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my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 1

Theme: The Deal

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

Damien's standpoint

I hate Mondays! Something bad always happen to me on Mondays. I sighed heavily after signing the last document for a building project. I cracked my knuckles and stretched my hands. I dropped the pen and face the computer just as the doorbell rang
'Come in' I said lowly. The door opened and my PA walked in with a pule of filed. 'Oh come on! I just finished signing this ones' I said exasperatedly
'Sorry Sir but they are all important' she said under her breath
'And what are those for?'
'Approval letters stacked in files for your various orphanages, amusement parks etc' she gasped and slammed it on my table. I huffed and facepalmed myself
'What else?'
'You have ten important phone calls to reply to personally, the manager of your Canada branch request a video chat with you and the manager of your Zealand branch reported a issue of fraud and last for the day, your meeting with Herodotus Nielson is in forty minutes'
'Forty what! I thought I told you to remind me an hour earlier!!!'
'I forgot...'
'You are fired'
'YOU ARE F-I-R-E-D, FIRED!!!' I yelled. She pouted
'I'll cancel all your schedule for the rest of the day' she knows I'm bluffing. I always, use the fire word when angry, if you take it serious, your problem. I grabbed my car keys and ran out
I got to the company twenty minutes late. I ran into him on my way to his office. Mr Nielson was my father's most important business partner, one of those who thinks I'm too young for the power I hold
'Good morning sir. Sorry I'm late, I ran into a bit of a trouble earlier'
'Or you can say you're not serious enough for the contract'
'I'm sorry sir' I deadpanned
'You are a irresponsible boy. How could you keep five old men waiting?' He snapped. I inhaled
'I'm not a boy' I said with the kindest voice I could muster
'That's what you always say but you're a boy, a kid given too much power' I folded my arms and scoffed
'What is your definition of a man? I'm thirty one, how does that make me a boy?'
'Not by age but by...er...you're not married, you have no fiancée or children so you don't have a reason to be holding such authority' I chuckled humorlessly
'My great great great grandfather all the way to my father worked hard to get P-Lords it name and I intend to keep that name and name it greater which I already did. I started taking care of this empire after my father's demise at 20 and I don't need to prove my manliness or any sort to anyone'
'How about we make this interesting? You marry my daughter Amaya and I give you all the contracts for the next two years' so that's what he wants. I smiled and clicked my tongue
'I don't believe in marriage with public toilet'
'You are insulting my daughter Damien'
'Cool huh? You seem to have forgotten that I'm Damien Idris Petersen. I can ruin you if I want'
'Why don't you ever take a dare? Your father was a dare devil, the very thing that got him all he achieved'
'I already have a fiancée' I blunted out. Shit!
'Is that so?' I cleared my throat and nodded. 'You, woman, love, ha!' He laughed mockingly. I huffed. 'Then I'll love to see her at my fundraiser in two weeks'
'Is that an invitation or request?'
'A deal. If I can see a girl and confirm she's your fiancée, then consider the contracts yours for the next four years' interesting
'Deal' I shook his hand. 'See you then'
'You haven't heard the but if...'
'If I lie I marry your daughter, I know' I said plainly. I turned and walked out wondering what devil possessed me


I paced my office anxiously, my friend Patrick was there staring at me boringly. He sighed and facepalmed his forehead
'I will say it again, you are a fool. How could you make such a deal when you know you have a problem with women! Are you crazy?!'
'I don't know what pushed me, you know I'm not like that'
'And that's why I'm starting to believe you are going crazy. You have fucking woman phobia! How will you marry Amaya!'
'I'll get a girl but the problem is I don't want any girl that will try to play smart with me. I will murder them'
'Just like how you almost murdered Caroline, Sissy, Megan, that black girl with huge ass, that other flat idiot with wiry hair, Tuna, Emily, Isla, that woman old enough to be your mother, the salt and pepper haired old lady...'
'Okay I get it! I've almost killed a lot of women...'
'You technically killed Violetta and Renée'
'You threw Violetta off a roof and locked Renée in a sticky toilet'
'They tried to seduce me'
'Still doesn't give you the right to kill them'
'Okay, are you here to help your only friend or rub his pain in' I yelled angrily. He laughed slapping his lap
'Good gracious Mien! You are too easy to mess with' he said laughing seriously. He wiped his tears and cleared his throat 'getting a girl isn't the problem, not killing her is'
'You know how I get'
'You just need a girl that hate you'
'Where is that devil from? Earth?' I scoffed
'Not all girls are bad Mien, some have dignity and I know the one person that will know such a girl' he reached over and press my intercom 'Valdivia, please come in for a minute' he said politely
'Sure thing Sir'
'You'll see' he smiled. Valdivia walked in two minutes later with Cole, my chief bodyguard. 'Thanks for coming'
'Did you call me?' Cole asked smirkingly. He's like twenty years older but acts like a father, brother and friend
'Sorry dad what do you want?'
'I might have found a girl'
'You mean we' Valdivia said frowningly. He winker at her. Valdivia is his age. She rolled her eyes. 'Get a wife'
'Three troublesome sons is enough. The heartache I felt with their mothers is enough' she rolled her eyes again
'Anyways, we did some digging and found the perfect candidate'
'It's not a....'
'Don't interrupt me dumb skull. As I was saying, one of your father's old debtor, part of the people you set free is quite acquaintance with us. He have four daughters, four decent daughters. Two are already married and the rest two available. You can take from one'
'And how are they?'
'The first one is good but you should take the last daughter because she's the only one who can handle you without changing. She don't care about reality. She's stubborn and well...well...' he said evasively
'What's his name?' Patrick asked calmly
'Carlos Gabriel. He owed ten million dollars but paid five before you cut it off' Valdivia said going through her pad. 'I'll search for the agreement documents, receipts and all proof'
'Okay, hope she's beautiful because ugly girls irritate me'
'All girls are ugly to you so I'll do the judging' Patrick frowned. 'She's pretty huh?'
'Er...she's unique' he grinned
'What do you mean by unique?'
'Well if you'll look at this, the time is going. Come on Cole' Via ran out with him
'What if she's not beautiful' I yelled
'Let's just say the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' he laughed. 'A begged is not a chooser'
I whimpered and sank into my wool chair, life is about to get difficult

To be continued


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