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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 20

©Amah’s Heart

Since Jojo was a drama queen, and never stop displaying her madness physically, she will meet her match in Melinda who is never afraid of anything or anyone.
Jojo walked up to Joe and extend her hand out to him.
“I’m Joan Johnson, my friends call me Jojo. I’m Becca’s best friend, a video vixen, a model, dancer and every good thing you can think off…
She smiled, exposing her fine set of teeth.
Joe returned the smile without much thought. He took her extended hand and shake
“Is nice to meet you Jojo.
Joe dropped her hand gently but Jojo wasn’t ready to let the young man rest. She wanted to hear more about him even after seeing his wedding ring.
Jojo moved to seat at the armrest of Joe’s chair but unfortunately for her Melinda was already at the door with a napkin which she is using to wipe her wet hands.
Melinda stood watching and listening to her. As Jojo abandoned other comfortable seat to go and seat at Joe’s armrest, Melinda barked at her like a dog. Jojo startled at the harsh voice and turned to see Melinda. She has not met Melinda before except through pictures and we share little resemblance. Jojo looked puzzled as she stood close to my brother who was watching Melinda and Jojo with kin interest.
“Why not open his mouth and sit at the edge of his teeth, since you want to be close to him. Open his mouth or crawl into his cloth and take a comfortable seat there.
Melinda said in a mocking tone to Jojo who looked from me to my brother and back at Melinda.
“Excuse me, who are you and are you referring to me in such manner? I don’t know you and do not care to know you…this is my best friend’s house and I guess you don’t know who I am…?
Melinda laughed out sarcastically.
“I guess you can’t recognize me because I’m not your spec. I know you might have seeing my pictures in Becca’s phone but waved it off because am not a man. Well, for your information, the man you were trying to paint your dirty butt on his face… is my one and only brother and he is married with kids... That’s number one. My name is Melinda and I am Becca’s sister….i don’t need to say more than that because you know the ground you are standing on is not safe. I know you enough, there is nothing interesting to know about you. Aren’t you Jojo….the video vixen, model, shameless slot, boyfriend snatcher and every bad thing I can think off…? I stand to be corrected if you are none of the above mentioned. By the way, how is Richie…oh I mean Sugar?
Melinda shot Jojo hard with every word and left her in shock. My brother cautioned Melinda with her harsh use of words but I quickly defended Melinda.
“Joe, you will not understand any of this and I hate to see you watch all this drama. If Jojo is none of the things Melinda mentioned then she should defend herself. Joe, I suggest you drive round the estate because I can see this is just a starting point to make Jojo understand that she isn’t as smart as she thought she is. This is the end of the game for her and is high time we give her a befitting seat…well deserve from all her snitched lifestyle. I’m not sure you want to watch all the drama that will happen here because we women are filled with surprises. Maybe you should take a walk or a drive around the estate and leave us to handle this matter alone….
Joe chuckled, confused on what exactly that was going on, he wanted to take the advice and leave us alone but he was afraid that something more than exchanging of words may happen so he decided to stay instead.
Jojo turned to me and said.
