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My Bodyguard And I - Episode9


my bodyguard and i - Episode9


 Becky's pov
I was about entering into my office when I saw Mike going out, I wanted to just mind my business but the phone call that he was making made me follow him
"hi dear, am on my way" I heard him say over the phone. Maybe his going to see that bitch I muttered to myself as I tagged along.
I quickly took a taxi and followed him.

At the hotel
"wow you are such a character" I said to the bitch who said her name is precious.
"what did I do huh" she asked. "because of you, my girlfriend is angry and doesn't want to speak to me anymore"i said angrily pacing around the room. "am sorry, let's just do our deal and go." she said coming closer to me for a kiss. "ok"
I drew her closer, soon we started undressing ourselves. I never wanted to do this, but for the sake of Becky I would do it.
Her moaning was so loud, we haven't even started the sex and she's behaving like this then what if we start? (Mike are you asking me? My friend ask google)
"please just tell me, I promise to continue" I said kissing her slowly.
"actually Mr iyke is an insider to one famous man named ummm I don't remember his name but his sons name is ben" she said trying to kiss me.buy I shifted and quickly brought my phone. "is this the boy?" I asked showing him Ben's picture. " yes, his the one" she tried again. "thanks, finally I got what I wanted,let's continue.

Becky's pov
I was lost but thanks to someone I located the room. at first, i was surprised to find out that it was the same hotel we came on valentines day. When I got closer I heard his voice. The door wasn't lucked so I could see what he was doing. I heard him telling her that she was good and I cried inside. Soon they continued with sex maybe 2nd or 3rd round I guessed I couldn't take it anymore so I opened the door and cried out loudly. I quickly ran out.

Mikes pov
"fuck" I muttered to myself I quickly stood up and started dressing up.
"who's that" I heard her asking. "it's non of your business I said and quickly dashed out of the room.
I followed her, but she had already boarded a taxi. I quickly took my car and started following I was so close but one stupid truck was following the u-turn and ended up blocking me. When it has finally passed, I couldn't find Becky anymore."I haven't cleared the first issue and now this is happening. "gush this is like getting out from frying pan to fire."

Becky's pov
I couldn't believe my eyes, am I too small for him? Even if I am he wouldn't had cheated, he agreed to have sex with that who're, but me, it's different. I hate you Ben I said crying out loud while the driver just kept staring at me in a confused state "madam where you they go?" he asked. "anywhere, but just keep moving straight." I said not minding his reaction.
"you no serious o,better come down na or" he spoke harshly "am sorry, please just drop me at a hotel far from here." I said to him still crying.
Finally,i found myself a cover because I don't feel like going home.i went to bath and mistakenly the watch Mike gave me fell into the water and I removed the battery to dry.
I've searched everywhere but couldn't give find her so I tried Tracing Becky through the tracker on her watch, but it wasn't available.

2 weeks later.........
I've not yet seen Becky but i didn't give up. I didn't tell anyone in the office that becky isn't around so that they won't use the opportunity to carry out their plans. I just came back from work so I decided to enter another hotel to search.as usual no result I decided to use another way.i begged the lady there to give me the names of people that lodged there, but she refused but after much begging, she agreed. I didn't see her name but another name caught my attention "Mike Becky".I quickly brought out my phone and showed them Becky's picture and they confirmed that it was her.they directed me to her room.

Becky's pov
Am tired of staying here and am already missing Mike. "I just wish a
that Michael would find me and I would forgive him."
Just then I heard one of the workers voice "room service ma'am" I quickly opened the door and let him because I was hungry already. As I started eating, I heard another persons voice that was different. "room service ma'am" I stood up angrily to open the door because I know fully well that I didn't order for anything else . When I opened the door, I saw Mike standing there smiling I was so happy that I jumped on his body and kissed him. He wanted to say something but i didn't let we just continued kissing "wait I thought I was angry with him? but I said I would forgive him". I don't want to look cheap so I quickly came down from his body "am sorry I did it by mistake" I said moving back while he just smiled.


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