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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 9

©Amah’s Heart

The following weekend, I was at the jewelry shop to check out an engagement rings.

I just paid for my house rent and bought foodstuffs for the house.
I also got a few things for myself.
I decided to stop at the jewelry shop to check out the engagement ring.

I walked around the place, still feeling lost in thoughts. I feel really awkward buying an engagement ring for myself but I'm left with no choice.

Melinda will not allow me to breathe in peace if she doesn't get a picture of the ring.

I wanted to get something expensive just to impress them but by the time I saw the price tag on each ring, I felt discouraged.
Regrets crept in and I wondered how I got myself into such.

How did I get into this? There was no escaping route for me.

I asked the customer care if it was negotiable and the young lady said the price was fixed and no room for negotiations.

I have to wait for my next paycheck, I can not spend all the money I have just to purchase a ring and go bankrupt.

I saw other cheaper ones but Melinda will definitely know that it was a cheap ring and it will create more rooms for insult and embarrassment.

Even if I have to borrow just to appear convincing to them then I'm ready to do that.

I left the shop with a promise to return back.

I will wait for my next paycheck before returning back.

Jojo came around to see me. She was wearing her ring.

I almost told her about my plan to get an engagement ring because of the pressure of my people and how Melinda was already planning towards her wedding and asked me to show off my ring to her, just to prove that I wasn't lying.

I wanted to tell Jojo what I was passing through in getting the ring just to engage myself so that I can prove a point to my people but the price of the ring is scary, I have to wait for my next paycheck.

I opened my mouth to spill out my trouble but I suddenly stopped when I saw that Jojo came with her own bigger worries.

"Since you want me to stop coming to your office, why not give me Ohio's phone number or any other means to reach him. I'm having sleepless nights because of him. If you are truly my friend, you will not be a hindrance to my joy. Becca, stop being selfish...prove to me that you are my true friend by hooking me up with my dream man...

I chuckled at first. Jojo was acting as if she was going to drop dead because of Ohio.

" I don't know how to help you, Jojo, but I will try. I'm not promising anything but to prove that I'm not a bad friend as you are beginning to see me. When I saw you wearing your engagement ring, I thought you have forgotten about Mr. Ohio and focused on your sugar, I wonder if your conscience doesn't prick you whenever you fantasize over another man...

"Becca, I'm only putting on this ring because sugar is taking me out to his family house today. He is driving down the street to pick me. I will get to meet his boring family again today. He is taking this whole marriage thing serious. He has even purchased his wedding suit, our wedding invitation card is in print. Richie... I mean Sugar paid for all the expenses, he has booked down a big hall for our reception and also given me money for my wedding gown shopping. But to be truthful I have loosed interest in him already. I have even spent the wedding gown money on something more important. Ever since I met Ohio, I have totally forgotten that I'm in a serious relationship. I'm not interested in getting married to sugar, all I want is Ohio. He is everything I want in a man. I'm only playing along with sugar but I'm not interested in getting married to him...

Jojo said every word without any sign of remorse.

I was ready to correct her about mixing up her "sugar with " Richie but I decided to wave it off.

I was speechless as I listen to her speak.

Finally, I will be meeting her "sugar.