“So you knew? I mean all this while you knew about me and Richie? Well, I’m not even surprise that you figured it out. I was almost thinking you are a dummy and too blind to see the truth which was right there in front of you. Becca, did you remember back in our early friendship days, when this young man fine man named Frankie likes me…. he wanted me more not you and I deeply liked him too. I know you will remember…because we went to the mall that day and he was the one that dropped us off. I did not have a car then. He had eyes on you initially and was admiring you but I knew deep within me that he likes me more. I don’t know how you managed to corner him to yourself and before i know what was happening, he started dating you. I felt like a looser and I hate to lose, I was ready to do anything to scatter that relationship and as usual I lied to him that you were cheating, I set you up without you knowing and he ended the relationship with you. I was happy and satisfied. Since I can’t have him…you too can’t have him. He did not show interest in me after having one or two flings together which I enjoyed with him… I felt like a winner. And later got a well to do millionaire, I did not care about who you were dating and whatever going on with your life even though we remain friends. It was through this millionaire I saved up money to buy my car. He had other women and I hate to share…and left him. You later introduced Richie to me and wow, the introduction came at the right time and he became mine without much stress. It was still on pay back for collecting Frankie from me. And yes, Richie broke up with you because of me, and we dated and almost ended up married but I got tired of him and dump his ass. I went after Ohio after you refused to give me his contact and I got it myself…..he was too strict and unbending. Despite his fine looks, the machine in between his legs may need serious intervention…I mean he is probably impotent, that is the only logic explanation to why he didn’t fall for all my charms. Now, I’m ridding Silas like a horse, he likes you but he is gradually falling for me now and I will make him to fall flat down. I thought this was the “honey” who engaged you but is unfortunate he is your married elder brother and I don’t care. If I really want him…none of you will stop me because I got all it takes to have him or any man I desires. Becca, since you are opening ways for the good and handsome men to come in….I’m happy for that and that is why I remain close to you because you are a friend with benefits. I know how to collect them all from you…. all I need is to set eyes on them and bommm….they will be mine. I’m a pretty, slim, tall and smart babe. If I want anything I will go for it. Is unfortunate that neither you nor your wide mouth younger sister can compete with me. I know how pained you feel but I hate to trade my happiness for anyone. If your father is the man that my heart beat for and I see my happiness in him, I will use all my tactics to get him to me…and make him belong only to me and I damn all consequences….i will use him until I’m tired of his old ass before dumping him…
Joe and Melinda chorused together in shock immediately Jojo brought up my Dad into the discussion.
My whole patient and upbringing ran out through the window and I was almost standing to land on Jojo but Melinda was ahead of me.
She fling the napkin to her face and went straight at Jojo who seemed to be prepared for the moment.
A serious fight broke out, Melinda was fighting with annoyance and anger at the way Jojo was not remorseful for all her deeds.
They threw each other at every corner of the house, Joe tries to separate but I told him not to intervene. Joe did not listen, he we went pulling Melinda who has intertwined herself with Jojo on the floor.
Jojo try to turn her over and that moment Joe was pulling Melinda which gave Jojo the gap to hit and turn Melinda over to the ground.
Jojo sat on Melinda, blowing and hitting her hard while calling her nasty names. Melinda felt helplessly as Jojo hit her.
I was not going to let Jojo take the trophy of a winner. It was obvious that she was going to beat up Melinda.
I can see that Jojo was stronger and sitting on Melinda gave her more edge.
I quickly intervened. I pulled off Jojo with force from Melinda.
This was going to be my fight and I will show Jojo that she messed up with the wrong person. I may be calm and collected but that doesn’t make me a weak person.
After pulling her off, I asked Melinda to stay away and I told Joe not to try to separate us.
Jojo charged at me but she was an easy kill because I wasn’t fighting like my life depends on it, just like she was doing. I was going to beat her up without much effort. I don’t care her little experience at the gym or whatever fighting tactics she had, I’m not Melinda. I’m not an easy meat to roll over and chew which was why I hate trouble and avoid all extreme but today Jojo need to be taught a lesson. Her cup of offence was overflowing.
With just two heavy blow, one to her mouth and the other came right to her nose which made her nose to start bleeding immediately, I felt that was enough for her but the small witch did not want to give up.
She was ready to fight with all her strength. My third and fourth blow sent her crashing on the floor, she almost landed her head on my television but was lucky that Joe caught her mid-way before she will hit her head and suffer internal bleeding or brain damage.
Jojo try to stand but felt dizzy, her legs couldn’t carry her. She lay helplessly on the ground panting like a dog on a marathon race.
Joe was angry that none of his sisters listened to him. He brought cold water to Jojo and poured some on her head and her bleeding nose.
Melinda was cheering, she danced and kicked at Jojo who was too tired to stand from the ground.
Melinda was rejoicing as if she was declared a winner from a world war.
I asked Jojo to leave my house, she tried to get up but fell back to the ground. Joe volunteered to drop her off to her destination but I and Melinda refused him going anywhere.
I pulled Jojo up from the ground by her hair and was pushing her out when there was another knock on the door. The whole house was scattered and turned upside down. I hate the fact that my brother watched the event but I warned him and he decided to stay.
Melinda was at the door, she whispered back to me that it was Ohio after looking through the security hole.
Something was burning, Melinda pot of food has been burning since and was almost turned into charcoal before she rushed to put off the cooking gas.
Everywhere smells of smoke and burnt food. She opened up the window, put on the fan and the air condition.
