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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 25

©Amah’s Heart

After listening to Cherry’s confession, I was left speechless. Who could have thought that Cherry of all people will want be dead because she was in love with Ohio and hates the fact that he proposed to me.
Cherry said she has been with Ohio for long as his secretary, and had tried to make her feeling known to him but he hardly pick interest or notice her. It was not just about being his secretary or working with him, she was also attracted to him and wanted him for herself. Her hope was that someday Ohio will be hers.
The pain, disappointment and hurt that she felt when Ohio picked interest in me couldn’t be define with words. But she was hopeful that our relationship will crash along the way.
Then Ohio decided to propose to me. That was the last straw that break the Carmel back. She couldn’t watch another woman take over Ohio who she was seriously crushing on.
That was what led her into the plan of kidnapping me. She wanted the men to torture me until I die slowly. With that she will have an edge on Ohio and be there to console him and care for him when I’m gone. Through that Ohio may decide to notice her and even see her more than his office secretary.
Cherry said she never knew that the men she hired and paid handsomely just to accomplish the task will mess the whole job up. She thought the men were professional and will do a clean job without notice.
Ohio was shock to realize what Cherry was capable of doing because of jealousy, strife and envy. Cherry said it will be hard for her to live and watch him get married to another woman.
When we were back to the house, Ohio was quiet and couldn’t utter much word for days. I have to leave him and went back to my parent’s house.
Our wedding was put on hold. The whole trauma was too much for everyone. Especially me and Ohio.
It was after a month that Ohio fully recovered from the whole shock, it also took me time to get back my real self.
I could have being dead and rotten away somewhere because of friendly enemy like Cherry.
She was nice, cute, and sweet. Her smile was captivating, she dresses well too. I admire her anytime I set eyes on her. At first, I used to think she was Ohio’s mistress because of the way she usually attach herself to him.
It was later I find out that she was only his office personal assistance. She was his secretary but wanted to be the real Mrs Jacob and when she wasn’t getting her desired wish, she decided to go the wrong way just to achieve it.
The cops, Ohio, my parents and few others thinks I’m brave to have being able to defend myself from one of the intruders but what could I have done? I was left with no choice than to fight for my life. If not, the man would have succeeded with his paid plans.
My awaited joy of being in love again and settling down with a man who truly love and cares for me was very close. I needed to fight hard until I can’t fight again. Even if my dreams of love was far-fetched I would have still fight for my life.
There used to be a passage that my Mom usually read back when I was still a little girl. She later bought a wooden craft frame that has this same passage written boldly on it and she hanged it in the house, close to our dining table.
I grew up with that craft hanging by the wall close to the dining. I got used to seeing those passage until every of the word got stuck in my head.
My Dad was not deeply into religion but he goes to church, watch afro beat gospel music and listen to audio messages. My Mom was more of a religious person in the house and she never force any of us to bury our head inside.
That particular passage was from the bible, precisely in Ecclesiastes and it said.
“…There is hope only for the living. It’s better to be a live dog than a dead lion. The living at least know they will die, but the dead know nothing. They have no further reward, nor are they remembered. Whatever they did during their lifetime…..loving, hating, envying…is all long gone. They no longer play a part in anything here on earth. So go ahead. Eat good food with joy, and drink your wine with happy heart, for God approves of this. Wear fine cloth with a splash of cologne….whatever you do, do it well for when you go to the grave there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom”…
As I sat at the dining right in my parent’s house, I looked up at the wall where that particular bible passage used to hang but was no longer there. It was taking away during the house renovation many years ago. It was worn out with years of hanging on the wall.
The message in it was deeply rooted and as I grow up I understand it better even though it was no more hanging anywhere in the house.
The determination to live was one of the things that push me further to fight. Is only the living that has hope but the dead has nothing except judgement.
Cherry was locked up in prison after her case was charged to court and judgement was passed on her. She was sentenced to many years in prison even after she pleaded. She was crying and asking me and Ohio to forgive her but her case was neither in my hand nor in the hand of Ohio. She blames the devil for making her go the extra mile just to hurt me.
I wonder why the devil is blamed whenever people’s wicked deeds is exposed to the light. No one want to be blamed for his or her actions any more, rather they portion it out to devil. They forget that there will be consequences for every evil deed and they must suffer the fate when the time is ripe.