Since she said he was driving down the street to pick her up, I will walk her down so that I will see the unlucky man that ended up with an unserious Lady like Jojo. He doesn't know that Jojo is only playing with his heart and she can even dump him on their wedding day.
After sometimes her phone rang and she answered the call.
" my sugar, I'm right here in my friend's house. Yeah, Becca... Ooh, you are driving down to my place? Okay, I will join you soon. Love you my sugar....kiseses...mmuah...mmuah!...
She blew kisses to her sugar over the phone.
After the call was over she gave an annoying smile and return her face to normal.
I almost laughed out at the drama that Jojo was performing before me.
She act so nice whenever she was on the phone or present with him but immediately the call is over or she is out of sight Jojo will give her supposed husband to be a squizz of face and annoying sigh.
I wish I can set my eyes on the guy to know who exactly is Jojo's sugar. I thought he was going to drive down my own street but is unfortunate that Jojo was referring to her own Street, not mine.
I walked with Jojo to outside my gate, I didn't know that she came in her car.
Jojo reminded me again about getting Mr. Ohio's contact.
Few days later. while I was at work, I met Mr. Ohio, he wasn't with his mistress as other staff will tag him.
He came alone and seem to be in a haste.
I was willing to ask for his contact just to pleasee Jojo but i losed all courage to do so and i was having a double mind doing that.
I like Mr Ohio, but Jojo seem to be obsess with him.
I can't help her with her obsession towards Ohio.
She needs to stick to her sugar, he loves her and want to spend the rest of his life with her. Jojo should get serious with that.
"Good day Becca, how are you doing?
Mr Ohio greeted, despite he was rushing out he still stopped by to say hello to me.
I blushed at his gentleman approach and good fashion sense before replying his greeting
He looked at my eyes with an attractive smile on his face, i watched as his hand traveled to my empty fingers with no ring. he wanted to say something but instead he checked his wrist watch, gasped out in shock.
" i have a flight to catch by 7pm today, i have to go now...Becca.
My blushing face suddenly turned into a sadness.
I wish i can be seeing him everyday. I wonder when i will see him again if he travels this time.
I couldn't hold back myself from asking him where he was traveling to.
He said his brother, Klint will be doing his wedding by weekend and he has to be there.
Mr. Ohio said he will only be spending two weeks with his people before returning back.
He also mentioned going with his cousin who was already waiting for him.
I managed to smile.
"Alright, congratulations to your brother. All the best sir and hope to see you safely back...i mean to...i actually wanted to say " journey mercies...
I was stuttering unexpectedly.
He chuckled a little at how uneasy i suddenly become.
He was getting too comfortable with me and i was enjoying his company already.
"Don't tell me you gonna miss me Becca...will you?
He said surprising me with the question
I couldn't admit to it.
Mr Ohio was reading through me as i began to stutter again.
" I'm going to miss you Becca, but i willl be back before you knew it. Here is my card...you can call or send a message to me anytime you feel like. Please, take good care of yourself as always.
He dropped his complimentary card on the table for me.
his phone was ringing, he answered the call immediately.
I assume it was his cousin or his Mistress whom he called "Lili"
He appologize first to the person for delaying before saying that he was already leaving the office building and will soon join her.
He was still on phone when he waved me goodbye with his spare hand.
As he walked out i began to wish he had stayed for a while.
He will only be gone for two weeks which seem like two years to me.
I collected the card from the table.
My other female colleagues were watching us from afar.
I guess they are wondering how Mr Ohio was nice to me, even interact with me freely.
I later got my monthly paycheck and was at the jewelry shop in no time just to pick up my engagement ring.
Those customer care ladies will probably wonder why i was buying a very expensive engagement ring all by myself but they dare not ask me such thing because is none of their business.
As i returned home, i acted a little funny drama with the ring as if a man was actually proposing to me and i said yes.
I acted as both the man and the Lady, which is me collecting the ring and sliding it into my finger excitedily.
Although it looks childish and stupid but i had fun playing the drama all by myself..
I took pictures of the ring as it was cooling off on my finger. I sent it all to Melinda.
The ring was so beautiful, it fit perfectly well on my finger. I couldn't stop myself from admiring it.
I decided not to take it off. It may seem funny that i engaged myself but i was flunting it without care.
I started going to the mall more often, i even went to the cinema too.
Jojo came around to ask for Mr Ohio's contact but i lied to her that i have not seen him for long because he traveled out.
She was not happy but was still willing to wait for him to come back.
When she saw the ring on my finger, Jojo screamed in shock.
She grabbed my hand to check out the ring properly.
Jojo exclaimed surprisenly, she was asking me a thousand questions at once.
She wanted to know who engaged me but i refused to tell her.
She tried different ways to get the answer out from me but i did not mention anything reasonable to her.
I only said I'm engaged to my "honey" and someday she will get to know him but for now I'm keeping him as a secret.
Jojo wanted to see my man's picture, i told on a condition if she shows me who her "sugar is.
She did not, and it was a good thing to hide the real truth from her.
Jojo saw that she was not going to get the truth from me and left feeling sad.
When Anita saw the ring she did not push me to start spilling who the man is. Anita congratulated me. She was really happy for me.
She makes me feel guilty and sad but i try not to give room for sadness.
I thanked her for her kind wishes and acted as if i was truly happy.
I went to the cinema one day to watch one of the latest movies that just came out
I wore my ring and decided to give myself a good treat.
I did not inform any of my friends.
I have being living a lone life without anyone knowing what i was up to.
After the movie was over, people were leaving the cinema i sighted somebody.
I can recognise him anywhere, even in the dark.
it was his back view i saw first, i grabbed his face when he looked back.
i knew it was Richard even without seeing his face.
He was with a slim, fair, tall lady and she looks familiar.
The lady looks so much like Jojo. Same shape, same height and different hairdo.
They walked side by side.
I followed as fast as possible.
people were obstructing my view but i try to find a way through.
I kept an eye on my target, i don't want to miss them.
I want to know the Lady that was with Richard.
I followed them up without any of them knowing.


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