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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 16

©Amah’s Heart

We had that morning and afternoon to catch up from where we stopped last night as we gathered under a coconut tree in a beach open sky house relaxing, talking and laughing with free spirit.
Cole was lively than before, Melinda sat beside him as they talked about their relationship journey, Dad also talked about him and Mom and it was all splendid.
We later went inside to pack our bags. It was time to say good bye to the resort beach.
All through that morning and afternoon I avoid looking over at Ohio but when we were alone in the room, he walked upto me and tries to touch but withdraw back his hand.
He doesn’t really like me I guessed. He was more dedicated to his life and his woman and I’m glad all this is almost over. I will try and get over him.
“Becca, about last night….I meant every word I sai…
I quickly stopped him from speaking further. I was not in the mood to talk about how I messed up in front of him. I still felt cold anytime I remember that I try undressing him and almost succeeded in going naked just for him to see how much I wanted him. I still feel embarrassed with every of my last night drama. Even though he tries to make me comfortable but I wasn’t. He rejected me out rightly and must have felt I was too cheap for him.
“Please…please Ohio. Let’s not talk about it. I’m not in the right mood. I just want to be left alone. I remember everything about last night, I have heard enough reminder all through the day and will continue to have. But do me a favour…don’t say anything. Let’s pack in peace and leave here so that we can all return to our normal lives. That will make me happy. please don’t say anything at all, I will feel better that way.
Maybe I was too harsh or I spoke so fast at him but as he tries to take my hands and speak again I hushed him to stop and not say anything at all.
Maybe if he keeps his distance from me I will think right and be able to forget what I was feeling but I just can’t bear the thought of him turning me down again.
He frown at my action and took few feet back from me immediately I shouted at him to keep his distance and his hands to himself.
I was suddenly getting all tensed and angry for nothing. Ohio raised his two hands up in a total surrender and moved back to the cushion were his already packed bag was. He was looking at me strangely from there but I did not care.
I packed my bag and was ready to leave.
“Becca…Becca are you alright? Did I do or say anything wrong. I’m sorry? Why are you so walked up all of a sudden? What is my offense….please tell me. What happened to you...? Becca, I really do lov…
He was talking and walking down to where I was with his bag in hand but I interrupted him again.
“I’m fine Ohio and thank you once again for doing this with me. Is all over now. I’m trying to concentrate on my next agenda after now. Let’s all forget whatever transpired or whatever feeling or emotions we stored. I have already informed my sister that we are just acting all along and nothing serious between us. I see you as an ordinary friend and a boss to me nothing much or less and that is how I want to keep things.
Ohio wore a straight face as he stare down at me.
“is that all…I mean, you only see me as an ordinary friend and a boss…is that truly the way you see me Becca? That really hurt because I thought it was more…I thought you had feeling for…
“Please stop. We are wasting too much time talking. We need to leave now, the evening sun is going down.
I quickly stepped out of the room leaving him behind.
I still wonder why I was angry with myself or with him, maybe because I thought of him with his Lili, I thought of the way he gently pushed me away last night. I thought how I would have confessed all my stored up feeling but he was not ready to hear it last night. I even initiated the kiss if not he will never have kissed me. That alone makes me feel worst with myself. I have recovered from Richard’s betrayer and hurt, I may not be able to survive Ohio’s own if I fall more deeply into him. How can I be wanting a man who has another woman and may even see me as a cheap lady that almost seduced him last night?
Everybody packed their things into the car, my Dad drove out first with my Mom. I told Melinda that I will join her, maybe Cole should join Ohio in his car. It was agreed and I guess Ohio was not happy about but he went with the plan.
Melinda and I were in Cole’s car as she drives down. We were driving after my Dad, while Ohio and Cole were together coming behind us.
I and Melinda had many other things to talk about. When we got home, we picked our remaining bags and bid Dad and Mom good bye.
Ohio thanked them for accommodating us, my Dad asked him to come around more often. He shakes hand with Cole who said he will be sending the wedding invitation card to his phone.
I hugged everyone before joining Ohio in his car and he drove off without looking at me.
Along the way he spoke with many people, including his woman Lili. I saw him smiling and telling her that he will drive down to see her tomorrow after work. He also said he missed her delicious meal and can’t wait to come over.
I wanted to occupy my mind and not listen to what he was saying to his Lili. My phone later rang and it was Jojo.
