my bodyguard and i - Episode6


"Becky come off this, am really angry with you" I said angrily not looking at her face. "gush Mike is angry with me, Mike is angry with me" she kept saying it till she nearly got to the door, but I drew her back "am sorry if I spoke rudely to you, but please just behave maturely and I would be happy with you" I said touching her while she just smiled.
Everyone's attention was on Becky as she gave her short speech. I never believed that she could talk so maturely like this. After the bored meeting, everyone left to their own office leaving me and Becky. "it's time to show you your office" I said to her showing her the way. "OK love, but after you" while I shook my head in approval.

Becky's house
Today was so stressful I yawned stretching my hands."you've not even started and you are already tired" he scoffed. Mike can be so annoying. "Mike are we going to the office tomorrow?"
"yes" he replied immediately.
"but why, tomorrow is Valentine's Day"
"that's your business" he said harshly then sip his wine. Sometimes I wonder if he truly loves me. "good night,am going to bed" I said angrily and headed to my room.
Am done with bathing, I feel like spending the rest of the day with Mike but I won't let down my pride.. Just then the door opened and Mike came in. "what are you doing here?" I said pretending not to be concerned. "I came to see my angel, but since you don't want me to, I would leave" he concluded standing up but I held him tightly "don't dare or else"
"or else what?" he asked
"or else anything can happen" lol, you are funny. So can I join you?
"yes" I said as he climbed my bed and lie down next to me.

Mike pov
We kept on saying childish things, I never believed that I would discuss such. Becky was now feeling sleepy because looking at her alone, you would know that her eyes are heavy. "Becky, why don't you have female friends I asked her. "because they would steal you from me" she said smiling,her answer was really funny. I kissed her on her lips a little and told her good night then headed to my room.

Ben's dad pov
I still love you so much Stella he kissed the picture he was holding then headed to his bathroom to refreshen up.

I stared at Stella as she looked so beautiful in her graduation dress I wished that she agreed to date me but she only saw me as her best friend.we have been god friend from childhood but things changed when we entered university. She left me and stared dating a rich handsome boy. My parent's were rich but not as her new date. Daily our relationship decreased. I tried to stop the relationship at any means but what I got in return was hatred from. Soon they were married and stared living happily. I was angry so I decided to kill her husband then after that, take his company and my precious Stella but I never knew that Stella was boarding the plane with him. I couldn't stop her and soon, boom she died with her husband.

I won't give up now, am happy that I have an inside man that gives me all the details of that company.
morning at Becky's house
I woke only to discover that Mike has left. Ive never been so exhausted like this before. Mr iyke was really good it seems my dad has good workers. It's valentines day Mike must be preparing something nice for me, but I was shocked to get to the living room only to discover him dressed for work and was waiting for me. His such a boring boyfriend I muttered to myself.


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