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my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 2

Theme: Alisa Crazy - the debt

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I sang loudly as I danced in the shower. Today is Friday! My best day of the week. I jumped out of the little bathtub and hopped to room still singing like a lunatic. Should I remind you all that I'm naked
Naked Friday!
'What do I wear today? Something absolutely gorgeous to suit my Friday vibe because Friday is Miles day' I mused. I love talking to myself, it's so sane and natural. Oh yeah, who's Miles?
My new crush who hates me. My existence irritates him and that's what make crushing on him so much fun, isn't that awesome!
I picked out a straight green skirt, blue long sleeve shirt and purple canvas. After moisturizing my body and styling my wet hair into a set of four pigtails, I wore the outfit and stared at myself in the mirror
'I look horrible!' I exclaimed. 'Not good' I searched for my signature rainbow scarf and found it, I wrapped it around my neck and carried a orange bag to fit the outfit. 'Still not perfect' I whined. Jewelry! I wore pink studs and decorated my wrists with colourful bangles and then wore a gray lip gloss to go with the pink eye-shadow and blue blush. 'Now I look perfect!'
I skipped out to the dinning room where my wonderful family was. My very best of the best, Kierra fondly called Kiki by me. Wait! Let me introduce my family
Listen attentively people!!!!!!
1. Mr Carlos Gabriel, a engineer by professional but cobbler by bad luck. He's so so so nice and sweet and love calling me a mad woman. Isn't he generous!
2. Mrs Laurel Gabriel, she's a hot high school teacher. Very strict and hit my head a lot. She always blab something about me being exchanged at birth or whatever that is but she loves me so much, she tells me that everyday
3. James Gabriel, he's strict and mean and calls me a fool all the time. I hate him and it's a good thing he lives far far away. He's not married, who wanna marry a grumpy old troll
4. Elvira, sweetest sister in the galaxy. Always give me her things and check on me. She's a florist or was it a vet? I don't remember. She has three cute children and a husband
5. Carlyle, she's a weirdo but realm cool. Married with one kid and a big stomach. She's a engineer too
6. Kierra, really really cool bestie sister. She's an accountant and engage to a scumbag but won't listen because he helps her financially. She don't even love him
And finally number 7, Cedric. He's in college studying medicine. I'm older than him
I'm the last card and him the check up, we argue and right a lot but we are very close. I can't remember what I studied. Was it business admiration or hotel management? I don't know, I misplaced my certificate and can't remember
'Good morning family!!!' I shrieked taking my seat
'Morning idiot' dad said coldly. See! He's cool
'Wow!' Mom exclaimed. 'When I thought you couldn't break your record' she said looking at me amusedly
'You look incredible' mom commented. I blushed and grinned. I took Kiki's food and she sighed. She had a black eye again, that fool beat her up
'Loving the eye patch' I said winkingly. She scoffed
'Shut up'
'I've been meaning to ask you, what's with the frequent black eye?' Dad asked curiously
'She get punched in her dreams more often than usual' I said smilingly. Dad laughed and faced his food
'Thank you' she mouthed. I rolled my eyes. 'So have you found your certificate?'
'What's that?'
'Alisa!' They all shouted. What? Oh! That thing
'I'm making progress. I think I forgot it in my hostel or somewhere around James's house'
'I'll call him' mom said with a frown standing up. Dad drank his coffee and sighed
'I better be getting to work then, see ya my kids'
'Bye daddy' I chirped
'Bye dad'
After eating, I rushed to work with a shade on. I got to the little restaurant where I work and went straight to Miles
'Morning Miles' he rolled his eyes. 'Are you going to snub me again?'
'I hate you'
'Becalmed you keep throwing yourself at me'
'Because you are a fool'
'Bec...am I seriously answering you! Get out!' He yelled. I giggled. 'I can't date a moron like you' awwwn! Savage!
'I never asked to date you, you're not my type' I said in a sing song
'You're ugly and well, very poor' I said with a creepy lips twist. He scoffed painfully. 'Oops! That came out wrong and oh yes, better pay your house rent before your landlord throws you into the street. Homeless Miles doesn't have a nice ring to it' I skipped to the dressing room
That was so nice of me
'Lisa what did you say to Miles!!!!' Queen Eliza shouted angrily. I grinned. I was done changing
'Her Majesty is angry, why?' I asked grinningly
'What did you say to my boyfriend?!!!!!!'
'Er...I told him he's a church rat, why?'
'How could you say such a thing! That hurts. Just because he doesn't love you doesn't mean you must bitch up about it you whore'
'What's a whore?'
'You dumb nonentity of a girl'
