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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 7

©Amah’s Heart

I later spoke with Anita, I told her about my break up with Richard and how difficult it has been for me.
I also asked her about the earrings and how the information concerning my boss friend got to Richard after Jojo told her about it.
Anita denied of ever getting such information from Jojo, Anita said she did not borrow any ear rings from her either.
“Since you are not the one…then who else? Jojo told me that…
Anita quickly interrupted me.
“Forget about whatever Jojo said to you Becca, or you can still choose to believe her if you want. The last time I saw Jojo has being over two weeks, we had a quarreled over something and I stopped going to her place ever since and focused on my life. She did not say anything to me concerning your boss or his friend and she cannot even tell me because I detest her. I know you will believe her over me, is your choice, I won’t tell you what to do Becca. Jojo wears long ear rings, I don’t… except during a party or I’m attending an event. I work from Monday to Friday. Saturdays are for resting and tiding up things, Sunday is service and to visit few family and friends or I rest at home. Monday I resume work again. I don’t have time for petty gossips. Why will I even call your boyfriend and start selling trash to him, what will be my gain? Why exactly will I do that to you of all people Becca. I’m even happy that Richard left, is a good thing Becca and you should brace up yourself and move on. Even if I explain my reasons for saying that you won’t still understand but Richard doesn’t worth you babe. Stop killing yourself over him. Maybe is time to really move on and be happy. Stop making a man the center of your happiness, that is why you are still finding it difficult to move on. I will advise you to get a small apartment far away from everyone, from your parents and even your friends. Because seeing your parents sometimes remind you of your flaws, the sad feeling of you still under them because you are not lucky with a man and not married at your age just as society demands, such feeling will return to settle on your soul…. sad memory which you are trying to forget will also settle in. Is time to start living and find yourself again. I know you planned to move from your parents’ house to your husband’s house who you thought will be Richard but everything has changed and you should also change too. They maybe cool now and feel you needs their love but with time they will resume their usual taunt. So get out babe and start living your life. Someday you will be lucky to get a better man than Richard. I can’t hurt you Becca, going behind your back to gossip rubbish to your man is evil, total wickedness and that makes me a snitch. I can’t do such to you or anyone so don’t even think of it. Maybe soon enough you will get to know the real person behind all this. Be strong Becca, I got your back always….
I decided to let everything slide, both how the information got to Richard and the ear rings. I don’t even care to know any more.
At first, I thought it was Anita after Jojo told me but right now Anita sound convincing and I can’t say is Jojo either because she is not capable of such. She is a very lively and loving person.
I don’t know who among them is lying but I don’t care to know.
Every day seem difficult to cope through, I was going deeper and deeper into thinking. Not happy and did not find joy in anything.
I manage to wake up every morning to work, return back and go straight to my room. I only come out to make dinner sometimes. I started doing laundries, cooking and cleaning up the house every weekend.
Even as I sit in the laundry room, watching the washing machine wash and dry the cloths, my mind has traveled far, making me lost in my thoughts.
I do my parents laundry and also iron some of it. We have somebody who comes every weekend to do all that but I took over even before the person will come I have done almost everything.
I wanted to engage my mind and channel all my energy into work instead of getting depressed daily. But no matter what I do I was still thinking of Richard. I was finding it difficult to forget him.
I lost appetite for food and was gradually reducing in size. My parents were concerned about me, my Dad try to talk calmly with me one day after I told him I will be moving out.
“Rebecca, I know I have being harsh on you but it was for the best. I just want to see you flourishing. You have a good heart and you deserved to be in your own home….your husband’s house which was why I didn’t want you to keep wasting your time with that good for nothing Richard. Nobody is asking you to leave, this is equally your house and as much as we will love you to stay we can’t force you to do so because you are an adult. Whatever you think will make you happy… I can only render my support. You are slimming down all because of Richard. Leave the foolish boy, let him be with whoever he thinks is best for him. You are my daughter and I can’t shut my eyes and watch you kill yourself over a man who does not worth it, a stupid boy that wasted three good years of your life all for nothing. Rebecca go out and do the things you love so that you can forget him. Next weekend, me and your mother will be driving down to Resort beach, is a carnival weekend and fire work. Is going to be filled with fun and I want you to join us. Enough of all this safe pity. You are still my daughter and I have your best interest at heart…
After my Dad gave his own encouraging word, my Mom also try to talk to me and I promise to think right so that I can really move on.
