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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 17

©Amah’s Heart

The following day I was at work, I did my usual assignment but it was filled with error.
When I summited the file I was sent back to redo it.
I knew what the problem is which is concentration, I wasn't concentrating.
My eyes was always at the door to know when Ohio will walk in.
Through out the night after JoJo left with his card I couldn't sleep.
I thought of calling him within the night but waved it off.
I don't know what came over me yesterday, I was very angry with him for my selfish reasons. And jealous because of his woman.
There is a better way to part but not the way I went about it.
I had a sleepless night because of him and today again, I just felt useless with myself and with everything.
The business day was over and Ohio did not come.
I was angry at everything even as I got home, I stare at my dinner angrily. No appetite or strength to lift the spoon to my mouth.
I had a knock on my door and rush to check, it was an unknown face. A young man maybe in his early thirties, dressed like he went jogging. He had fat muscles on his both arms and chest which is an evidence that he visit the gym often. He looks like a bouncer and was good looking, tall with a fine mustach but I don't know him.
I opened the door and stepped out.
"Hiiii... good evening. I'm sorry to disturb. I'm Silas, I recently moved in to the neighborhood. While jogging within the estate this evening I saw you...I guess you were just returning from work. I don't know anybody or any grocery store around here since I'm still new to the area... I decided that I will summon courage and come over to you whenever I'm done with my evening exercise. Sorry for the long intro. Your gate was open and this was the first apartment that greeted me when I stepped in. all I came for is to ask if you can kindly describ any grocery store where I can buy things within. I have not been able to find one...
I gave Silas the description he wanted and even mentioned other few places, like the boutique, the barbershop, church if he cares to attend one.
He thanked me and started leaving.
I turned to go inside, Silas called my attention again.
"Please can I get your mobile number, not for anything but to shout out to you once in a while or just in case you care to join me for an evening jog. If is going to be a problem then don't bother...I will understand.
I stared at him thinking whether to consider giving him my number or not.
Well, there was nothing wrong in making friends, Silas looks harmless and may become useful to me in the future.
He thought that I was going to turn him down and started stepping away gradually.
I suddenly called out the number to him. he brought out his phone and dailled in the numbers. I gave him my name too.
He was smiling, thanking me as he walks away.
I went back in, and was pacing round the house.
All I kept thinking off was Ohio and JoJo, what if JoJo succeeded in getting Ohio's love. I won't be able to live with that.
I try calling JoJo but she didn't pick up.
My heart skipped. I was begining to imagine different types of things. "What if JoJo is presently with Ohio"? Which maybe Why she is not picking my call.
Maybe JoJo has finally succeeded.
I angrily punched the wall and withdraw my hand in pain.
I couldn't stay anymore I decided to call Ohio.
The phone rang twice before he picked.
I did not know what to say to him or my main reasons for calling. I wish I can ask him if JoJo is presently with him. But I dare not ask him such.
"Hello Becca??
He said after I remain speechless even as he picked.
"Goo...Good evening sir...
Voice shakes as I speak.
"I guess you have forgotten my name all of a sudden. I'm still Ohio and I begged to be addressed as such. So, how are you? You called me...??
"Yes, I did. I just wanted to check up and I'm doing alright. I hope you got to your place safe last night...are you busy now? I mean do you have any visitor at the moment?
I stylishly asked to know if JoJo was with him.
"Visitor? No...I don't. I'm home alone...no visitor. Why did you ask...?
"Nothing, I don't want to disturb if you are busy with a visitor. I... didn't see you at work today so I decided to know if you are alright.
Ohio chuckled at the other end before saying.
" I was at work in my own office. Couldn't come down to yours because there was no time to do that. I didn't know that you cared this much Becca.. Anyway, I'm good, thanks for checking up. Hold on...I think somebody is at my door...
I was listening to the sound of his leg when he was walking down to the door.
I heard a female greeting as he opened the door.
I guess he mentioned name that sounds like Lili or could it be JoJo? Or maybe it was my ear drum deceiving me.
The lady said something to him which I couldn't grab.
I pressed the phone to my ears so that I can hear everything.
"Hello Becca...are you still there.
I told him I was.
"Okay, thanks for checking up....I have to go now. Goodnight.
He waited until I muttered a sluggish goodnight back to him before ending the call.
I felt like smashing my phone. What if the female voice belongs to JoJo?
My stomach made a sound. I need to eat before I collapse.
I haven't eaten anything tangible all day and no appetite for it.
JoJo can't outsmart me twice, she can't take the only man that I has come to occupy my whole heart.
I decided to call JoJo again but yet no response.
I ate little bit of the food before retiring to bed. Even though sleep did not come on time but it finally came.
I was at work the next day, I was hopeful that Ohio will come but yet he didn't and same thing on the third day. He did not come at all because I kept watch and even skipped lunch but Ohio did not come.
I saw Silas as I was coming back from work around my gate.
