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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 21

©Amah’s Heart

Sunday came and we were over at Ohio's house.
It was indeed a nice place to chill out.
It felt like I was in another world when I walked into his place.
He has a cook, gardner who also cleanse the compound, including the swimming pool.
His domestic staffs look well and cultured. If I happen to meet them outside the house I will mistake them for a high class workers.
He showed us round and asked us to feel at home.
Joe was over at his mini bar, situated close to the big dinning hall.
I took a lone steps to the basement and stood there, looking out into the big compound and to the swimming pool.
Melinda and Cole who came around were out at the pool side with a Chapman in hand, sitting at the edge of the pool, dangling their feet in the water while relaxing and sipping their drinks. They look like new lovers as they talk quietly, fall on each others body and laugh like children.
I smile as I watch them from the glass basement house which was above the building.
I could have joined them but I was too shy to be on a swimming suit.
Melinda has a slender, fine toned body but I'm neither slim nor fat.
I'm just in between the two. people will say I'm chubby but maybe they are confused on where exactly to place my shape or they are worried I will take offense if they call me fat.
I don't mind where they decided to place me, be it slim or fat. I'm comfortable in my skin and shape. I'm also curvey which gives me an edge.
I'm not too tall, unlike Melinda who got the height.
This is where another confusion cripped in. My height 6.4. they say is an average height. Is very funny how everything about me is not in perfect order. I'm neither slim nor fat, neither tall nor short. I'm Just in between everything.
Even my life is neither fair nor harsh. Sometimes good things happen and another time bad things happen. My life is not close to perfect but is far from worst.
After yesterday drama with JoJo, I can't specifically say if Ohio was happy or not.
He acted well and laugh along with everyone but whenever he looks at me all i see is disappointment in his eyes. Or could it be my mind set?
I did not know that JoJo was responsible for me and Frankie's separation. Back then, I couldn't figure out why Frankie suddenly changed towards me . His attitude of a different person and later told me he can't continue with the relationship anymore. He broke up with me because of lies that JoJo told him about me and even set me up just to achieve her selfish and wicked aim.
It was after Frankie I met Richard thinking he was my last bustop but he got tired of me with more spicy lies from JoJo and ended the relationship.
JoJo came after Ohio and couldn't succeed she went straight to Silas who I don't care what he does with his life.
JoJo chewed more than she can swallowed and deserves the beating she got from me if not more.
Ohio probably thinks otherwise because he made it clear to me that he hates drama and when we talked during our Friday night at my place, he said one of the reasons he loves me is because I'm reserved and calm. I do things moderately and not out of proportion.
He said even my dressing, my make up and other activities are in order. It may not be perfect all the time and he is okay with that.
He asked me what I love about him and I gladly poured it out.
But seeing my violent side with JoJo may have Ohio thinking otherwise.
He was mad at me during my fight with Melinda at the resort Beach and wanted me to learn how to control my emotions.
He obviously do not like seeing violent women, is probably the reason why I feel he is acting cold around me.
Even after he dropped me off at my place last night, he did not have much to say and never bother to come inside.
He did not give me a goodnight kiss just a cheek peck which was better than nothing.
Melinda and Joe drove back to my dad's house leaving me and Ohio yesterday and it was as if they shouldn't have gone.
Ohio coldness got me worried and I wonder what exactly he is thinking.
I wish I can read his mind to know what he has in there.
He was downstairs with my brother Joe, at the mini bar, watching a soccer game with their drinks.
He has forgotten that I even exist. Thinking about him now makes me sad.
Instead of feeling pity all alone here, it will be better I join Melinda and Cole at the pool.
I decided to wait for sometime and watch the couple before leaving.
Melinda was on a bikini, Cole was on a short with singlet.
Melinda dived into the water, she was a good swimmer, after sometime she resurface out from the water.
She asked Cole to join her but he was comfortable sitting by the side and watching her swim.
Melinda insisted, Cole later pull off his singlet and join Melinda in the water.
After few seconds inside the water, he lifted his head and exhaled.
Melinda laugh and asked him to dive in again.
She was obviously enjoying the moment.