My Dad drove us to the resort beach that weekend and it was indeed filled with fun. I even joined in the carnival dance and parade. My Dad bought different costume for me and my Mom and we had a good family time. I laughed out loud for the first time in a long lonely month.
My parents took pictures and send to both Joe, my elder brother and Melinda. He made a video and told them that they were missing out on the fun.
We went there on Friday and came back home on Sunday.
The sadness try to return again immediately I came back to the house but I tried my best to engage my mind by watching different comedy show.
I know is a matter of time and my parents will resume their constant reminder again about marriage. They will start in a nice way and with time return to hunting me with it until I start going crazy. I wasn’t ready for such again and it was time to take the bold step and find a place.
I finally got an apartment, far from everyone just like Anita suggested.
I furnished it to my taste and moved in but after a week I felt so lonely than before. I come back to an empty house and there was no one to ask me how my day went or how I’m doing.
I usually sit to watch movies and comedy shows, I make food and stuff myself with it. Sometimes all I want to do is to cry my eyes off until I feel alright.
Both my family and friends gave their different support in words and other means but that empty feeling was still there, no matter how I try.
Anita visits, she decided to keep me company for two weeks. Jojo also came to visit but did not stay long because of Anita.
I really do not know what exactly they are fighting over but I got my own problem and don’t want to press out information from them.
One day, while Anita was away that weekend Jojo came to see me. She even invited me to a night club where I will dance and drink away my sorrow but I turned it down, she suggested we just hang out but I wasn’t in the mood to leave the house.
Jojo started advising me concerning Anita.
“You have to be careful with Anita, she Is not a nice person…she is a real betrayer. I did not want to tell you this in the beginning but I think she was the one that sold you off to Richie. She denied it because she knows that her secrets was about to be laid open. Anita is a traitor and you shouldn’t have allowed her stay here with you. She will lie and steal from you and even tarnish your image. She is filled with lies and very smart at it. I can’t be deceive by her niceness because she is evil. Be very careful with her. tell her to leave your house that you are fine and do not need anybody babysitting you. Tell her that you have gotten over Richie and ready to move on with your life, tell Anita to move out. I hate to see her whenever I come visiting you…
I asked Jojo what really happened between her and Anita but she beat around and did not tell me the exact problem.
Anita has been with me for the past two weeks voluntarily. She has being very helpful and we stay together every weekend or go out if we have anywhere to go. I don’t have any reason to suspect Anita and I did not want to bridge my friendship with Jojo.
I have other of my friends who comes around to visit. Ella comes and sometimes Rina stop by with her little daughter to say hello.
I value all my friends and don’t want to hold on to anybody’s fault.
I have already let go about Richard and how he got the information and also the ear ring. I am not depending on that again.
I enjoy Anita’s company and Jojo shouldn’t dictate for me on who to be friendly with all because she was not in good term with Anita.
I told Jojo that whenever Anita want to leave she is free to do that. Jojo said she will stop coming to my place because of Anita and I told her to do as she pleases.
Ella got married and I attended her wedding but I did not catch flower during her wedding.
I just sat and watch other young girls struggle with the bouquet.
I later turned 29years. I did not blow the trumpet out. I don ‘t want anybody to even know that I just added another year but my parents called and few friends that knows the date of my birth also send messages and calls.
Melinda my younger sister called and also my elder brother, Joe wished me a happy birthday.
Jojo did not come around and I have not seen her for a month, I called her and she told me that she was busy with things.
Anita bought a small cake and few other things for me. I did not go out as we sat watching a television show while chewing at the goodies she bought.
At work, I was back to being active again and my performance increased unlike before, I thought I was going to die after Richard left but I’m still living and hoping for better days.
I have not seen Mr Ohio for a long time and as I sat at the cafeteria one day, I saw him walk past with a female who was all over him. He smiled and wave at me and I waved back.
I assumed is probably his woman and try not to think of it.
I ran into him one day on my way out and greeted him kindly, he responded.
“Hi Becca, is good to see you again, I have being away on a business meeting abroad and I just return back last week. How have you being?
“I’m doing well sir and you…I hope the meeting went fine….?
I said trying not to sound so tensed, even though I don’t like the way we stood close to each other and I can perceive his nice cologne.
“Sure, it was great. Thanks for asking. I can see you are on your way home…
I nodded with a smile and he smiled back, before telling me good bye. I replied as he watch me walked away.