He was on his usual evening jog. He waved at me before running over to where I was.
"Hello Becca, how was work today? I thought of calling yesterday evening but did not want you to feel disturbed. You look exhausted... maybe you can join me once in a while and burn off any extra fat or stress. Is good to keep fit you know. you can also join my classes during the weekends. I'm a gym instructor, my gym is well equipped both for men and women. I have other instructors who manage things in my absence. I will like to have you around sometimes, I will give you three months to freely use any of our facilities at the gym and also a body massage. Let me know if you interested.
"Alright Silas, I will think about your offer... maybe the weekend ones. I will join you on a good day to jog within the estate. Is good to see you again. Enjoy your evening.
He returned the greetings and stood aside as I went in.
The following day I was at work as usual and did not give up hope of seeing Ohio. I still wish to have a glimpse of him.
And that was how my wishes finally came through. His driver brought him that day. I was at the window during lunch time looking out when I saw his car and sight his official driver.
This was not the same car he used when we visited my parents. He used a tundra to my parents house which I have never seen him drive to the office.
He came in his blue Highlander Jeep and sat beside the driver. My heart double skipped. I quickly checked my face and cloth if I was okay.
He came down from the car and started walking towards the main office building.
He was officially dressed, his steps were well calculated. He can even pass for a super model with the way he walks and his dress sense.
I was admiring him from head to toe. I remembered the night at the resort Beach where he turned me down and wished he had not.
As he stepped into the main building, I quickly ran to my chair and pretend to be busy.
I did not look up as he walks pass my office that was decorated with glasses.
He replied to staffs greetings as they greeted him warmly. I guess they also miss seeing him around.
I still did not look even though all I wanted to do was to stare at him all day, I wish to know if he turned to look at my side but all I did was just to sit there with my eyes glued the computer and my hand on the mouse pretending to be busy.
He went into my boss office and remained there till closing time.
As other staffs were leaving, I was slowly packing up like a snail with the hope that Mr Ohio will be out soon.
He later came out with my boss, I quickly got up with my bag. I wanted him to notice me and he did.
When my boss saw me he looked over at his friend, I guess he wanted to see Ohio's reaction.
Ohio acted cool and also respond to my greeting as I walked pass them.
I wish he called me back or say something to me but he didn't, he continued speaking to my boss as they stepped out.
I felt a little better seeing him again after some days that seems like a year.
When I got to my gate, I saw Silas driving out of his own gate which was a stone throw to mine.
He waved at me from his car and I waved back.
He parked the car beside the road and jogged down to where I was standing, he greeted me cheerfully.
"I'm driving out to get some fruits, vegetables and few other things for the house. all thanks to you, I know where to get almost everything now. I have being indecisive about calling you because I don't want to call at the wrong time. Can I call you tonight Becca.... please?
I gave him a go ahead to call.
He thanked me and went back to his car.
I went inside. after refreshing, my phone rang and it was Melinda.
"Becca, how are you doing over there? What of Mr Ohio, how is he? I know Ohio is spoiling you with too much love. You deserve it sis, what Richard cannot do another reasonable, richer, smarter, finer and in a higher class than Richard will ever attend, is doing it double. I'm happy for you sis and I know within a short time everything will fall in place...
I wish I can believe Melinda, I wish what she said was true but me and Ohio are not even friends like before.
I probably scared him away when I told him that I have a boyfriend who engaged me and now JoJo is fighting hard to get him.
I opened up to Melinda, telling her everything. I told her about JoJo who betrayed me by dating my man. She played smart thinking I won't find out and now she has gone after Ohio too. I told her what I said to Ohio and I still can't forgive myself or think straight because of him.
Melinda was very angry.
"Becca, why.. why did you do that to him? Wasn't it obvious enough that Ohio loves you, he belittled his personality just to play a role of a real fiance. He did that out of love or did you think is because he doesn't have what to do with his time? You should have called and apologise and also let him know that you were only joking of having a boyfriend, let him know you are very single. You are in love with him yet you Chase him away with your actions and attitude whenever he tries to make a move. What is wrong with you? I would have beaten you up if you were the younger one. I'm very angry right now. Ohio was insulted and humiliated here but he did not take offense. C'mon Becca, I did not expect such from you. I'm enjoying every moment with Cole, you make me see how much of a self centered person I was. You gave the Best advice yet you can't advice yourself. As for that your friend "JoJo" who thinks she can hurt other people's feeling Just to have her way. I'm coming for her soon. I wish you can give her the same size of blow you gave me that almost blinded one of my eyes. See what your so called friend is doing to you and you can't treat her liquidized brain. Don't worry I'm coming over Next weekend. Ohio will be yours. Except if he has another woman but if he is not in any relationship then you have nothing to worry about Becca. You actually caused this but we will fix it together. I got you sis...I promise you that. JoJo is a loser...I will put her where she belongs.
