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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Episode 6


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 6

Theme: jealous

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I hugged Cutie tight because my life depended on it. I was the teeny prey and him the furious predator. His eyes were glued on my hands which hugged Cutie
'Get out of the way Zane or I'll kill you too' he snarled
What's a Zane?
'Then you wouldn't have a best friend to nag at you. Now breathe'
'I don't wan...'
'Breathe' he cautioned calmly. Mr Gorgeous took in deep breaths until he calmed down a little. 'Now Lisa, what happened?'
'A squirrel got into the house and was fighting with me, I had to fight back' I sobbed poutingly
'I thought I told the guards to not let you out' Mr Gorgeous said through gritted teeth
'Er...they didn't' I pouted scratching my head. Patrick turned around and wiped my tears, I still held him tight around his waist
'You went out through the window?' I nodded. 'Why? You should know by now that Mien is a block headed no nonsense person and can hurt you'
'I was hungry' I cried again. 'Lisa didn't get to eat anything yesterday because she woke up so early and then when I came, he won't let me drink water' Cutie frowned and turned
'Damien! How could you tell her not to enter your kitchen or eat anything? Do you want to kill her with hunger' he flared at Mr Gorgeous
'I didn't want her to destroy any of my properties but I guess I failed in that' his eyes were still glaring at my hands. 'Remove your hands and step away from him'
'No' I said with a terrified voice and buried my face in Cutie's back
'Damien you are being heartless. If she dies, who will you use? What will I tell her family? Did your mother ever starved you like this'
'Don't ever bring my mother into any conversation' I didn't listen again, I WAC hungry and dizzy. It's been so long since I face this kind of starvation, almost two days without food or water. I used that arguing fire to escape, they didn't notice me. Cutie was yelling at the top of his voice angrily and kept fucking things which I think is scaring Mr Gorgeous. He kept shut with a weird face
Yes, teach him a lesson
I ran back to the garden through the window but I made sure to close it this time, another black squirrel or even squirrels can go in there and seduce my Cutie and Mr Gorgeous, I don't want that. I tried eating some blueberries but I puked instead
I can't eat little food when already too hungry
I climbed the apple tree and picked out five apples, I tried to eat them. I don't want to do this but I must prove to my family that Alisa isn't useless

'Damien why do you fucking always have to fucking act like a fucking monster!!!! You fucking need her to fucking help you, yet you fucking treat her like fucking trash!!!'
God why me
'Please Patrick, I beg you in the name of whatever you hold dear, stop fucking things, you are driving me insane' I begged. He arched a brow at me
'What's that suppose to mean? I'm telling you about...where's Alisa?' I sighed with relief, anything that will make him go all fucking again, I'll punch his entire teeth off. 'She ran away!' He panicked. 'How am I suppose to woo her sister if I lose her' I stood up
'Shut up and clean this place'
'Do I look like your servant to you?'
'No, you're my dog. God boy' I patted his head and scurried out before he kicked my ass. I knew she would be at the garden, that's the only place she can get food. It was raining already, I walked out of the door and punched the guards there. 'So you couldn't tell when my house was being destroyed'
'You stood here and yet someone was trashing my properties, what are you all being paid for? Just stand and open doors?'
'We're sorry'
'You're fired! All of you, don't make me come back here and find you. Tell that to Oscar too' I was damn serious, they are very stupid. What if Alisa was being murdered? They would have left her to die and I'll be blamed for it
I walked straight to the fruit garden, actually loving the rain drenching my body. She sat cuddled up under a green Apple tree and face buried into her thighs. Her body trembled slightly, she was crying. I sighed loudly and walked closer to her. She lifted her head
'Go inside and clean up the mess you made'
'I'm hungry' she sobbed like a child. I really wanted to care
'Not until you clean up your mess, now get out' she pouted, stood up and ran away
God I hate my life

I've made a decision, I'll poison that bastard and let him die. If I go to jail, it won't be bad, I'd done a good deed for getting rid of him. He's so wicked and heartless and deserves to die
I cleaned the place, picking up broken glass and getting cute, he didn't care at all, he saw me get hurt but shove me aside and went to his room. Cutie joined me later, I was so tired
'I'm sure you're planning on murdering him now' he said jokingly, it was a joke to him but he didn't know I already plan to. 'He's not as cruel as you think, Damien is a really nice guy but have trouble expressing himself. The only thing he knows how to express to outsiders is anger'
I snorted contemptuously
'He went through a lot as a child, we both did. Something no child should ever go through. It broke him into pieces, making him shut out all feelings, making him a human whose heart is filled with hatred, pain, fear and anger. He have lived like this for far too long, everything that shoulda made him him have been shoved deep into the abyss in his heart' he inhaled deeply, his eyes glistening with tears. 'He was never like this, he was the nicest and friendliest person I ever knew but life dealt with him hard. It did with me too but I guess it didn't hurt me the way it did to him. I didn't let it bring me down but he has nothing left in him. He's a broken man, a lonely soul' I found myself crying silently, Cutie was sobbing with tears rolling down his cheeks. 'I just wish I can help him but there's nothing I haven't tried, nothing I can ever do. He needs help but I'm helpless. I watch my friend grow more bitter and cold everyday with no hope of ever returning him to normal, one day he will do something to himself and he'll be fine forever'
I cried like a baby, what is wrong with My Mr Gorgeous? Why is he hurt? What can I do? The first time back at home, I felt it, I knew it but stupid Alisa never thinks, she never listens and that's why the family will forever see him as a burden
'What is wrong with Mr Gorgeous?' I cried. He stopped and stared at me before breaking into a peal of laughter. 'What?' I laughed too
'Mr Gorgeous?'
'He's gorgeous' I said blushingly. He laughed and wiped his tears then cleaned mine
'Don't worry about it angel, go to sleep and I'll finish this up or sleep too and command him to clean it himself at dawn' I knew he won't tell me
'Okay' I murmured and went to my room
I panted as I dragged my feet into my room. New decision, find out what's wrong with my future husband and help him out of it. Hopefully I can