I began to pack my property out of my apartment. I drop some of it at Ohio’s place and took some back home, to my parent’s house.
On the last day that I went with the driver Ohio personally assigned to me to pick my remaining things, I saw Jojo coming.
It was already a month plus, ever since the police released her after a written and signed undertaking. I was arranging my things in the trunk of the car when she walked up to me smiling.
“Becca…Becca. How are you doing? I already know that I suppose to keep my distance from you in order not to get arrested and tortured for a crime I did not commit. I have being wanting to see you, calling you over the phone is not an option because I know you will never pick my call. See, I may be harden and angry for many reasons and really wanted to get back at you for beating me up at your place but I did not even know how to go about it because if I try to engage you into a fight, I know you will still beat me up again, Is a bitter truth. Becca, you are physically and emotionally stronger than many ladies who claims to be. I know I can only try to hurt you by taking over what you love most….that is the highest beating I can give you but I am not capable of sending assassins or kidnappers to you. I can’t do that even though you may think I’m capable of such. The sad truth is I used to love watching you hurt emotionally but will not stand a physical harm on you. For you to point me out and get me arrested by the cops and they tortured me for a crime I never committed, it means you see me as the devil all because of I playfully threatened you...
I was already getting irritated with her long speech.
“Stop wasting my time Jojo. What do you want and what exactly are you driving at. All this long talk is boring, as you can see I’m busy. And do you understand the trouble you are getting into by coming close to me? it seems you enjoyed your last time at the police net and want more of it? I can just send a report to them and you will be cart away by the cops. You signed to stay away from me and all that is mine, including my husband to be. I don’t understand what exactly you are doing here?
“Relax Becca, I will soon be leaving. I did not come for trouble…I came for peace. The cops do not have to know please. I wanted to inform you that I finally caught Silas. Yes, I found him where he relocated to. He was on a mission of deceiving ladies who are well to do. I called the cops on him and he was later arrested. The cops found out that two other women had laid a complain concerning him before. He is locked up now but I couldn’t recover all that he took from me. I and two other ladies that showed up after hearing of his arrest were compensated with just a token which can’t do much. I have to start my life all over again. Is really painful that the foolish Silas got me deceived with lies. He boldly told me that he will make me richer, famous and we will travel the world together. He wanted me to trust him and he also showed me evidence of countries he has traveled to and his fleet of cars and houses that he owned in different countries. After showing me those things which I thought was actually his own but never knew that he was a fraudster. I foolishly believed everything he told me and when he asked me to sell my car because he will get a better car for me or give me one from his fleet of cars, I got my car sold. He said he was processing my travel ticked and needed my bank account details and also my bank card is required. Without thinking it through, I foolishly gave him every of my bank details and also my bank card. The stupid Silas said he will be traveling for two weeks, by the time he returns back, every of my own travelling document and also my brand new car will be ready. It was within that period he disappear. All the money in my account was gone, the money for the car I sold was also in my account…everything vanished, Becca. I wanted to kill myself. How did I fall for his cheap lies? How exactly did I allow myself to become one of his victims? Becca, it was very painful. I refused to rest until Silas was caught, and I’m happy that he is in prison right now. He won’t be able to scam another lady with fake love and lies. Deceiving people with different things. He told one of the ladies that his name was Bryan and he was a movie director and will make her a famous actress. The girl fell for his tricks and lies. Mine was he was Silas and a gym instructor and also a therapist. Can you imagine? Becca, did you know that you could have end up as the victim if I didn’t show up? I thought he was a big fish, I never knew he was a dry fish filled with bones that got me choked….
I felt for Jojo, as she speaks I can see that she was truly pained and saddened by what Silas did to her. She got deceived because she wanted to be famous, travel all over the world and become a billionaire. Silas saw her weakness and used it to get her to the extent that she sold her car and all the money she made from other men was taking away by Silas.
The driver Ohio assigned to me was also like my body guard. He was huge like a bouncer and takes me everywhere I go. He walked up to me after standing and watching me and Jojo for some time. His name was Kontri.
Kontri looked at me and asked if there was a problem? I told him I was fine and safe. He looked at Jojo suspiciously before moving back to where he was standing, giving us a little distance.