Me and Melinda spoke extensively. She was even more pissed with me and with JoJo. Melinda did not pet words as she told me my faults clearly.
She will be coming over to my side and from there we will pay Ohio a visit.
I'm glad that she will be helping me out because I couldn't have done it all alone. I just hope it works out fine.
Silas called late, I was already asleep. He said he tried calling earlier but my line was busy for long.
He apologized for calling late and said goodnight to me.
That weekend I decided to join Silas to jog within the estate.
It was fun and I was running out of breath with every little jog.
Silas was encouraging and very helpful as he kept me forging ahead.
I was covered with sweat after the whole exercise within the estate which went for two hours plus.
I was at my gate talking with Silas when I saw JoJo's car driving down.
Ever since she left to try her luck with Ohio I did not hear from her.
I hope she did not succeed. Even if Ohio want to be with a woman is definitely not JoJo. Any other woman will do but Jojo is not worthy of such a man.
She parked her car and walked up to us.
JoJo looked over at Silas who greeted her.
She was smiling while winking her eyes at Silas and cat walking round the whole place. She stretched out her hand to Silas who took it
"My name is Joan Johnson, my friends calls me JoJo. I'm a model, a brand influencer, a video vexen, a biologist and a pretty lady who goes for what she wants.
The last sentence made Silas to laugh out. I was just at one corner watching them. JoJo was flirting around Silas and he knows it but played along.
"Silas Kurt, a gym instructor and therapist. Is nice to meet you JoJo.
Silas withdraw his hand from her, he looked over at me to see if I look offended but I was giving them a go ahead smile.
Silas later left while I walked inside with JoJo.
She began her usual rant but this time around I paid attention because it was all about Ohio.
"...he is presently in the country. You should have given me his contact earlier, you knew how much I wanted him. When I called him, he picked up the call and asked who I was, I try using my seducing voice on him to praise his ego but he ended the call before I can even finish my sentence. I did not give up, I decided to send him a lovely message which he read and ignored. I called again like three times after two days yet he refused to give me the attention that I wanted. I drove down to his office with the help of the address in his card and I saw that lady with him that day he was at the cafeteria with us in your office. I saw her, I guess is his secretary or lover because she refused me going in. She said Mr Ohio was busy and I should book an appointment if I want to see him. I still did not give up, I was there again yesterday and she said Mr Ohio was not in the office. I refused to leave. that wide mouth lady can't be dictating for him. I waited even after she asked me to go, I stayed. Ohio came and met me, he pretend not to even remember me. He asked me what I wanted to see him for. I was not going to be intimidated by him even though he appears to be intimidating. I pulled down my top properly so that he can see the size of my orange which he will be missing if he doesn't act fast. Becca, that man is like stick, I'm not sure he has an active manhood. He did not move at all. None of my seducing tricks works on him. He later asked me to leave. I even mentioned that I'm Becca's best friend and you gave me his card he refused to listen and ordered me to leave. Ohio can be very mean, even if he is married or dedicated to a woman he is still a man with hot blood and was supposed to be moved by my tactics but he wasn't which was very strange. Maybe he should be a reverend father or probably he is impotent. Men doesn't say no to me which was why I persisted but I guess I had to give it up. He may think of all those my sexy actions and decide to call me. There was a period you called, then I was busy composing a text message for Ohio, I don't want to be distracted. I even sent him my nude along with the message. I was firing my shot to get him but it never worked. But... hahahaha... Becca, Is Silas your "honey"? Is he your man? He looks wow! I don't mind getting to know him well. Is he living around here? That guy is so hot. See those his sexy muscles and biceps, Is so lovely. Silas will be so good in bed...he is my kind of man. But sincerely Becca, I don't know how you get all this fine, good looking men to yourself. Everything about Silas is breath taking.. see his mustach and his constructive shape. I had almost fallen for him. Since Ohio is a real pain in the ass maybe Silas will help and quench my tasty soul. Hahahaha...
She was now into Silas, JoJo is indeed a case study. I'm beginning to wonder how on earth I end up with such a friend.
I laughed along with her. My happiness was mainly that she did not succeed in seducing Ohio. I'm glad Ohio did not give her such chance to get to him.
I feel so proud of him even without him knowing. I can't wait to go with Melinda to his place next week and table down my apologies for overacting and lying. I hope is never late.
I still hope he will not think I sent my friend to come and seduce him.
JoJo was begining to sing a praising song about Silas. Just like she did with Richard and Ohio.
All she did within the time we were together was talk about Silas.
JoJo did not care if he was actually my boyfriend who I nicknamed "honey" she wanted him.
Another store was open for JoJo with Silas name on it.
I know she won't rest until she gets into him.
Silas likes me and did not hide it even though he hasn't asked me on a date. He told me he likes me, I like him too but not the way he thinks. JoJo is now in the picture, Silas may not be able to resist her like Ohio did.


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