Joe opened the door and stepped outside fuming angrily at us.
Ohio was surprise to see a man come out looking all worked up, then Melinda stepped out and greeted Ohio cheerfully.
She even hugged him and Ohio returned the hug.
He wanted to go inside but I was at the door already with Jojo who I was still pulling by the hair.
Immediately Jojo saw Ohio she began to cry out.
“Ohio help me….please help me. Becca and all her family members gathered to beat me up. They beat me up and broke my nose. Both her brother and that her stupid younger sister standing beside you…yes, they all joined hand to do this to me. Because they knew that if they come at me one after the other I would have dealt with them mercilessly and…
She was still talking when I slapped her mouth harder than the first. It was swollen within seconds. She screamed out in pain, Ohio hushed me not to hit her again. Melinda jumped up excitedly, clapping her hand and mocking Jojo.
I told Ohio to stay away from it because he won’t understand the gravity of Jojo’s offense.
I pushed her outside the gate and straight to her car. i asked her to drive out and I never want to see her near my gate ever again. She can go ahead and mingle with Silas, I don’t care. all that matters to me is that she should keep her distance from me and mine because she may not survive my wrath next time.
Jojo’s face was swollen, she took tissues from her car and cleaned her bloody nose. Her mouth was the size of a tangerine. I did not pity her one bit because she doesn’t deserve any mercy at all.
She wind up her car glass, pulled up her middle finger at me before driving off immediately.
Ohio and Melinda followed us outside, they stood watching. While Melinda was chanting up and down with the way I dealt with Jojo.
Joe was sitting in one of my Dad’s car that him and Melinda came with, watching in silence. I went to meet him.
He was angry with me and did not hide it.
he started voicing out his anger.
“You and Melinda did not even listen to me…or respect my presence. Even if your friend is crazy does it mean you and Melinda should also be crazy at same time? I know Melinda used to be the mad one but Becca, you were always quiet, forgiving, tolerance and hardly take offence. What happened to you? I don’t like this new you at all, I came to spend good time with my sisters but here I am in the middle of a crazy drama. I was speechless and confuse at the whole saga….i watch you fight with fire in your eyes. The girl is not to your match Becca and you shouldn’t allow her word to get into you. I know you to be better and very accommodating….Melinda is the aggressive one, and Jojo could have beaten her to stupor if we were not there but your friend is never an equal to you. Did you know that Jojo could have hit her head on the television or hard object and there will be more trouble for everyone? Melinda left her cooking without putting off the gas to come and fight even when she knows that her strength lies only in her unbridled tongue. The whole house would have go up in flames…jeeez! I hate to imagine the worst. Dad and Mom will be so disappointed in you girls. You need to control your anger Becca, it would have being better to send Jojo out of your house than to engage her into a fight…
“I’m sorry Joe, really sorry if you feel disrespected. But I asked you to leave and you refused. Jojo deserve whatever she got and even more but this will be the last time she will smell close to me again. Me and Melinda are sorry….hope you are not still angry at your sisters that you have not seen for so long? I want you to meet somebody…please come….pleaseeeeeee
Joe tickled my ear just as he usual do when we were younger, he smile as we walked towards Ohio.
Melinda was standing, laughing, displaying and talking with Ohio who looks confused at Melinda’s dramatic display.
She was telling Ohio how she beat up Jojo and broke her nose.
I laughed out even Joe joined in laughing after hearing Melinda say she beat up Jojo. It was going to be the opposite if not that I intervened and that was what Joe said to her.
Melinda spoke in her defense.
“Anyway, all that matters is that Jojo was beaten. Since me and Becca are in one team… I can as well claim the victory to myself….
We all laughed. I introduced Ohio to Joe and watch they shake hands like buddies.
Ohio wanted to take me to meet Lili but the evening was already taken with our drama. We decided to reschedule to next weekend.
Ohio asked us to quickly tidy so that we can hang out somewhere and cool off the day stress.
He invited all of us to his place the next day. He also has a pool where we can chill out.
I and Melinda left the men outside, we went inside to tidy and clean up the mess we made before joining them again to the cool spot.
All Melinda kept talking was the beating she gave to Jojo and if not that Joe came to pulled her away she would have dealt with Jojo.
We had and an evening of smiles and laughter while hanging out as if we are all from one family.


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