I wanted to join them but I maybe interrupting the two lovers.
Three is a crowd, maybe I will stay here for sometime before going down to get useful and occupy my mind.
As I stood their watching them, a noise startled me from behind.
I turned and it was Ohio, walking towards me with two glass of drink.
He handed a cup to me, and held his own.
"Becca, what are you doing here all by yourself? I actually thought you were out... at the pool side with your sister. I was occupied playing a video game with Joe and didn't know you were up here. What is the problem Becca? Why are you excluding yourself and not joining the fun? Everyone seem to be having a nice time except you. Dora, my chef placed some food on the dining, just in case you feel like eating. She also has some new recipes that Lili thought her and she will be happy to share them with you... in case you are interested. Tell me what is bothering you...
He was standing very close to me by now.
I took a sip from the drink before replying him.
"I didn't know where to fit in. I don't want to interrupt Melinda and her fiance. You and Joe were busy with soccer game when I left. I have walked round and decided to stay up here. Is a clear view and I enjoy watching Melinda and Cole. I...I also thought you maybe angry with me over yesterday's drama. I sensed your cold attitude ever since last night when you dropped me off at home. I guess you are disappointed in me. I'm sorry if you are... JoJo got to the bad side of me. I hate to be taken for granted because of my my quiet personality. She was riding on my intelligent and felt like I can't do anything to her. There was no better way to deal with her except through that means. I only hate the fact that you are disappointed but I don't regret putting JoJo in her place. If that makes you angry with me then I'm sorry... even though you never said a word concerning that.
I was still talking when he dropped his drink on a nearby table. He collected mine and dropped there.
He gently cupped my face with his hand and began to kiss me.
He never said anything about yesterday or about JoJo, all he did was to kiss me.
I responded and we kissed passionately at his basement.
He made me relaxed back on the glass wall and continue until all my emotions welled up.
I heard my brother calling him and we both straightened. He arranged my hair and drew me to his chest which was beating with speed.
"I want you Becca...so much that I'm going to go crazy. I'm trying to control it but failing woefully.
He said while holding me very close.
"Why are you holding back, you can have me all to yourself. You set my whole body on fire with your every touch Ohio. I also want yo...
My brother called out again, this time he was closer to the basement.
He loosened up, took a deep breath, readjust his shirt. He took the wine and handed mine to me.
He drank deeply from his cup, I guess he was trying to calm his raging emotions.
He took me by the hand and was about to match out, my brother was already up.
"Ooh, i'm sorry! hope I didn't interrupt anything? I discovered a table tennis by your cottage. Cole is interested in playing after I asked him. I just wanted to know if you are in. Man... there is a lot of things to engage here. I remember some years ago, i wanted to build a little cot house outside my main building where I can chill out or play tennis but my wife, Cassie wanted a garden. I cultivated the land for her, bought bags of fertilizer... including horse poo and rotten vegs. I spread it over the land... watered it and allow it to settle in. My wife planted different fruit, vegetables and used one part of the land for flowers. And before a year we had organic food. The tomatoes is as big as my fist. We also have pineapple, citrus fruits and vegetables. I was not into the idea of owning a garden when she initially came up with the plan but now I'm glad I agreed to it. My two little kids love the garden. Jeni is 4years and Jon is Just a year plus. Ohio, I saw your large garden filled with different rose flowers, in the future maybe you should consider adding vegetables and fruits to it. You will be glad that you did. It can be tasking when it comes to maintaining it but with time you will feel delighted.
Ohio nodded with a smile as we all walk down.
Dora, Ohio's cook was setting more food on the table which smell so nice. There were different plates of food and fruits cut in beautiful shapes and placed on the dining.
The woman, who was neatly dressed, her hair covered properly turned to Ohio and said with a smile.
"Sir, the food are all set up. I hope your guest will enjoy the meal. I will be close by just in case you need any other thing...or do you need me to add any thing to the table?
"Thanks Dora, that will be all for now.
Dora took a bow and left. She behaves like she was schooled on being a chef. Just like Ohio, everything she does was well coordinated.
Ohio suggested we eat first and I was glad he did because the well arranged food on the big dinning was already whispering my name.
