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my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 4


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 4

Theme: Death certificate

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

'Don't wear that, you'll look like chemical rainbow on sheep fur' Kiki said with disgust. I picked out another dress. 'That dress gives you the I'm a idiot on Christmas morning vibe' I picked another one 'you look like a sickler chicken in that one' I huffed and picked another one. 'That dress gives out your "I'm stupid" identity'. I picked another one
'That dress makes you look flat' Vira added. I picked another one upsettingly
'You look like a frustrated version of Mary the mother of Jesus in that dress' Carlyle added. Sometimes I wonder why dad gave her that male name. I picked another one about to explode
'Not that, you'll look like a gender confuse idiot who don't know where her life is taking her' Kiki said calmly
'Then what am I suppose to wear?! A house!' I exclaimed exasperatedly. They laughed and I rolled my eyes.
'Why don't I pick one for you' Vira suggested
'You could have done that from the beginning instead of frustrating me' I huffed going to sit on my bed. Kiki snorted
'No way Vira, you'll turn her to devil's little daughter' she protested
'What's that suppose to mean?' Vira asked with a frown
'It means you dress like the angel of death and a black obsess vampire' Carlyle laughed. I giggled. 'I'll dress her'
'So you can turn me to a disco ball, no thanks'
'I guess I, the Royal Majesty is to do the honors' Kiki said imitating a duchess. I laughed at how ridiculous her voice sounded. She walked to the heap of clothes and scrunched her nose. 'You need a new wardrobe'
'No I don't. I can wear my usual' I said poutingly
'Not this time pumpkin'
'Do I really dress like the angel of death?' Vira asked no one in particular
'Where do you think Elvina learnt it from' I scoffed
'Cool' she grinned. I chuckled
'I'm going in! If I die, tell Patrick I'm his number one fan' Kiki shouted dramatically and dived into the heap of clothes. 'They are too many! I can't fight them all off' she cried
'Erra stop messing around' Carlyle laughed. She stood up with a grin
'Look what I found' she sang waving a trousers I never knew I had. She threw it at me and I caught it. I sighed and took off my towel. Vira whistled like a guy and they laughed. 'I swear, this front package of yours will make a man go mad'
'Isn't it! The kind of package that men will squeeze and suck like a bottle' Carlyle shouted with a laugh. I blushed
'And lucky for her, she have got a nice hourglass shape to blend in well. Even if your ass is flat, that so covered it up' Vira said and whistled again
'She's neither flat nor heavy at her behind, just normal to go with her coil shape that she hides in her ridiculous clothes' Carlyle said with a wink at me. I blushed and giggled pulling the trousers up my thighs
'When you talk of flat, mention the name of Elvira and every man shall run' Kiki said jestingly. Vira folded her arms with a scoff
'At least my husband still loves me even with it'
'And that's his problem. Thank God I'm the add of the family' Carlyle said boastfully standing up to shoe off her big ass, she took it from grandmother.
'There's nothing in there than poop' I said gigglingly
'Exactly!' Kiki and Vira exclaimed. 'Tell her Lis'
'Boobs are way more better. The boy wil enjoy them' she said with nose high. She's more enchanted there than anyone else but legend have it that I'm the only one with the nice curves. Not that they aren't curvy, you understand
'I don't like this trousers' I complained changing the topic. It was black with gray stones lacing up each sides and transform to a white ombre effect from the shin point. It was tight and I hate the colors
'It's beautiful. I have the perfect top to go with it' Kiki chirped and race to her room. She returned with a white turtle neck. I sighed and wore it. It wasn't just a turtle neck but a armless turtle neck body hug crop top. I prefer a nice mixture if pink, red, blue, brown, gray, orange, mustard and bottle green.
'Now I'll fix her hair' Carlyle smiled. Oh crap

