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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 15

©Amah’s Heart

I looked at the time, it was almost 9am in the morning. I saw the tray of breakfast beside the bed and Ohio stood staring down at me. He was all dressed in a jean and a colourful Tshirt.
I couldn’t even look at his face when I remembered last night and he was trying to make me comfortable with his smile but I still feel cold inside.
“Good morning beautiful. Your Dad called to check up earlier. They want to know how you are doing and I told them that you are still sleeping. We will have some more fun before driving back home. So eat some breakfast…get refreshed, dress up and let’s join your parents for some coconut and sun bath. I hope you are with your sun shade…if not then you will have to use mine.
He did not mention about anything that happened last night. I hope he will never mention it because I will feel humiliated. I try to reply with a nod of head as I went to the bathroom to do every necessary. I also had my bath. I came out all dressed and had a small bite from the served breakfast before stepping out with him in silent.
I saw my parents relaxing at the beach house with a coconut drink beside them but Melinda and Cole were not there.
I greeted my parents and I apologized to them for ruining the fun night. They were not blaming me for anything but Melinda who started it all.
I told them I shared in the mess too and not just Melinda.
I wanted to ask about Melinda and Cole but waved it off. I sat beside my Mom, Ohio handed me his sun shade but I rejected it and told him that I was fine. He later brought a coconut water with a straw in it, I drank little out of it before excusing myself from them.
I left Ohio with my Dad and Mom and went slowly to check on Melinda and Cole.
As I got closer I was hearing voices, I slowed my pace and went closer to know what was happening.
“…fine do whatever you want. I’m sick and tired of you Mel. What is wrong with you…look at the commotion you caused last night? She is your elder sister and you have the gut to talk to her like that. What is your business with whatever she chose to do with her life? You don’t have any respect for me and I thought it was different with your family but I can see you are just ill minded. This whole idea was yours. All yours…none of this is mine. After the last crash and I caught you with Desmond… I was determined to take my time and start all over with my life but you came pretending to be better and at the end here we are again having same conversation. Mel…I’m tired just tired of you trying to have your ways at all time…
“Then leave…Cole the door is open. You can just leave and stop acting like I chained you down with me. Since I forced you into all this then leave because I’m sick of you reminding me about it every time with your words and attitudes. I’m the last person you should be threatening with leaving. Because I don’t care if you are alive or dead… get the hell out of my sight. Nonsense….
The door suddenly flew open, startling me as I was eavesdropping on them. I quickly tries to cover up as if I was just coming but it was too late.
Cole saw me, he was mumbling something angrily and stopped immediately he saw me.
“Becca…wha…what are you doing here, I mean where you liste..…
Cole said, surprised to see me.
“No…no i..i was coming now to…to check on you and Melinda. Dad, Mom and also Ohio are out there in the beach house except you and Melinda. So I decided to check…
He looked at me strangely and said.
“You and Melinda just had a crash last night and you here to check on us…that’s strange.
“Cole, Is a normal thing for siblings to get on each other’s nerve and fight sometimes. And is still normal for them to settle as quickly as possible. I have nothing against Melinda or you. It was a mere misunderstanding…
Cole nodded, he was about to walk pass me but pause and turned to me.
“You are way different from your sister. Melinda is hard to love. She makes it difficult for me to love her. if you ever succeeded in talking sense into her, that’s if she will let you, please tell her to kill pride and her ego. It won’t get her anywhere. I have put up with her attitude all this years but I don’t know how much of her nonsense I can tolerate any more. And we can’t get married this way….i won’t settle with a woman who want to be the head at all time. My opinion doesn’t count, she wants what she want at any time. I’m tired of hoping she will change maybe is time to set things right. Look at how she spoilt a fun filled family moment with her “I know it all attitude” I felt worse than you who was mainly affected. I could have left her there and walk away like every other person. She is so heart hardened and do not consider others feeling when she is doing things. I’m out of here to cool off somewhere…
He walked away mumbling to himself.
I walked to the door, tapped on it before going it.
Melinda was sitting on the only cushion in the room, watching a music show on the television which was way too loud.
She toned down the volume and turned to me with one of her blood shot eyes which was clearing up.
An injury she got from me last night. One she won’t forget in a hurry.
She did not say anything when she saw me. Melinda returned her eyes to the television without caring if I was in the room or not and increased the TV volume again.
I sat beside her on the cushion, forcefully collected the remote control from her and turn off the television.
“Are you in sane, how dare you walk into my room and try to act like a boss. What sort of rubbish is that Becca? The havoc you caused my eyes last night is yet to be cleared and you are here again to create more scene. Aren’t you ashamed of your old self?…
“Are you always happy when you see others unhappy? Does making others angry, bitter, sad…does it make you happy Melinda? Your lifestyle and attitude affects everyone, me…Mom and also Dad. Cole especially. Why do you spend so much strength fighting when you can do better than that? We hardly agree on anything…. always at log head and getting older and older with it. I allowed you to always have your way because I wanted to be the bigger person but hey…there is a limit I can take. You really trolled me pitifully last night, the emotional pain was far more than the blow I gave you. But I’m sorry for the damage, which was why I came. I’m sorry for punching you on your eyes but it doesn’t mean I won’t do it again if you come hard at me next time. If not for Ohio both your eyes and your mouth would have being the size of my fist right now…
