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my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 3

Theme: Is this her?

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

Patrick sat at the backseat with me while Valdivia sat in front with Cole who was miserably trying to flirt with her. Doesn't he know he's too ugly and old to flirt?
'Please I beg you Sir, don't say anything rude. They might be owing you but you still need to be nice because you need their help' Via said pleadingly ignoring Cole
'And let me do the talking' Patrick added with a chuckle. I said nothing. The car pulled over at a small but comfortable house, the size made me freeze. 'Hey relax' he whispered squeezing my shoulder. 'We'll be out in a minute'
'Or I can wait here' I protested
'No, you come with us' he said coolly. I inhaled and got out of the car with him. My palms were sweaty and I felt dizzy. 'Calm down' I nodded and dragged my feet to the door. Via did the bell ringing and a woman opened it. She was dressed like a angel of death ready to collect my soul
'Valdivia?' She asked confusedly
'Nice to see you too Elvira, say can we come in?' She looked over at us. I dragged my hood down and Patrick did the same. She nodded and stepped aside, I reluctantly walked in. The living room was small but nearly furnished sumptuously. The place reminded me of that house
'Good evening sirs' the pregnant lady on a small couch greeted with a bow. I ignored her and sat down. The older man cleared his throat
'You must be Damien. I'm Carlos Gabriel and this is my wife Laurel and eldest daughters Elvira and Carlyle, the other one couldn't make it and the last one is well...you'll see' the room smelt like chocolate, that foul tainted chocolate odor! I huffed
'Mien you are starting to tremble and sweat' he whispered touching my back comfortingly, I felt a little better because he was there
'Can I get you anything to drink?' Laurel asked politely
'Did I come here to drink and make merry with this fucking family in this fucking house!!!!' I yelled angrily losing my cool. 'Just show me the damn girl and let me get out of here' I added lowly
'I'm sorry, he's in a bad mood' Patrick said apologetically removing his hood
'Oh my God' the pregnant one gasped. 'We're sorry about the whole debt thing. it was just a cover up for what we really want' they stared at him confusedly
'I need your daughter's help to secure something important'
'My daughter? How?'
'Do you know Herodotus Nelson?' He nodded. 'He made a deal with me, I prove to him that I have a fiancée and I secure three years contract deals but if I fail, I marry his daughter'
'So you're trying to say that you want one of my daughter to play Damien's Petersen's fiancée for how long?'
'One or two months'
'Why?! Why my daughters?' Laurel asked in fear. 'They didn't commit any wrong'
'I'm not saying they did' I snapped. 'I just need one help in replacement of the money. You don't need to worry, I won't even dream of messing with her. Valdivia believes one from your home is the best' Via mouthed a sorry to them. He inhaled and shifted uncomfortably on his seat
'Okay, do you have any specific one?'
'What's that name again?' I asked Via. She bit her lip and chuckled nervously