“Becca, what happened…I tried your number yesterday but no respond? I’m presently at your place waiting for you. I finally called it quit with Sugar, I’m done with him. We had another fight and I can’t cope with his nonsense attitude anymore. He is pained because he has already spent so much on the wedding plans. I guess he is also tired of me. The only thing paining him is the money he has spent which is none of my business. I’m confidence that Ohio will be a better man than Sugar. I desperately want Ohio now than ever. I guess he is not yet back but I will keep waiting until he returns. Ohio will make my life better than it was. I will declare my true love for him and make him know how much I love him. I will tell him that I ended my relationship because I wanted to be with him alone. Hello Becca, please hurry because I’m waiting for you. I won’t be able to see you tomorrow because you will be at work, so I need to see you today. That Richie…I mean Sugar is a foolish guy. Ohio is now on board….
I quietly ended the call because I sincerely don’t know what to say to Jojo. I looked over at Ohio, he was concentrating on his driving and had not said anything to me ever since we left the house.
If Ohio takes me to the house, Jojo will see him. Maybe it will be better to drop me off somewhere.
But it was late already, darkness everywhere except for the car and street lights on the road.
When I told him to drop me on the road he said it was late, he can’t drop me on the road, and he will take me home and make sure that I was safe before he leaves.
“Please just drop me here, I will find my way home from here.
I said trying to sound calm enough and not disrespectful.
“Why…why do you want to drop here by this time Becca? Is already late and I can’t drop you on this lonely road. What if something happens to you? I won’t be able to live with myself. Please let me take you home or you come to my place? All I want is for you to be safe. I can’t figure out what is wrong with you all through today but leaving you here maybe dangerous and can’t take such risk.
Why is he acting as if he owns me already? I’m an adult and I should have a say over what I want. Maybe if we get closer to my side, I will tell him to drop me and give him the reason that will get him running off my back.
I allowed him to keep driving. He turned over and looked at me and asked if I was alright. I assured him that I was alright.
I later asked him to drop me again.
“I can’t Becca. I’m sorry…but I will have to disobey you this time. Please allow me to drive you safely home. Is dark and dangerous out here.
“Stop worrying about me. My boyfriend will come and get me. I have already text him where he should pick me up. My man is coming, he was not in town that was why I couldn’t go with him to show my parents. The truth is he was the one that engaged me and now he is back. So drop me here please.
He suddenly stopped the car. Relaxed his head back on his chair. He breathed deeply and said without looking at me.
“Becca, you never told me you had a man, you clearly told me you broke up with your last man and your family confirmed it. I feel so…hmmm! Is fine. If this is what you want then is fine by me…
Ohio looks so broken, he couldn’t even look at me as he speaks. He got down from the car and came around to open the door for me. i stepped down with my bags. Ohio went back to his car and remain seated.
Why is he not driving away?
I tapped on the car, thanked him again before asking him to go.
“I’m not leaving until your man comes to get you Becca. I will just sit here and wait. I want to make sure you are safe. Leaving you here alone won’t be fair.
“I told you not to worry about me, you have done so much for me already. Don’t baby sit me because I’m not a child? If my man comes and see you here he will be angry, he may even accused me of cheating. I know you don’t like drama so is better for you to go now.
Ohio held his head in his hand, he looked over at me and nodded silently.
With the help of the car light, the disappointment in his eyes were obvious.
He was behaving strange, he turned on the ignition and zoomed off.
I felt like I hurt him or did i? He was also in a relationship and never really liked me so why is he acting like he cared so much and making feel like I hurt his feeling when he was the one that bruised mine last night.
I later got a cab that took me home. Jojo was really waiting outside the gate in her car and immediately the taxi dropped me, she came to meet me.
Why did I even allow Ohio to go, maybe he would have come to drop me and I will use that opportunity to strike back at Jojo. But I just don’t want Jojo to set her eyes on him at all.
After we got inside, Jojo went on and on talking about her broken relationship with her sugar.
She suddenly picked up something from my dressing table and turned to me.
“Ohio Jacobs…is this his complimentary card?? Becca…I just saw the card on your table! Oh my God. You got his contact? God has buttered my bread…this is going to be great. I’m going to call him tonight. Why didn’t you tell me you have his card all this while? Wow…I’m so happy. From Ri…Sugar to my lovely Ohio. His two numbers are all here and I guess his main office address is here too. Becca I’m so happy. You got me what I have always wanted. Leave the rest to me I will bring back news to you. I’m leaving, I want to go and rehearse my speech when we finally meet. Hahahahaha!
I was shock, everything happened so fast. I have forgotten that I dropped Ohio’s card on my table when I was packing my things on Friday before leaving for my parent’s house with him.
I did not even thought of it as Jojo came in with me.
I wanted to run after her and collect the card but Jojo was gone.
What am I supposed to do now?


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