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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 4

©Amah’s Heart

As I walked into the house with the birthday gifts I received from my friends, all packed in my hands, I began to count my every step.

None of the gifts really matters much like the most important one I expected from Richard.

He came late for my birthday and still couldn't stay for it to be over before he ran off again.

I wish he had stayed and most important I wish Richard proposed.

I had high hopes, I broadcast it out. I told every of my friends about the supposed proposal and it was a big embarrassment for me.

Some may even talk behind my back, they will think i was acting desperately and came up with the whole engagement idea.

But I saw the clear signs in Richard, he told me within a short time we will start talking about marriage. I assumed he planned to ask me to marry him on my birthday, which was a special day for a proposal.

My high hopes was cut short and yet I still love him and ready to wait until he is ready.

The problem is what will I tell my parents.

If Melinda finds out that Richard end up not proposing she will have something to laugh about and will feel like she is more fortunate than me.

I silently prayed that my parents will be asleep when I entered the house.

And it was as I prayed.

Every where was quiet as I walked into the house.

I tiptoed quietly into my room to avoid making any noise.

It was only the gate man that knew that I was home.

And it was a good thing that my parents had gone to bed before I came in.

Immediately I got to my room I fell into the bed helplessly
I was already tired from the whole activities.

I freshen up and went to bed.
Since my birthday was on a Saturday, the following day will be Sunday.

I wish it was a Monday, I could have sneak out very early to work before my Mom and Dad wakes up.

No escaping for me, I have to face the reality sooner or later.

I didn't want to come out of my room that Sunday morning.
I wanted to sleep all day.

there was a knock on the door and my mom's concerned voice followed.

I got up and went out in my pajamas.

My Dad was the first to speak immediately he saw me coming out.

I try to hide my ring finger but I quickly realize that it was a useless act because they will still find out that Richard did not propose.

"See the birthday girl and Richard's wife to be. Me and your Mom have already started with the wedding plans. The whole souvenirs, the big wedding hall, the refreshments and other things will be well taken care off. We made some calls on the latest souvenir that is presentable to the guest. And with my big status... important dignitaries will be coming so we need to give a reasonable items out not the usual ones used in many other occasions. You don't need to worry about many things, me and your Mom got you covered. So how was the proposal? How did he knee, what kind of ring did he used... show us pictures. We were up waiting for you last night until nature kicks in and we have to go to bed. Now is time to feed us on the whole latest. I know Richard, my son in-law to be will take good care of you...

I was quiet all through, listening to my Dad not knowing how to break the disappointing news to them.

My Mom was scanning my whole fingers with her eyes searching for the engagement ring.

When she did not see one, she was forced to ask me.

"Haaa Rebecca! Why did you remove your engagement ring. Don't you know you have to wear it at all time. Later it will be replaced with a wedding ring ones you get married. As you can see I'm still wearing my own even after 34years of marriage to your father. Go and wear it let's see how it fits in and also bring pictures and videos. I'm eager to see how it all went down... Go and bring it and don't remove it from your finger. You are 28years already, we need to start executing the wedding plans... enough of all this delay. Me and your father is very happy for you that at last you got hooked up and will soon be Mrs Richard.... hahahaha. Isn't that beautiful? Go and bring the ring...go...

I quietly turned and matched back to my room.

I stood in my room confused on what to do or say.

I can hear my parents laughter from the sitting room.

My Mom shouted my name, asking me to hurry up.

I robbed my two sweating hands together as I looked round, searching for invisible ring.

I was looking around for something that doesn't even exist yet I'm there like a confused child.
I lost all boldness to tell my parents that their was no ring or even a proposal because I don't want to spoil their happiness or high hopes.

Still, I have to summon the courage to let them Know the truth.

I can't keep it all in.

Mom and Dad were already getting impatient as they keep calling my name.

I breathed in before leaving my room to go and face them.

"Where is the ring Rebecca? Don't tell me you don't know where you kept it. But is never a problem anyway, Richard can afford another one. What of pictures or videos. Why are you not saying anything... have your tongue dissapeared from your mouth?

My Mom asked impatiently.

I dragged my breath in and then out before saying with a very low tone that was difficult for them to hear.

"Ri..Richard did not propose again"

I said quietly while looking at my toes.

I'm sure they didn't hear me and they asked almost at same time why I was talking as if I'm being choked.

I have to raise my voice this time.
Yes, I was worried and scared of breaking such news to my parents but I had no choice.

"There is no ring. I only had my birthday yesterday. He came but there was no pro...posal...

Everywhere fell silent for some second, their faces changed into a frown and my Dad was the first to speak.

"What was his reasons?, haven't two of you dated enough? You sound so sure that he was going to propose to you Rebecca....

I was quiet my Mom laughed out loud and said to my Dad.

"You worry too much over Rebecca. Can't you see that she is trying to prank us. She wants to trick us with such news. Why won't Richard propose after all those announcement that she went about announcing to family and friends....

At the end they realized it was not a prank even though I wish it was.
and Just as expected they were disappointed.

Monday came and work starts, I continued my usual routine acting like nothing happened but deep down I feel empty and pained.
Richard called to apologise again he even took me out, buy me gifts as he try to make up for everything.

I later visited him over at his place and noticed a lady's make up kit and ear rings in his room dresser.
That was strange and I guess he did not notice it before then.

The ear rings looks familiar but I can't remember who I saw it with.
I was sure I have seen something like that on a Lady but couldn't figure it out.