Jojo visited me to show me her engagement ring. She just got engaged by her lover who she calls “sugar”
i was really happy for her and congratulated her. I asked her to show me the picture of the guy but she didn’t, she said someday I will get to know him. I wonder why she was hiding him. I know and have seen Anita’s own fiance. Anita usually come to my place with him.
Jojo is never this secretive but is her life and if she chose not to show the man’s face then is alright by me. I will support every decision she takes that will make her happy.
As we sat and talked, I mentioned Mr Ohio to her and even told Jojo the way he makes me hot all over whenever he is talking to me but I assumed he may be hooked with a lady because I have seen him moving with same lady who was into him twice.
Jojo laughed and said I should keep away from such people, he maybe a player and irresponsible man.
We talked and after sometimes she left.
Two days later I was surprise to see Jojo In my office. She said she came to pay me a surprise visit.
She was not wearing her engagement ring, I asked her about it and she said it was in her hand bag, she wears it when she is with her “sugar” and whenever she feels like.
I even took her to the eatery which was within the office. She kept looking round all through the time. I was forced to ask her what she was searching for.
She laughed out before saying she was looking out for my handsome boss friend, that I should introduce her to him.
I told her that I’m not close to the man and I haven’t seen him since yesterday so I can’t introduce them.
She said she will wait until he comes out.
Mr Ohio did not come down to the office that day. Jojo felt disappointed as we went home.
Jojo visited again the following day and she was lucky to see Mr Ohio who did not give her a second look.
But Jojo who was not ready to give up stayed behind, waiting for another opportunity of seeing the man.
While we were having lunch, Jojo was busy talking about Mr Ohio.
“Oh mine, Becca, he is so handsome. I have never seen such a handsome and well-polished man in a long while. If truly you are my best friend, you should try and introduce us properly. Tell him that your friend want to say hello. I don’t care if he is hooked or not I just want him to notice me. Please…please Becca stop being stingy…
I laughed out my disappointment before saying to her.
“But you are engaged Jojo. I don’t think that will be cool picking interest in another man while you are already into one. You should be looking forward to your wedding. What will you even do with Mr Ohio if he happens to pick interest in you…remember you once told me that he maybe a player and irresponsible, you said I should keep away from him but here you are looking out for him. I don’t understand you Jojo. Please, respect the man you are engaged to. Is doesn’t seem right doing this…don’t you think?
“Becca, leave it all to me. Is my problem not yours just hook me up with the man and I don’t care if he is married already or not. I like him and wish to be his friend that is all. To hell with engagement, if Mr Ohio pick interest in me I will just break off my engagement. My boyfriend thought he is the only one I have but I play a cool and smart games too. As much as I like my Sugar but settling down now is not in my agenda except if Mr Ohio ask me to marry him…it will be heaven on earth. I’m only engage not married so I’m still free to mingle as I want…
As she was talking I saw Mr Ohio coming out with the same lady, I wanted to introduce him to Jojo before but seeing the lady makes me quiet. I looked at him and found out that he was staring at me as he walks down with the beautiful lady with a good shape.
I swallowed hard and looked away.
“Hello Becca, how are you doing today?
He greeted me. I looked up and respond to the greeting even the lady also said “Hi” to me and Jojo. She looks friendly.
Before I could say anything else, Jojo stood up and extend her hands to him in greeting. She introduce herself as my one and only friend and just stopped by to check up on me. She even mentioned that she likes the man’s perfume and she totally ignored the lady standing beside Mr Ohio. The man took her hand and shake her with a smile, he said it was nice meeting her. He later looked over at me with same smile before walking away with the beautiful lady.
Jojo was very happy and kissed the hand that the man shakes dramatically.
I marveled at Jojo’s boldness and she even said she will start visiting me more often and may even drives down to pick me from work some days just to meet Mr Ohio.
I laughed at her seriousness before going back to my fruit salad.
I wonder why Mr Ohio makes me feel so uncomfortable with his look and whenever we ran into each other he makes my heart beat faster than usual. I likes him but Jojo is already falling for him.
I don’t know what to make out of it but Jojo is the type that goes for whoever she wants until she gets it.
I can’t ask her to stop coming to my work place, she may feel I’m trying to stop her from her new catch who is not even interested in her.
I wonder what her “sugar” will eventually do if Jojo breaks off the engagement because of Mr Ohio whom I’m beginning to think off even as I lay on my bed.


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