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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 8

©Amah’s Heart

With Jojo’s constant visit to the office I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I don’t want any trouble from my boss or anyone because of Jojo.
My work place is not my house where she can come and go at any time. My boss may even sanction me concerning that because he has seen Jojo more than twice with me during lunch time and also closing time.
Jojo was not having time for her sugar who kept calling her but she will not pick his call all because of Mr Ohio. She will even switch off her phone whenever her sugar starts calling.
I felt bad for the guy, Jojo was playing him and it was not fair. He deserves better than what Jojo was doing to him.
“Jojo, don’t you think that you are hurting your man? He loves you, he asked you to marry him and you agreed…he went ahead to engage you and you collected the ring, only to remove it and kept it inside your hand bag because you saw a bigger fish. This is really bad and is sad too.
Jojo laughed out at my every word which she felt has no effect on her.
“Becca, leave me and my problem alone. My sugar will be alright. I told you if Ohio shows little interest in me, I will not let him go…I will hold onto him tight. My Sugar will have to leave with that. Ohio is a huge fish and I’m fighting every way out to make sure he falls for me. I saw him looking at you all over the other day while I was greeting him. See Becca, you cannot handle a man like that. You don’t have the experience for such men. It seem you are beginning to like him…but let me warn you to be careful because men like Ohio needs action and activity woman. he is not your type….he can even cheat on you because you are not his spec and you will end up getting more hurt than what Sugar….no, I mean Richie left of you. So tread with care and don’t be deceived by his fine eyes on you. He will only use you and dump you but as for me I know how to keep him to myself and keep him entertained all the days of his life. I have the skills, I have the smartness and I am so pretty and can make any man to fall. Trust me on that…I use and dump them at my pleasure, no man can use me and leave me broken. But as for Ohio I want him for life…I want to be all his and to spend the rest of my life with him…I wish he will just give me a good sign and make me the happiest woman alive…
I listened to Jojo’s desperate word and shakes my head sadly at her.
is all true that I am beginning to Like Ohio, I never even knew that it was that obvious.
But Ohio is probably getting married soon if he is not yet married to the beautiful lady I usually see them with sometimes. Ohio, looks at me in a way that sent warm all over my body and it makes me uncomfortable sometimes. Ohio still thinks I’m engaged or even married due to the first conversation we had which makes it hard for him to approach me again even though I wish he will do that over again.
I hope I’m not sounding desperate like Jojo.
I don’t want to appear desperate for any man ever again. The wound that Richard left in my heart has healed up but the scar is still there. I hurt deeply anytime I think of it but I have moved on and is a good thing that he found someone better off than me who will love and cherish him as he does.
Sometimes I wish I never met him at all but life goes on and I’m happy that I have moved past the heart breaks. I will not freely give my heart to any man that will play it like a football and score me like a goal.
Jojo's attitude towards getting Mr Ohio was irritating me and I was looking for a perfect time to tell her to stop coming.
My boss summoned me, and asked me why my friend was always coming around doing working hour and I apologies to him and told him I will do something about it.
I finally told Jojo that my boss said she should reduce the way she comes to the office.
Jojo thought I made it up and became upset.
“Your boss did not say that Becca, you just do not want me to come again because Mr Ohio is beginning to like me. Why are you wicked like this? When suga… Richie breaks your heart I helped you to get over him but now is time to help me to be with the man I truly want and you want to close the door of opportunity to my face. And your boss cannot say that because he likes me. I saw him looking at me when I greeted him the other day and I can sense he likes me…
I gave a heavy sigh before saying.
“Jojo…my boss is a married man. Stop reading wrong meaning to things. He probably looks at you because you are not part of his staffs and he wondered what you are always coming around to do. People will think you are coming to see me as a close friend which you claimed to be …but they don’t know that you are only here to see Mr Ohio. Jojo, I don’t want to lose my job because of you just take the advice and stop coming off and on. Mr Ohio is probably married or getting married soon, even though I did not see any ring in his finger. Give it up or find another way to get to him but reduce your visit to my office. I beg of you…
Jojo did not take the news lightly as she walked out angrily.
Before leaving Jojo said if she can’t have Ohio that I won’t have him too. is either Mr Ohio belongs to her or no one else.
I was shocked at her obsession with him.
I wasn’t in any way competing with her on who to have Mr Ohio. She was just angry and acting unnecessary drama.
I know with time she will be fine, maybe if Mr Ohio shows her green light but as for now, the man is not interested in her at all and she knows that already and still did not want to give up.