Melinda tied up a towel below her waist, she had being swimming and even after Cole fleed the water.
We all sat to eat after Joe said a short prayer. Melinda, the over active one was the first to start passing round the food.
Ohio looked at me as I eat quietly.
I wanted to devour all the delicious food in front of me but my home training wouldn't let me.
We played few other games together after eating, the only one I did not join was getting into the pool on a bikini. Melinda suggested but I turned down the offer.
She can flex her good shape and body openly, I can be very shy when it comes to that, especially with Ohio looking me all over with hunger in his eyes.
We had a good, satisfying time in Ohio's place and all thanks to him.
Joe, Melinda and Cole later left that evening.
Ohio asked me to spend little more time with him, he will go and drop me off later.
I also wanted to stay even without him asking. I wanted to have a good quiet time with him.
After everyone was gone, he took me up and straight to his big bedroom.
His master bedroom was as big as my sitting room. He said he wanted to show me something.
I knew what he wanted. well, so I thought.
I also wanted the same but patiently waited because he was a total different man who takes his time in doing everything.
He moved close to a wall and switched on a button, the room light color changed automatically.
What I thought was an ordinary wall began to show up different faces.
It was like an album with people in it.
He had a remote control
He pointed at everyone that pops up.
"This are my family! That's my Dad. Followed by my Mom and that's Klint my brother and his dog. that's Natalie, she suffered a cerebral palsy during her early age. My parents tackled it with everything to make her associate and become like a normal child. And I'm happy to tell you that she is alright. Or let me say still in the process of full recovery. But if you are just meeting her for the first time you won't know that she had cerebral palsy. Natalie is strong, smart and never allowed her condition to weigh her down. She is very beautiful too and creative. My Dad opened a knitting and craft shop for her after she finished from school, where she got to teach many people different craft. I'm very proud of her, she has alot of friends who also learns from her. She is my only little sister and we speak often over the phone.
My mind went to Lili. Could Natalie be the Lili that he often speak to. I decided to ask.
"I guess Natalie is the Lili that you usually talk about??.
Ohio smile and said.
"No, Natalie is not Lili. We call Natalie Rosie because she loves rose flowers and still do. We built a flower house filled with roses for her and she loves picking flowers while growing up. She made me love flowers which was Why I have many around here. Lili is a total different person. She is a great cook and home maker. She is loving and does not joke with me, neither do I joke with her. Lili is part of me and you will be meeting her soon. A step at a time...
We stayed talking about his family until he looked at the time and exclaimed.
It was almost 9pm. He wanted to go and drop me.
I thought the reason Why he took me to his bedroom was to enjoy the evening in the arm of each other.
I didn't know it was to show me his visual family album. I enjoyed every bit of it though but I still wanted what was on my mind.
He stired up the whole emotion in me at the basement and now he wants to go and drop me off.
He also wanted me but was holding back. For whatever reason I can't say
I went to him as he stood and was putting off the wall gallery.
"Maybe, I should spend the night with you here...it will be fun....
I said while unbuttoning his shirt and pushing him gently to the bed.
He sat hard on the bed, the remote control fell off from his hand.
I succeeded in unbuttoning all his shirt without him stopping me midway. I gently pushed him to the bed and sat on him
I kissed him, more kissing followed and he was responding coldly.
I did not care at first because I know with time he will become fierce.
He groaned out my name as he began to touch every sensitive part of me which was exactly what I wanted.
My cloths were going off gradually in no time.
as I lowered my hands to his belted pant trouser to unhook it he turned me over and stood up.
I watched him combed his hand into his head, rushed to the bathroom and I can hear splash of water.
I went to meet him there, he stood splashing water on his head and face.
I asked him if he was alright. He stopped and stare at the mirror, took a white towel and began cleaning his wet head and face without a word.
I can see his bare chest going up and down. He was still in his trouser.
I coiled my hand around his chest while standing behind and kissing his back.
He gently moved me to the front, kissed me for sometime and as I try to remove his belt again he stopped me.