I quickly asked Richard about it and he was speechless at first before saying is probably one of his male friend and his girlfriend that visited and passed a night. he said is probably his friend's girl that forgot it.

He collected the items and said he will inform the guy about it.
I quickly waved it off and did not give it a thought.

Most ladies wear look alike of things, I probably saw a passer-by wearing it and it began to ring a bell when it shouldn't.

As days goes on I still try to avoid getting home so early.

One day after work as everyone else were eager to go home I was still slowly packing up my stuffs.
I saw my boss who just returned from his business tour with his friend who I have seen once or twice.

I greeted them as they were about to walk pass and they chorused their replies.

"Miss Becca, aren't you going home yet. I noticed you don't join the staff bus again back home. Hope there's no problem?
My boss asked concerned. I noticed his friend was looking at me all through.

I felt uncomfortable at his gaze and almost stammered with my reply.

"Not at all sir. Sometimes I have a place to go after work...ta...that is why I have not being join...ing...
I stammered as sudden heat began flooding my face. my boss young and fine friend was causing the discomfort.

My boss nodded while his friend smiled at me and I tried my best to return back the smile before they walked to their different cars.

I later got to know that he was a business associate to my boss and his name is Ohio.

He also has his own big company and staffs too working for him.
He was single and alot of ladies at work were dying to be noticed by him but he hardly give a second look at any.

It was one of my colleagues who was also crushing on him that fed me with the news.

After a week, during break time at work one day, I was having lunch when my boss friend came to get his coffee at the cafeteria.

I saw him coming and quickly looked away.

He noticed me eating, stopped over at my table to say hello.
"Good afternoon sir.

I greeted cheerfully.

"Miss Becca right?, is indeed a good afternoon because I have been wanting to speak to you. First of all, I'm sorry to be so forward but I hate to beat around the bush. Are you free this weekend... we can hang out. I have this boat cruise I will like to go with a friend. I hope you don't mind joining me....?

I was staring at him as he speaks. He was really straight forward and I like such men. He was also good looking and has a fine accent.

I began to wish that Richard has already proposed to me, I would be flashing my engagement ring to his face so that he will see that I was already taken.

I wondered why he decided to pick interest in me when there were alot of other ladies dying for him.

I love my Richard and no man will come between us not even a fine man like Ohio.

"I'm sorry sir, I'm engaged to my man. I actually forgot my ring at home. My apologies but I'm not available for that.

I lied that I was engaged just to dismiss him.

is not really a lie since I know Richard will still propose to me someday.

"No problem Miss Becca, I totally understand. Congratulations on your engagement..

He said with a smile before walking away.

I decided to stop over at JoJo's place the following day, since I know that she is sometimes at home in the evening.

She was dressed to go out when I came in.

"Oh Becca, you came at the wrong time. I'm going on a date. My cute man is taking me to go and see a movie. From there I will be passing the night over at his place.
JoJo said as she wore her fine heel shoe.

"Okay, have fun. I actually got gist for you but maybe next time.
She pause and asked me to gist her.

"There is this my boss friend at work, a fine and well to do young man. He actually asked me on a date yesterday but I turned it down. I told him that I have a man in my life... I wish I was already engaged to be married to Richard. In that way I will be flashing my engagement ring to everyone that cares to look. But, I know it will still happen. I just can't wait... time is running out. JoJo, before you know it months will turn into a year and another birthday follows... 29 and then 30years. I just can't wait JoJo. I love Richard and wish he would start talking about marriage...but well...
Her phone was ringing and she picks it and said.

"My love, I'm almost done. Becca, my friend came around with a gist but I'm coming out now honey. Muaahh... Love you too sugar...
As the call ended I was surprised that her new boyfriend already knows who I am.

I asked her if her man knows which if her friend bears "Becca" and she quickly reply.

"Yes, offcurse! I tell him everything. About all my friends and their names. Becca, you are my good friend, so my man supposed to know who you are even though he has not met you but has seen your pictures. Maybe next time you will gist me more about your boss friend...he sound like an interesting man. Stop worrying over Richie, I have told you before that you should free your mind and stop choking him with marriage issue. Whenever he feels is the right time he will do whatever that is worth doing. But, I'm actually interested in the gist about your boss friend. Is high time you invite me to your work place, let me pay a visit and also get acquainted with some of your colleagues and probably your boss friend...hahahaha! Anyway, We will talk about it later and someday you will get to know my current sugar boy.... hahahaha! I have to go now Becca...

I felt honoured that JoJos's man knows about me.

as we both walked out together, I asked her extend my greetings to her man and she said she will.
As I got home that evening I called Richard since it was only in the morning we spoke.

I called him to know how his day went but he did not pick my calls.
Sometimes he doesn't pick calls when he is busy.

Even through out the night I couldn't reach him until the following day.

He gave me some reasons why he couldn't pick the calls
Our relationship continued and I kept on hoping for Richard to propose.

Ohio still comes aroundbut he kept his distance and respond to my greetings nicely anything we ran into each other.

And I like the fact that he did not ask me to go out with him again as some guys will do.

One day, Richard called me that he will like to see me, he has something to tell me.

He picked my favorite restaurant for the venue.

I couldn't wait because I already know what he plans to tell me which was to marry him.

I have patiently waited and is finally coming to past.

I got dressed that morning, I did not tell my parents that Richard was going to propose, I wanted to surprise them this time.

I left excitedly to meet him at the venue.


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