'Oh I remember what whore means! At least the example. Whore is someone who's sleeping with her best friend's boyfriend, older sister's husband and stepfather for fun. Whore is someone who finds humping our boss so cool. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone' I whispered. She gaped at me. 'Don't forget to use protection' I added and pushed her away by her face, making her head bash on a locker 'Whoops! Lisa is so clumsy'
I laughed and skipped out. I'm so nice
'Hey you there!!!' A woman shouted from her table. I pointed at myself questioningly. 'Yes you fool!!!' I sighed and stood up. I went to her. 'Did I order for scones or donuts?!!!!!'
'Did I receive your order'
'Don't be sarcastic with me. I ordered for six large scones, a bowl of brown rice and roast beef and a bottle of champagne but I got six small scones, a plate of fried rice and normal beef and a glass of champagne'
'I thought you just said you asked for donut' she stood up abruptly and slapped me. I squeaked and held my cheek. 'I wasn't even the one who took your order!!!!' I yelled. She slapped me again!
'Take this inside and bring back my real order!!!!' She screamed. I huffed and answered my ringing phone
It was a message
Dad: there's an emergency, I need you home right now
Uh oh
'I'm talking and you are chatting!!!!'
'Hey you shut up! What is your...fine, wait here' I carried the foods and took it inside. I packaged a lot of leftovers and carried it to here. 'Bon appetit' I said with a bow. She eyed me and dug in. I shook my head and walked back to the kitchen
'Oh my God! Lisa I'm so sorry' my work buddy apologized. 'I brought the wrong food'
'It's okay' I said smilingly. She examined my cheeks and sighed
'I'm sorry'
Don't worry, I already got my revenge
I got home late, I planned it. If it's a bad issue, he'll face the first person he sees and not me
'Evening Kiki' I greeted looking around suspiciously. She was on the sofa eating from a large bowl of cookies and watching a movie. She hummed. 'Is dad around?'
'No' aw men! I sighed and slumped beside her and took a cookie. She sighed
'Wuzz up?' Whenever she sits in the dark eating from a large bowl of candies or popcorns, then it has to do with her stupid relationship. 'Don't even bother to answer that question'
'We broke up' I groaned
'I said don't reply'
'He cheated' she sobbed. Oh great. 'After everything I did for him. He cheated and even beat me up after I caught him and then tried to rape me. Can you imagine?'
'Tried or did because you are a constant visitor to hotel Rapesovania'
'Is that what you're suppose to be saying to your broken sister?'
'Oh sorry, I'm so sad for you' I said sarcastically with a frown. 'Look here. If you hadn't let yourself down in the first place, he wouldn't have treated you like trash. I warned you but you won't listen and now you want to cry on my shoulders and have me console you? Remember what I said the last time, I, Alisa Nelly Gabriel will rather ride to the sun than get involve in your business and I never go back on my words. You're on your own'
'You are cruel'
'Me' I gasped shockingly 'but I'm nice'
'Keep telling yourself that'
'Meanie' I pouted sucking my inner cheek
'Let's go clubbing'
'Or to be the next single mom' I said sarcastically. She laughed and hit my head
'You're such a sarcastic queen. God help the man you'll marry' I smiled and picked another cookie. I heard mom and dad arguing outside
'I'll be right back' I said sweetly and dashed upstairs. I took my time in the shower and dressed up in a baggy sweater and boxer. Someone hammered on my door
'Open up you traitor!!!' She yelled. I smiled and went to the door. I opened it and she jumped on me, hitting me lightly. 'You abandoned me'
'Sorry' I laughed. She grunted and pulled me by my hair outside. She flung me on a chair and sat down folding her arms. 'Hi' I grinned at all of them
'This is serious Lisa'
'I never take anything serious'
'Well you have to' dad snapped. 'A man came to me today with a lawyer concerning the debt that was cancelled years ago'
'What debt?' Kiki asked confusedly. What's a debt?
'The one I owe Daniel Petersen'
'I thought his son cancelled it' Kiki said shocked
'Well he brought it back'
'Is he going bankrupt?' She said still in shock
'I don't know but he said that he will be coming here tomorrow and expects to meet the whole family'
'If I knew would I be standing here!!!!' He yelled at her
'Can I ask a question?' I asked raising my hand with a pout
'What!' They snapped
'What's debt and who's Danish Peterpan?' They facepalmed their face. I shrugged
'I can't stay tomorrow or I'll lose my job' Kiki sighed. 'I'll call the girls and Lisa can stay back'
'No, she better leave too to avoid embarrassment' mom muttered. That hurts. 'We are talking five million dollars here'
'Even if I sell all I have, it won't make up for it' dad cried. 'I also have to pay the bank next week'
'What did you use the money to do? Build a mansion?' I asked sarcastically. He glared at me
'Shut up Nelly' mom hissed. She hugged dad. 'Everything will be okay love'
Why do I have a feeling I will be the one to suffer this?

To be continued


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