"Becca, I'm sorry. We can't do this. I don't think I'm fully ready for It. Maybe not now. Please. I know you want me, Becca....I also do... even more but this is not the time. I'm sorry I caught you off guard, if I didn't do that I may regret my actions later. I love you and don't want just a night stand...I want to spend every day of my life with you. I just want you to know that you means so much to me.
He gently kissed me again before leading back to the room.
He grabbed his shirt from the ground where it lay carelessly and tossed it to his wardrobe side.
Ohio took out another ironed shirt and wore.
I also dressed up properly and allow him take my hands into his own.
We went out and straight to his car.
It was 9:16pm when we left and arrived at my place 10: 54pm.
He looks shy or ashamed to look at me but still manage to give me a goodnight peck.
He stayed in his car and waited as I went inside before he turned and speed off.
Within the week, I saw him twice at work. He was back with his corporate appearance.
He checked up on me during his second day within that week and we even had lunch together.
We talked about everything but none of us mentioned the Sunday night.
I was even begining to think that JoJo is probably right about his sexuality.
What if Ohio is truly impotent like JoJo makes me believe?
I still don't understand how he manages to say no to a woman who he claims to love.
Whenever the going is good and I began to think I have gotten him down that will be the time he will will break loose and give unnecessary excuses.
Maybe Ohio doesn't have an active manhood because if he does he wouldn't have allowed me to leave his place that night or the night we spent together at my place doing only kissing and talking until he got tired and slept off.
Saturday came and he was over at my place to take me to see Lili.
I was all dressed up before he arrived because I was so determined to know who this Lili was.
We have gotten over the last Sunday night and was back with our usual self.
I was doing most of the talking while he drives.
He turned to the road that looks familiar.
I know the road very well but didn't say anything.
He drove until we got to a big restaurant.
I was shock as the place stare back at me.
It was my favorite restaurant, where I usually come to dine with Richard and it was the same place Richard brought me to before breaking up with me.
Ever since then I never stepped foot there again, coming back after staying away for so long brought back lots of unforgettable memory.
That night was like a suicidal night, my heart was shattered into pieces. I thought I was going to die but here I am again back to the same place but with a better man in my life whom I'm not yet sure if what JoJo said about his manhood is true or not.
He received a call again from Lili and was saying "yes...yes" during the short conversation. He laughed, maybe Lili said something funny.
I felt a tingle of jealous with the friendly way he freely speaks to Lili.
I guess he wants us to eat first before we continue to Lili's place. But despite the place used to be my favorite restaurant, I was not hungry.
I breathed deeply as Ohio took my hand.
He asked me if i was alright, I nodded even as the whole memory of that place came rushing back.
I asked him what we are doing in a restaurant, if he wants to eat or what.
He replied
" we are here to see Lili. Becca, this was our initial plan...we both agreed on it today and you have looked forward to meeting Lili. Why are you suddenly acting uninterested and cold?
He squeezed my hand gently to make me feel comfortable.
I followed him quietly without another word, wondering to myself if Lili was waiting for us in a restaurant.
Immediately we entered the place, a Lady appeared, spreading out her hands to Ohio who took her into his arms.
After they gave each other warm hug, I saw the lady's face clearly and almost screamed out.
she also looked at me with shock written all over her. Which means she recognized me too.
I was dumb founded as I looked into the face of the kind Lady that took me home that night.
She even gave me her complimentary card and I didn't even know where I dropped the card after that night.
Her word came rushing back to my mind.
…This is my business card, just in case you need someone to talk to. My name is Lydia. I live with my family…my husband and two sons close to the restaurant where I work. Listen to me, this is not the end of life….i understand how painful and thorn you are right now but give yourself time, you will be fine. You are beautiful and will get over all this. Is his loss not yours, don’t blame yourself for any of this. He was blind not to see the good woman in you. I can lead you inside if you want…
Those were her exact words to me that night. I remembered every detail.
The realization baffles me greatly.
So, all this while Ohio's Lili was Lydia. But who is she to Ohio?
Lili was beautiful, young and very cheerful.
I feel at peace seeing her again, it was a good time to thank her properly for that night she showed me sisterly love.
It was indeed a small world, I never thought I will meet her this way again after avoiding the restaurant for a very long time.


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