Melinda burst off laughing, I waited until she was done. She turned to me and said.
“Do you mean what you just said? I mean you could have done worst to me? I won’t let that happen, i would have fight well and hard and will not leave you without a scratch. You should know me better too. I saw you were deeply hurt with my words last night, I knew you hardly react to my troubles or insults. You will rather reply me with words. Ohio is a nice guy and I’m sorry for referring to him as a male prostitute. He looks too homely and special to be a gigolo. He was the only one that stood and helped me yesterday after everybody walked away from me. Even Cole did not attend to me. I ruined a beautiful evening with my mouth.
“We both did Melinda. You started it and helped you ruined it completely. The funny thing is that you are even right….well not totally. Ohio is like a boss to me. He commands respect wherever he goes, and we actually met at work and not at a movie like I first said. He never asked me out but I liked him very much. After Richard broke up with me, I was devastated, I stayed away from men. It took me time to get over Richard. I decided to move out to rest from Dad’s constant reminder that I need to be married. When I heard you were engaged, I couldn’t stand Dad’s sermon I decided to lie. Yes, I lied that I was engaged too. I collected my paycheck added money to it and got myself an engagement ring. Isn’t that crazy…well, I’m always doing crazy stuffs. I needed to bring a man home and when I talked it over with Ohio, I was very shock that he agreed to help me without any form of payment. I know you try to figure it all out and I was ready for you but I’m done competing and fighting over unnecessary things. Whatever is meant to be will definitely be. I and Ohio are not even dating, I think he has a woman who he calls Lily. But the point is that I like him very much. I have slowly fallen for him but I can’t even figure out what he really feel for me. I wanted to make a move on him last night, I needed him to understand my true feeling for him… but he rejected me. We were good at first and he suddenly stopped and started talking about love and marriage which I know he was not serious about. He later left me hanging and went to sleep. But is okay…I don’t deserve such a fine loving man. I guess I came late…he belongs to another woman...
Melinda wiped a tear drop from her eyes and said.
“I’m sorry Becca, I mean for everything. You deserve to be happy...real happy because you have suffered all in the name of love. I can’t believe I have spent so much time of my life trying to be in a competition with you. I wanted to get there first before you, I wanted to be the center of every topic. I was indeed self-centered. I have hurt Cole many times even cheated on him with a male close friend of mine, he found out and wanted to leave but I begged him to stay and promise to do anything he wants. Cole loves me even though he can be bossy sometimes which I never allowed. When I was ready to come home, I knew aside my certificate, there was another thing Dad and Mom will be so proud of which you have no being able to give them, and that is being engaged. I also bought my own engagement ring and force Cole to propose. He had no choice than to do that. He has tolerated a lot of thing from me and I can see he is very tired of the whole relationship. He has tried to leave many time but I won’t let him because I love him. Despite how harden he maybe there is a kind, loving man in him. When I saw Ohio with you, I couldn’t believe you were able to get such a good looking, fine posh man to yourself. I was jealous that you got the best more than me. I began to compare Cole and Ohio and found out that Ohio was so far ahead of Cole. I felt bad and was looking for a way to destroy what you two shared. My jealousy really got the best of me and I refused to let the case rest until I’m declared a winner but it came crashing down on me. I see the way Ohio looks at you, he loves you Becca. Maybe you haven’t realize it yet but I wish Cole will look at me that way. No man will agree to do such thing just for free, playing along and acting as if the whole thing is real. Ohio must have loved you even before you knew it…for him to have agreed to help you out. Ohio is a keeper and you should never let him go. Dad and also Mom are all used to him. Many reasons why I was boiling with envy. I’m sorry for our ageless drama. Since we have gotten it all out, is time to be the sister you have always wanted. To have your back at all time and to love and respect you. I thank God I did not pass out with the heavy punch you gave me. It was so painful Becca, I thought I will go blind. I know that I deserved it, it was long overdue though because I have being a pain in the ass. Hahahaha…
We laughed out together and that moment Cole stepped in.
“I’m sorry, I actually eavesdropped, I heard some part of what you ladies said. I can’t even believe that Melinda can reason this way. I heard her say she loves me but she hardly say that to me when we are together but put up a good public show of our love lives. I wish she knows how much I want our relationship to work, how much I cherished her which was why I tolerated so much with the hope she will change. Mel, i know I have my own lapses, but you know I love you right? If I don’t I would have been far gone. And about the engagement you bought, I later paid you back the money because you won’t let me be until I pay. If truly you won’t go back to your old ways then I will be the happiest man to make you my wife. Aside Becca, you also owe your parents, Ohio and even me an apology…
Melinda smile shyly, she stood up and went to Cole, hugged him while saying that she was sorry for everything. Cole winked at me and muttered a “thank you” and I winked back with a full smile on my face.
We later left the room to join others. Melinda apologies to my parents and also to Ohio.
They were surprised and also happy that we have put our differences aside.


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