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my bodyguard and i - Episode8


I excused myself then went to take my bath "I don't think I can overcome this for too long" I said staring at my boxers.
In the bedroom
Mike is such a character, my hunch is telling me that his a gay. soon his phone started ringing, it was an unknown number so I decided to answer the call. "hi love, hope you are still coming over to see me" a female voice said over the phone. it's a wrong number I muttered to myself waiting for Mick. just then he walked out of the bathroom tying his towel round his waste, his abs were so...(you understand)the reason I never had female friends is because there eyes where always on Mick, so I dropped all of them. "Mick someone called you, but don't bother its a wrong number" I said still staring at him lustfully "OK"
his phone rang again since it was with me, he came to take it,since we were so close we kept staring at each. soon we were feasting on each other his touch was so good, it was the time I was trying it but I really wanted more.

micks pov
soon the call came again, but we ignored because right now we just need each other. the call came again "Mick answer then let's continue" Becky said breathing high. "I picked the call and put it in loudspeaker only to find out that it's the who're I made deal with " hi love, please stop ignoring, just tell me if you are still coming tomorrow" she said in a sweet voice."let's talk later I said in a harsh tune"
"OK, love you" she said ending the call. I turned to Becky, her mood has totally changed "Becky I can expl.."
"don't bother, good night" she tried standing up but I held her hand "Becky I, I mean, the truth is, it's not, bek..'
"you can't even defend yourself just let go and stay clear" she spoke harshly and left.
I never wanted to really have sex with her,but I never wanted to end this way. This girl is such a demon I said scratching my hair. I need to clear things up and explain everything to Becky.

Becky's pov
I hate Mick so much, but I love him, I love him. In short I hate you Mike I said crying. "I won't talk to him ever again, but wait I am already missing him" I said in a confused state.
I tried sleeping but could
not,if I get to see that idiot, I would kill her I said angrily folding my hands.
Finally it was morning, I jumped down from the bed happily. "how will I face Mike?" I asked myself "I would just ignore him and keep a serious face" I concluded entering into the bathtub.
When I was done, I went to the living room. I saw Mike sitting in one of the couch, with an unknown expression. He looked so handsome, I feel like going down and kissing then tell him that I miss him and still loves him very much. "gush, Becky's you are such a fool, I thought you said that you are angry with him and won't talk to him" I said slapping my cheek a little to come of it. Just then Mike turned to my direction then stood up immediately. "good mor....."
"just get the car ready,lets start going to work." I said cutting him off immediately. "Becky, but I said th..."
"didn't you hear me,just get the car ready!but if don't want to, I would drive myself" I said harshly and left him standing there surprised. Gush I can't believe that I can be so serious like this hermit comes to mike,wow I really need a hand shake.

mikes pov
I couldn't sleep last night, I kept tossing round the bed, immediately it was morning, I took my bath then came down stairs to wait for her.ive been practicing what to say to her while waiting for her to come down stairs, finally she came down but things didn't go the way I want. "I think I really hurt her feelings because I've never seen Becky this way before but I would try talking to her in the car."
inside the car
The atmosphere in the car was awkward, and no one was willing to break the silence. Finally Mike decided to try his luck again "Becky am so.... "
"just concentrate and drive, I want to rest a little." Becky said cutting him off again.
"I really need to clear things with Becky, but first, I have to know what Mr iyke is up to.

Mikes pov
Becky is busy now, so I decided to go out to see the idiot who're that I made deal. So I quickly drove off. "it's time to end this rubbish and have my girlfriend back.


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