Patrick woke me up early and forced me to clean the house along with the cleaners he called over. I had no such or he would turn fucking again. We cleaned and replaced everything before lunch, except the vases, I bought that at a exhibition. Those vases costed me millions of dollars, all gone now
Patrick left later. It was almost 4pm. I took a bath, had the chef make me something and carried it to her room, she was still sleeping.
I can't believe I'm doing this
I dropped the food on the only table in the room and pulled it close to her. My thought was to leave it there for her but then it will get cold. I crouched beside the bed, she was murmuring and chewing her hair. I chuckled and tapped her
'Hey Sea girl, wake up' I whispered softly, she muttered and turned over to face the other side. 'Sleeping beauty wake up' I said loudly shaking her. She whimpered and turned to face me, her beautiful sleeping face making me smile. My eyes darted to her lips, those small dark pink sisters
I shook my head and stood up, fighting the urge to kiss her. I picked up the jug of water and emptied it in her face
'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!' She screamed rolling off the bed. 'Cedric are you mad!!!!!' She screamed standing up
Who's Cedric?
'Oh' she murmured when she saw it was me. 'Good morning'
'Did I sleep that long?'
'I brought you food' she climbed the bed back immediately and crawled over to the side I was. She inspected the food before carrying it and sitting to eat
'Won't you join me?'
'I don't want to die alone, you must eat too to prove you didn't poison it' she said with a stubborn frown
'I guess you're not ready to eat'
'Please eat with me'
'Don't make me give you puppy eyes, you'll be trapped for life' she said with a wiggle of her brows
'Still no'
'Well you asked to it' she sang and closed her eyes, I furrowed my brows in confusion, is this the puppy eyes?
'You call this...'
'Wait for it' she opened her eyes and I choked on nothing. Her her lips were puckered her in a adorable pout and her nose scrunched in a cute manner. Her eyes, geez! They sparkled and glistered with great flash of lights, I could literally see the electricity in them.
My mouth fell open slightly, I could hear the new pave of my heartbeat, the uncontrollable sound of mg breathing. My palms turned sweaty and my forehead creased because of the beads if sweats forming. My throat was patch and I coughed for no reason
'I'll ask again Mr Gorgeous, will you eat with me?' I couldn't say no to that face, to those glowing eyes. I shook my head trying to get back my senses but I was hopeless so with a heart going fast and furious, I nodded. She squealed and jumped on me, hugging me unexpectedly, my eyes widening at our new proximity, my hands moving on their own accord and encircling her tiny waist 'Thank you so much Mr Gorgeous'
I became aware of her lovely honey and chocolate scent, of the velvety tissue of her skin, his dainty and slender her body was. She was blabbing about something, her body still pressed against mine and my head swelling
Patrick will crease up if he know about this
She pulled away when her phone rang, leaving me to mourn her distance. She jubilates over the caller before answering
'My Cedric!' I paused, that name. 'My God I've missed you so much, with my very life.... Of course I did!...oh that, forget about it, I'm doing okay...I really missed you, your hugs, kisses and cuddles' I unconsciously picked the meat from her food and chewed it angrily. 'Yes I did...awwwn! I love you too very much....' She giggled. 'Tell me when you arrive and I'll be there, bye my love' she hung up and hugged her phone with a dreamy sigh
'Who was that?' I asked seethingly
'My b....' Her phone rang again. Her boyfriend! Urgh! I took another meat. 'Boo! My love, how have you been?...I've been managing... I miss you too, very much'. How many boyfriends does she have!!!! 'Your house please, I love sleeping in your bed' I took the glass cup and turned water for myself. I turned the water into my mouth. 'No, I'm not in my period' I chewed the water furiously. 'No I'm not with anyone important' she murmured glancing at me. 'Excuse me' she mouthed and tried to leave, I glared at her. 'Nigel can I call you back? Or rather I'll be at your place later tonight'
'Give me that stupid phone' I roared and snatched the phone. I crushed it with my hands and threw it away breathing heavily. 'Don't you dare leave this house or I'll cut off your legs'
'No fucking buts!!!! You will not leave this house to go sleep with any man because you are mine. Now eat your food!!!!!' She gaped at me. I huffed and stood up and stomped to my room. I sat on my bed fuming. 'Stupid girl having two boyfriends when she's engage to me, what's her problem' I muttered
Wait, why do I care?
What's wrong with me!

To be continued


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