'Aliwhat!!!!' They shouted making both Patrick and I flinch
'Sorry but Via are you sure you're not mistaken Kierra for Alisa?' The one that opened the door asked quizzically
'Pretty sure. You won't understand but Alisa is perfect'
'She will never agree but that's not the main problem...'
'I will offer you an additional ten million dollars and a house if you agree please' Patrick cut in sharply. Their jaws fell.
'Ten million d....'
'I'll make it any amount just let me see the fucking girl' I yelled again. I groaned silently at the pain in my head and the sharp ringing sound in my ears. I felt queasy, very queasy
'The money isn't the problem but...'
'Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!' Someone's loud shriek had me flying to my feet. 'I found my certificate!!!!!!!'
'What the hell is that?' I shouted
'Alisa' Cole laughed. Soon a girl ran in screaming and waving something. Oh sweet mother of fuck! Please don't let this be her
'I found my certificate and I studied hotel management!'
'Where did you find it?'
'Inside my giant account text book, I forgot I kept it there' she wore something not even a mad person could identify as clothes, her hair was scattered and high like a tangled forest and her face was covered with thing only God and herself know 'Eh!' She shrugged and flung the paper away
'Lisa!' Angel of death exclaimed catching it
'Oh my...' She trailed off and peered at Patrick. 'Do I know you?' She crouched and hopped to him, she peered at his face more. 'You look like that actor my sister is crushing on' she averted her eyes to me. 'Who're you?'
'Alisa' Cole called softly. She looked at him and squealed
'Bald head man!' She stood up and hopped to him. 'What are you doing here today?'
'I came to pay your bride price' he said laughingly, she giggled and squealed making my head spin more
'I knew it! I knew you liked me. When is the wedding day and who are these men? Your bodyguards?' That one is cute and that one looks like a grumpy mole' she said pointing at me. I frowned. She tilted her head. 'Are you okay?' I was taken aback by her question
'What?' Patrick asked shock too
'He's weak and is going to faint. Are you okay?' She asked again. 'Hold on' she ran to the place I think is a kitchen and came back with a bottle of cold water. 'Here' I stared at the water still in shock. No one except Patrick and mom notice when I get queasy. When I remember that place. 'Come on take it, I didn't poison it...wait let me check' she opened and drank all the water. 'Yes, it's not poisoned'
'Alisa!' Her mother exclaimed. I chuckled inaudibly leaving me shocked. I frowned, I don't like this girl
'Please tell her why we are here' I whispered. Patrick inhaled and explained, she just kept staring at me intensely, as if trying to see thru all my secrets.
'So will you help?' Via asked pleadingly
'Sorry you lost me at once upon a time' she said averting her sparkling electric blue eyes to Patrick. I've never seen such eyes that are so electrifying as hers. It orbs were like pools of endless shock current, it silver highlight adding sparkles to it. I shook my head, trying to remember where I was
'I'll explain again' Patrick sighed and explained again, she scratched her head
'Nothing entered'
'Oh come on!' He exclaimed
'Lisa you only need to act like his fiancée for a month or two or even three and the debt will be cancelled and ten million dollars and a house added to the pay, isn't that great!' She tilted her head confusedly. 'Okay who's the genius that let kierra go to work today!!!' The pregnant one yelled
'Okay if I'm getting it, I will act as his fiancée like those ridiculous romance novels and movies? Then we get paid?'
Are you that fucking stupid!!!' I yelled angrily again. 'Is this the girl you want me to use? She's a fool, she dresses and acts like a mentally deranged woman and she looks like a frustrated female clown. How am I suppose to present this thing to him?!!!' Note that I was still standing. She scoffed and crossed her arms
'You are being mean to me grumpy fool. You're the one in my house asking for help after making my family almost die of hypertension yet you can still shout. We owe you money not our lives especially mine, now shut the fucking hell up and act like a real human being because right now you are being a cow....goat' she said poutingly clutching her rainbow scarf tight. I stared at her too tired to argue or yell. I walked out
'Damien!!!' Patrick shouted. I got to the car and rested my hands on it with a heavy sigh
'Hey grumpy' she sang behind me. I huffed and turned
'What do you want!!!!' I roared. She flinched and clutched her scarf again before smiling
'I'll do it. To help dad'
'Better. You will sign a agreement contract to seal our deal just in case because once you step in, you can't back out' she nodded squeezing the scarf tighter. What's with her and the scarf?
'And if I decide to back out later? You are scary' she whimpered
'Then consider your family a goner. A car will pick you up tomorrow and bring you to me. Not a word about this to anyone or you will all suffer miserably for it and don't you dress like this or I'll have my guards strip you naked and throw you out in front of a high school'
She nodded
'8am sharp'
'What happened to beauty sleep!'
'It died this very moment' I said coldly. 'Now get away, you smell like trash'
'And you stink of depression and you will die with it' she said sweetly and skipped away. Did she just insulted me?
She'll pay for that

That man is terrifying, just like Lieutenant Levi. He's harsh and will give me a hard time but I have to do this for my family, to prove to them all that I can be useful and helpful and not completely worthless.
I walked back inside
'So?' Cute guy asked expectedly
'I will help but you will pay the money and buy the house'
'I hope that man will stay away from me? I don't want him to touch me please'
'He wouldn't even dream of it' he assured me
'It's a fake relationship, a time must come for you to convince the public with a kiss or anything more intimate' Bald head said apologetically
'I'll pick you up tomorrow' I nodded again. They smiled
'Thank you so much Lisa, I'm really grateful' cute guy said gratefully. I smiled and nodded again. Soon they left leaving me with my family
'Why will you accept?! You should have suggested Kierra instead of yourself. You are brainless and will surely embarrass us with your stupidity, how do you expect a man like him to tolerate you?!!!!' Mom yelled angrily. I sniffed and held my scarf. She's being mean again
'I can do it'
'No you can't. You're not good at anything but humiliating us and making a fool out of yourself. I should have left you to stay at Levi's place'
'Laurel! You are being too harsh. You know it's not her fault and yet you are shouting' dad whispered yelled
'She has to return to Levi for proper training' I reeled back
No! I'm never going there!
I ran to my room and locked the door. I sat on the floor of my bed and hugged my knees
'I don't want to go back there. Lisa you won't go back right? Lieutenant Levi is wicked, he's cruel and heartless. You can't go back, you won't go back. You'll go to this man and maybe he will be better than Lieutenant Levi, he'll be better. Lisa is not useless, she's a good girl so she don't need to go back. I'm a good girl'
'Lisa' Kiki's voice sounded from the other end of the door. I ran to the door and opened it, I pulled her in and shut it
'They want me back at lieutenant Levi's, Kiki Lisa is a good girl' I cried. She smiled and hugged me
'No one will take you anywhere, okay?'
'Promise' she whispered. I sighed and clutched my scarf. I'll be fine

To be continued

Who else is suspicious here?
What is up with Alisa and Damien?


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