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my bodyguard and i - Episode7


when I finally got to where he is, he didn't even look at my face "why aren't you dressed yet?" he asked in a harsh tune
"nothing, I forgot that today was a workin.."
"just go get ready" he said cutting me. I was really angry, I wonder if this idiot is really my date.
soon we where at work, as usual it was stressful but thanks to Mr iyke, it was easy. when we were closed for the day, I was already drained just then I saw Mike walking to my direction,i tried walking fast so that he won't catch up with me, but he was fast. "my angel, am sorry, I just want you to get use to things, but just remember that I love you so much" he concluded as he held my hand and led me to the car.
I was just quiet all true "this was the worst valentines day ever. "Mike please increase the speed so that we can get to the house fast" I told him in a harsh way. "OK my angel"
I was staring outside the window just then I noticed that he changed the car direction. maybe he wants to get something I told myself .soon we were in the parking lot of an expensive hotel. "why are we.. " "ssssh don't speak until we get there. " he said leading me to only God knows where. we got to a certain place, and it was dark, when the lights finally showed its brightness, it was sparkling. the arrangement was so pretty "sweet heart, do you like it?"
"yes,i really do." I think this is going to be the best valentines day ever.

Mike's pov
I really wanted to surprise her, and it worked. immediately I turned my eyes, I sighted Mr ikye, he was with a man and lots of girls drinking.mr iyke always pretends to be holy, how come all this? I've always disliked and suspected him, but I know how to find out what his up to.
the night was fun, I have my girlfriend a watch that cost a lot of money, but it has value. it has tracker in it, and can record any conversations. I didn't tell her this but am happy that she liked it. after spending much time here, we decided to leave.
"Becky, I forgot my wallet, please wait for me, I would be right back. "
"OK, I would be waiting inside the car" she said happily entering inside.
I didn't forget my wallet, I just wanted to see one of the girls Mr iyke was with. "hi pretty, can I talk to you about something?"I asked pretending to be staring at her lovingly."go on, how do you need my service?" she asked touching my shirt. "that elder man that was drinking over there, I said pointing at the place .what was he saying?" I asked. "wow, I would tell you if you agree to spend the night with me, it would be free." she said smiling while coming more closer. I tried pleading with her but she was damn serious. I agreed to it but told her it would be another day, but I took her number and left.

At home
I was sitting on my bed thinking about Mr iykes issue when Becky walked in. "you weren't coming, so I decided to come." are you OK? she said moving closer to me. I stared at her, she was on her nighty that was almost transparent, the her nipples where dancing could tell you that she wasn't putting on a bra. we so close that I was affecting my systems (am not a reverend father) Becky am tired, just go to bed "I replied in another tune."am not leaving, am spending the night with you" she said lying down making her nipples more visible I just swallowed hard."but why?" I asked. "because you are my boyfriend " God what kind of temptation is this, I can't even think straight.


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