Mr Bald head picked us up, yeah mom insisted Kiki came with me so when he sees her, he will change his mind. That doesn't hurt
'You have to be careful Lisa, he's a very cruel man' Kiki whispered. I was busy trying not to cry. I was so terrified. Mom burnt my scarf earlier, she said it's the major problem but it's my savior. I felt so vulnerable without it and my heart and hands were leaking. 'I'll see if I can take your place, you won't be able to handle him' I nodded, to scared to talk. I can't believe I can't talk again. 'Oh my God!' Kiki exclaimed when Bald head honk at a sapphire gate. The house looked like a castle. So big!
Do I care? No. I'm scared
The gate opened and he drove in. I smiled feeling at peace all of a sudden. The place was decorated with flowers and trees, willow trees. it looked like a castle built in a forest, a safe forest. I smiled and got down once he pulled over
'This place is beautiful' I mused. The colourful trees and flowers really brought out it beauty and made the air smelt sweet, so sweet that you'll wish to taste it.
'Come' Bald head smiled. He interlocked our arms and led me to the castle door. It was big and sapphire too, two men opened it with a bow. I bowed back.
The interior was better! The walls were tiled with different paintings lining up at each side of the hallway that led to wherever we were going. Beautiful paintings of nature, winter, autumn and many more. Some were if knights and maidens, queens and kings and some just splash of colours. I trailed my fingers on the cold wall as I walked. The heels of Kiki's stilettos clicking loudly on the marbled floor.
We passed a big living room where I almost kissed the gold floor and slept on the extraordinarily soft cushions. The kind that you'll wish to never stand up from. The kind that will make your butt forget it exist, my beautiful babies. The room was sumptuously decorated with exquisite taste. The whole place was.
We finally got to a big ruby door. Bald head opened it and I smiled. It was a library, a very big one. We walked in and I looked around in awe, like that library in beauty and the beast.
'Who's the new girl Cole?' I heard Mr Cute asked. I turned and attention to him. He sat on a royal blue cushion with legs crossed, his eyes taking in every single feature of Kiki. He's so cute. My eyes averted to the old man wearing a suit a briefcase placed on the ground beside his feet and a document on the long glass table. Then it moved to the other pair of eyes boring holes into my skin

Mr Grumpy
Oh my sweet Lord! Did I say Mr Grumpy? I meant Mr Gorgeous. My heart did countless of somersaults as I gawked at the gorgeous man staring at me intensely. Oh my God! His jet black hair fell across his face in a glorious gelled curls. His beard was a thin line, or whatever that is but it sure made his sexy look more sexier than sexy
New crush!
Oh me God!
Oh me God!
I can't breathe!
I'm in love!

I waited impatiently for the girl to show up. Patrick was busy switching from one call to the other with his numerous side chicks and sugar mommies. Only God knows why he have those anyways
The door opened and Cole walked in arm in arm with a strange girl. Who's this one? I was about to snap at him when I saw those eyes, the ones that didn't let me sleep last night; the beautiful electric pools.
My mouth fell open
This is bad! Really bad!
I'm gaping at a girl!
Her eyes glowed and glistered with awe and excitement as she admired the stupid library and not me. I closed my mouth and frowned. Why is Cole holding her like that?
'Who's the new girl Cole?' Patrick asked with his smoulder me tone. My eyes averted to the girl beside her, gawking at the Patrick. She's ugly
I averted my eyes back to distraction. She looked at me too and her adoration look turned to a gawk
Is there something on my face?
I unconsciously touched my face
'Oh God! I'm your biggest fan Patrick!!!!' The other girl shrieked. He smiled, the poor girl is about to get added to his list of one night stands. They sat down and she kept blabbing so I cleared my throat
I hate this electric sea girl, she'll be a problem to my concentration and I always get rid of anything that will come in my way
I smirked
'Let's get this over with. Sign it' I pushed the contract to her with my foot. She collected it with her small fingers, so adorable
'Here's the rule. Don't talk to me, don't stare at me, don't smile at me. Stay ten feet away from me, don't touch any of my expensive properties, don't make a single sound...'
'Even a pet lives better than that' the other girl scoffed. What? 'What do you take my sister for? A puppet?'
'Kierra it's okay' sea girl whispered. So that's her name
'No it's not' Kerah yelled and inhaled. 'There's no way you are going to help him' I smirked lopsidedly and leaned back on the couch with legs crossed
'Is that so Miss Kyla'
'My name is Kierra'
'Look here Sierra, don't mess with me' I spat. Sea girl already signed it. I smiled and the girl snorted
'Let's go. When you need her...'
'She stays with me' I said coldly. Patrick's and Cole's head snapped to me. I shrugged
'Er what!' He exclaimed. 'What are y...'
'You don't need to bigger about what you'll wear, I've got that covered. Now leave my house Helen'
'It's Kierra' she huffed
'I'll be fine Kiki' sea whispered. What's with her dull attitude and why the hell did I say she'll stay with me!

To be continued


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