going soft on her which is never going to happen
And she needs to stop acting too exicted anytime she see food its really begining to piss me off
There is just something about this girl that keeps drawing me close to her
Maybe its because she not like other girls,i mean all the girls i brought home so far were begging for me to have them but this girl is the total opposite
Infact there is no girl i have brought that we stayed together for some days without me touching her ,,it was so impossible
I never even thought it will ever happen,mira is beautiful and well built ,infact shes a tempress ,her body drives me crazy but i dont see myself being intimate with her ,is seems as if there is something drawing me back
Even if my ego wont let me admit it ,,but shes fun to be with

Mira pov
I later head downstairs after having a nap and
I went to the sitting room and nobody was there it seems kelly is asleep or not arround
I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv
I kept changing from station to station until i finally saw my favourite tv reality show "keeping of with the kadarshians "
I sat down with my eyes glued to the tv when a knock came it
Who will that be i thought ?
Kelly will never knock or is it annie or his driver ?
I opened the door and there was a handsome looking young man with dark curly hair ,plum lips broad shoulder and height like that of kelly
His is drop dead handsome but not as handsome as kelly,,am just saying
"Hi"i said smiling finally finding my worst
"Hi beautiful "he replied and i blushed
"Is my cousin in'"he asked as i made way for him to come in
"Well actually i dont really know"i replied and he starred at me
"Well am frederick but call me fred for short"he said sitting down
"Am miranda call me mira for short"i said and we both laughed
"So you are kelly cousin ,,like cousin cousin"i asked and he smiled
"Yes am his cousin,,cousin"he replied and we both started laughing into nothing
"So your my cousin's girlfriend"he asked and my eyes almost fell out of its socket
"No"i replied totally embarrassed obviously i couldnt tell him am a prostitute
Fred was quick enough to notice my mood and he changed the topic immediately
That was a relief
"Are you serious"i asked fred and we nodded and we both started laughing loudly
Fred was telling me a joke
Gosh is just an hour that i know this guy but it seems we have know each other since childhood
We were still laughing when we head a voice
"what the hell is going on here"we heard
Our laughed sized and my body frozed

To be continued


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