my bodyguard and i - Episode4


mikes pov.
am not actually who she thinks I am.
Mike Raul, am from France. my mom is a Nigerian while my dad is from France.

one lovely Friday that I won't forget easily, I just came back after many years that I spent in a school were I learnt how to protect myself. my parent's and siblings were so happy to see me, just then my family's closest friends came over and they looked so moody. “bonjour ” I greeted her husband "bonjour, comment çava?"(good morning,how are you)
"je suice bien" (I am fine)
why are my friends so moody, you are supposed to be happy and there's a parable that says "ll n'y a passion dear fume sans feu" (there's no smoke without fire)
actually, my wife lost her only brother with his wife in a plain crash, now there only daughter is left alone without anyone also, since her late parents has a lot of properties, many bad people are after her that's why we are worried. if we could see a perfect bodyguard for her, then we would be OK. here is here picture" he concluded handing a picture over to my dad. I took the picture from my dad and stared at it. she is very cute and innocent. the moment I saw her picture, I fell for her.
later in the night.
père,mère, (father, mother) I want to be her bodyguard, just grant me this wish please.
“we can't grant you such wish,you just returned after so many years, I can't let you go again" my dad said in a high voice while my mum nodded her head in confirmation to what my dad said.
after much persuading they agreed but I would return back to France after the fourth year.

I have 7 months left for me to return back to France, so I really need to finish things fast and leave.
I thought of Becky, can I really live without her?

I woke up late with slight headache, I was so tired,i wanted to go down but I remembered what happened last night.for the first time in my life, I was scared to face someone. just then the door to my room opened and the angel majestically walked inside with a cup of hot coffee. I was surprised because the Becky I know can't do house chores. "good morning handsome, how was your night?" she asked sitting close to me. "it was great" I said trying to avoid her gaze.
I brought you coffee, so drink it because I made it myself. she said smiling. to be sincere I was scared but I gathered courage and drank it.
"o my goodness, Becky what did you put inside?
I added little sugar according to your taste.
it's not sugar but salt. please take your coffee and leave. "but why huh,dont you still love me?
I wanted to tell her, but I was scared so I said it in French since she didn't know how to speak or translate it. "j'aime (I love you)
"Mike what did you say?" browse it.
I concluded leaving the room for her.
Ben's pov
I can't believe that Becky was only using me,now it's my turn I would take every single thing from her without pity and she would be my servant I said with anger. the show has begun and I will end it.
I know it's boring but tomorrow's own would be better it's just a come back.


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