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my bodyguard and i - Episode5


Mike please tell me what it means she said trying to catch up with me.
I have no time, so I really need to take care of things here before I leave.

At Ben's residence
Ben's dad sat alone in a semi dark room, staring at the picture on his hand. "if only you agreed to stay with me, you wouldn't had gone so soon,i love you please forgive me". He concluded as he kissed the picture.

At Becky's house
Mike just tell me she said keeping a puppy face.
OK, I will tell you the truth and nothing else.
"do you know that you are the ugliest thing I've ever seen, you have big eyes like that of a frog , big ears like American flag ,wide mouth like a monkey and last of all, I don't like you" I concluded waiting for her reaction. "Mike are you serious? I hate you so much" she said as she threw the pillow that she was holding at me.
Since the pillow didn't get to me, she took another and started using to hit me, I quickly held her hands and pulled her to me in a way she was sitting on my laps and facing me. "I was only teasing you, please don't hit me anymore" I said keeping an innocent face. "seriously, but I've never seen you play, how come the change?" she asked now smiling.
"that's because we are now very close than before and I love you so much"
When did you start loving me? She asked waiting for my reply.
Umm, the first time I saw your picture.
"gush you are such a jerk. Why didn't you tell me huh"
"because am scared that we might get separated one day"
"lol, are you trying to tease me? We would stay together always and I promise to give you everything you want" she said touching my cheeks. "OK, in one condition"
"what condition" she asked immediately "my condition is that you should start working. I have been handling your late dads company, now that you are of age its your duty to take... "
Am not doing it she cut me off.
Fine it's your business but just know that am not getting married to a house wife so if you don't want to....."
When should I start working at my dads company she said cutting me off again.
Today I said smiling
"OK, let me get prepared" she said happily as she stood up from my body."you forgot something" I said as she was about leaving for her room. "what's that?"she asked scratching her hair.this I said as I drew her in a kiss."that's morning kiss,see you when you are done" I said as I left her there stunned.
Becky's pov
Did he just.. Oh my goodness his so unpredictable I said touching my lips. I quickly ran to my room to get prepared while I kept singing "Mike loves me,mike loves"
Why isn't she coming down I asked myself just then I heard her saying Mike loves me, Mike loves me. I smiled, when she saw me, she stopped singing but just kept humming it.
She looked so stunning and matured in that dress indeed she's the CEO.

At the office
I drove to the parking and open the door for her to come down.she came down from the car and continued humming it.gush isn't she tired I said to myself in thought as I stared at her. "why are you staring at me like?" she asked
"nothing, you look so beautiful and matured in this dress"
"thanks heart" she said blowing me a kiss. I moved closer to her and gave her a peck on the lips. "please stop humming OK, I love you, and that's it." I said as she kept blinking her eyes. Finally she stopped it. Just then she started again "wow Mike really loves me he just said it again and proved it with a kiss.yes,mike really loves me.. ." fuck I think I just made it worst. "we are already inside so please people are staring at the new CEO" I said in a whisper "OK, OK, I would stop" she said with a smile just then top executives walked to us "wow our baby is now big, so it's time to show us what you got, let's go to the hall" Mr iyke said to Becky. But she didn't respond when I turned to her she was just humming it slowly and smiling. She's such a child. But wait Am I dating a child. I just want her to be my empress and I her emperor but she's falling my hands. "Becky!" I called her nearly shouting.


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