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I still wonder why she was beginning to mix up the names “Richie” with Sugar” i can't help but noticed that anytime she is speaking so fast and want to mention Richie as she usually calls Richard she will end up calling him sugar.
And why is she still holding onto the pet name when we are no more together.
Jojo can be annoying sometimes but she is still my friend and I appreciate our friendship.
My Dad called me that afternoon to inform me that Melinda was home.
“Wow, really…that’s good!
That was my reply thinking that will be the only news but my Dad had something more to say.
“Yes Rebecca, is really a great news because your younger sister Melinda is engaged. Yes…she came home wearing an engagement ring, it was one of the biggest news I have waited so long for. I and your mother saw the ring and it is quite expensive and fit in perfectly well on her finger. She said she wanted to surprise us and that was why she did not break the exciting news to us over the phone. Melinda really surprised us with such news. She is still as beautiful, smart and outspoken as ever. I have not met her man yet. She said he will be flying down to see us by next weekend.
The news of Melinda’s engagement came unexpected. As much as I wanted to lift up joyfully for my sister, I also know what the news will mean to me, how some people will begin to see me.
My Dad will remind me of what he usually say, that Melinda will first me and get married because of my carelessness and I never had good luck with men.
Those words cut inch of my heart whenever I think of it. Melinda will even start showing off as the most favorite or lucky one.
She sometimes act that way just for me to feel bad.
I remember having a phone conversation with her in the past, when I thought Richard was going to ask me to marry him. We bashed at each other with words, I even asked her to go and settle down because she was no more a baby, same thing that my parents usually say to me.
I know those words must have hurt her but she did not react, and when the engagement with Richard did not hold, she was one of those that called to check up on me after my parents told her.
Melinda did not say anything negative during then but I know now that she is engaged before me, she will start displaying all kinds of character so that I will be pained.
But I will not let that happen, I will not even let my parents feel that I’m always unfortunate and left behind in all things. I use to attend my friend’s wedding, both my younger and older friends and I wish it will be my turn someday.
My Dad used to call me “flower girl” because I’m always catching bouquet in some of this wedding but there was never a proposal or any luck of settling down. Now my own younger sister is engaged again before me and will be getting married and starting her own family.
How do I even live with myself and watch it all happen.
I’m happy that I’m not staying with my parents, it would have being more traumatic for me to watch them everyday praise Melinda and treat me like I’m invisible or some bad luck to them.
“That is a great Dad. Is a good news and I’m happy for her…she deserv….
Before I could even complete my statement my Dad interrupted me.
“Yes, you should be happy for her Rebecca. Because she is taking the bold step to do exactly what you couldn’t do. I’m not condemning you but just to remind you of what I have always said. I told you if you are not careful Melinda will be getting married before you and that is coming to past. You are not even in a relationship yet. Ever since Richard broke up with you, no man is in your life again. my good wish for you is that someday you will truly find a man that will marry you but I hope it won’t be too late by then. You are left behind Rebecca and need to start praying so hard to catch up in life and become…
I was already irritated with my Dad singing his sermon again to my ears.
I couldn’t wait for him to finish up, I quickly interrupted him before he will speak any more hurting words.
“I’m also engaged Dad….
The word just left my mouth before I could even think of it, and it was heavy bomb to my own ear. I wonder how it will sound in my Dad’s ears.
“Did you say you are engaged Rebecca or is it from my ear? I didn’t hear you clearly…what did you say?
I had to finish what I just started. If this will end all the unwarranted embarrassment that I have suffered in their hands all this years then so be it. I have to try and sound convincing to my Dad or he will not think I’m lying and it will bring more trouble for me.
“I’m engaged Dad. I also wanted to come over and surprise you and Mom. I did not want to say it over the phone…I never knew that Melinda was coming come with same news. Well, she beat me to it but I’m also engaged…
My Dad screamed happily to my ears.
“whaaat….Rebecca you are truly engaged? Oh my God…this is a double good news. One of the best news of the century. Why…why didn’t you spill it out all this while? Your mother will be so happy to hear this. I’m really proud of you. So who is the man…where is he from? Hope is not Richard or is he? Tell me Rebecca…I’m so eager. Wow…this is a great news Rebecca, when are you coming over to the house?
My Dad was really excited. My fake engagement made him a happy man and I know it will be same thing with my Mom when she hears of it.
“I will be home soon, maybe by next month…I could have come earlier but we have a project at work that requires my full attention. And is not Richard Dad...with time you will get to meet him. I have to go now…say hi to my Mom and also to Melinda.
I was so eager to end the call and the conversation. I didn’t know how I pulled such stunt on him but it work out well. It kept him quiet from further provoking word.
I sat hard on my chair thinking to myself and what I was going to do.
Anybody that hears of this will think I am really crazy, how can I be engage to myself. I feel stupid for even saying that. The word has already gone out and I have to look for a solution to this problem I just got myself into.
Melinda called me the following day.
“Hello Becca, Dad said that you are engaged too…that is surprising though. How possible? Hope you did not give yourself an imaginary suitor because you heard that I was getting married soon? Don’t play such game because it will back fire on you if Dad and Mom finds out…
I was boiling angrily but I try to remain calm as I listen to Melinda. I laughed out my annoyance so loud so that her ears will hurt with my laughter.
Maybe I’m going crazy but I have to keep this up.
“Imaginary suitor? Please come off it….I’m better off than that. And I was never in anyway competing with you…I expected you to be happy for me like I was for you. I was not expecting you to start vomiting this trash. It seem you really want to get ahead of me in everything and also get married before me but is unfortunate that I will always remain your senior. I’m also hooked dear sister, so deal with it…and be happy for me. Stop acting like you are an enemy of my progress. I actually wanted to surprise Dad and Mom but it seem you are ahead of me in doing that but is okay. They will be getting two inlaws at same time… because I’m really engaged….
Melinda was quiet and later said.
“I’m happy for you anyway. Take a picture of your engagement ring and send to me let me see and I will also show to Mom and Dad…
My heart started racing.
I was thinking of what to do and another idea clicks in.
“I will do that later Melinda. If that will clear your doubts…then relax because I will send you a hundred pics of my engagement ring. Not right now because I’m very busy but you will get the pics.
I ended the call before she will say something else.
I covered my mouth in disbelief.
What was I even thinking by pulling such expensive stunt on them?
What I’m I supposed to do now. I have to act fast but how do I make an imaginary fiance to become real. How will I convince my people this time?


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