If it was before, Jojo would have want to shoot her shot at Kontri who was her spec, her kind of man. But from her appearance I can see she was not comfortable with Kontri. She was obviously scared of him.
The only option is for her to pick up her pieces and start all over on a better note, not with her old ways of living. She used to say nothing gets to her and no man can ever hurt her, she dumps them before they will think of dumping her but Silas beat her to her own game.
“….Becca, ca…can I get little cash to buy food stuffs? I know I don’t suppose to ask of anything from you after all I did. I’m sorry Becca, I thought I was indeed wise and smart. I allowed my jealousy to mislead me into hurting you severally. You have a great personality Becca. Whenever I take that one man you love and cherish most, another better one will emerge. You kept getting better and I was fighting a won battle. I’m really tired of fighting and also tired of all this men. I’m securing a job soon, I have already applied and with that I will be able to get back on my feet although is not easy after tasting wealth…but I’m ready to try. I just need some cash for now until the job clicks and my pay cheque start arriving. Your body guard doesn’t like me, he suspect me. Look at the way he is watching us? I want to disappear from this place but I need your help first. Please…Becca. I’m shamelessly asking you because I know you have a good heart and you will not watch me die of hunger…
I looked at Jojo after she made her last statement. She knew I had a good heart and decided to take advantage of it to deal with me.
She looks like she was going to break down and start crying like a child. Tears dropped from her eyes as she pleads. I was touched and will not let her die of hunger when I can help her. Jojo said she was sorry for her past actions but I know Jojo is a good actress, she was only pulling all this pity to herself so that she can get help from me.
I’m ready to help her but she must keep her distance after now. Our friendship has ended and i will never trust her closeness ever again.
I wasn’t having enough cash with me at that moment. Within that week Ohio transferred money to my account to do some shopping for myself and for my parents since I was moving in with them again and my last pay cheque was not touched. It was still intact.
I asked Jojo for her new account details after she told me she close down her old account because of Silas.
Jojo quickly called it out to me. I transferred enough money to her account which can pay her rent and get her standing again.
The only problem is that I won’t be doing any shopping for myself but I will get something for my parents.
Jojo almost prostrated to thank me after seeing the alert on her phone. She did not believe I will give her such amount of money. She wanted to hug me but I asked her to leave and never show her face close again. She was jumping happily. She looked at Kontri who was still watching us and winked at him before running off.
After she left, I began to smile. The Jojo I know will never change. But I like the happiness I see on her face, it made me smile. But even at that, Jojo can never be my friend again. I only helped her because my heart couldn’t stand her pain.
I moved back to my parents’ house and spend some of my weekend in Ohio’s house. Even when he traveled I still go there during weekends.
After another month passed by, we were all ready to resume our wedding plans. Ohio and I started our plans again. Kontri was assigned to follow me everywhere and make sure I was safe. I don’t really like the idea of Kontri driving me everywhere and watching me like a hawk to a chick.
I feel safe enough, I don’t need a guard and do not think anybody will want to try and hurt me again. But Ohio wouldn’t hear of that.
He told me that he can’t bear the thought or be able to live with himself if anything happens to me. he said I was already exposed to danger and Kontri will be both my driver and body guard until he is very sure everything is well settled.
During Ohio’s free time he teaches me how to drive. I was learning so fast while our wedding plan was still ongoing even though we have not gotten pass the kissing level yet.
I still speak with Teri concerning our wedding hall and how the decoration will be.
Even my parents were very supportive with the plans and my Dad never troubles me again about marriage or anything. He was even saying I shouldn’t rush things, I should take my time and be sure of what I want. My Dad was loving and very kind whenever we sit to talk. That was what I expected from him long time ago instead of his usual bashing and constant reminder of how much of a failure I was. He was no more like his old self.
I guess my Dad changed mainly because he saw I was engaged and will soon be getting married to a wealthy man like Ohio.
Whatever made him change, i like it and was enjoying the moment of living with them again until I’m fully Mrs Jacobs.
No matter how long it takes I will get there, Cherry wanted to be Mrs Jacobs and that lead her into plotting evil. Jojo also tried but did not succeed.
I believe whatever belongs to me, will not be taken away from me…no matter how the enemies try. It may take time but it will still finds its way back to me.
My long awaited happiness has already been preordained and it will come to past very soon.


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