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my bodyguard and i - Episode3


MY son, you are now up to age, I want you to assist in my plans so that we would be the very wealthy, I am already in the middle of the sea, and I can't afford to turn my ship back. Bens father said finally turning to his son because he has been staring at the garden through the window. “dad don't worry, I took after you so I won't fail you” Ben said smiling just den his phone began to beep. He looked at his screen to see the caller, then he smiled while his dad watched in anticipation to know who it was. “hi becky” he said smiling and his dad did the same when he heard the name of the caller.soon he ended the call. I think we are finally in Ben said smiling “what did she say huh? ”
“she said that I should come over to spend some time with her. “ nice one” bens dad said sitting down “i think that she's heads over hill for me.dad let me get prepared anyway cheers in advance” Ben concluded as they both sip from there wine a little

Jacobs POV
I was the one responsible for beckys parents plain crash, its a long history that I can't explain now but time would tell

I wonder what mikes reaction would be when he finds out that Ben is coming over. Any I really need to look good.
When I was done, I walked down stairs to our living room, as usual mike was sitting down on a sofa watching the 10:00 news. So boring I scoffed. When I was about sitting down, he directed his gaze at me. “good morning mike ” I greeted facing the television as if I was intrested in the news “why are you dressed like that as far as I know, you can't go out like that because your dress is too revealing” he said glaring at me “thanks for the lecture, but I wasn't planning on going out my crush or my soon to be boyfriend is coming over, that's why I wanted to look sexy. ” I said not wanting to look at his face. Just then the door bell rang. I think his here, chat you later I said standing up.
When I got to the door, I turned back, i noticed that his expression changed. Is he jealous?

Mikes pov
How could she let that bastard here huh, things aren't going the way I expected. Just then they both walked inside holding
hands and smiling I was boiling with range. There's no space here in the living room so u guys should go else where “ok, Ben let's just stay in my room” she said dragging him along before I could stop them. Its not my business, I dont care neither do I want to know what would happen.
Few minutes later....
I can't see clearly, what are they doing I said peeping through the slight opening of the door, what am I even doing here self I decided to go but went back to check again, I leaned on the door to see but I couldn't see anyone just then the door was opened widely, since I was lining on the door, I fell down. Fuck! I mutterd to myself.“what are you doing here? ” Becky asked in a mocking tune. "I came to ask you if you were hungry, remember you've not eaten" I said scratching my head.
When did you become the chef or the maid?
I waa just being concerned anyway bye I concluded before she could say anything else

Beckys pov
I showed Ben many things in my house, and he was really amazed, his stay was really fun because mike kept checking on us every time. I was heading to my room when we both bumbed into each order,I wanted to go but he drew me back. “i don't like what you did today” he said staring at me “but why? You think am still a child right? Am not ok I would date who I want to...”
You won't!! he said cutting me off
I will, but why
Because I love you so... He said in anger but stopped did he just say that am so excited. Am I didn't mean to say... But I shut him up with a kiss “don't say anything else, good night” I said leaving him there.

Mikes pov
What just happened did I just say that I love her, gush am making a mistake. I went to my room, when I got in, I just sat on my bed thinking about everything. The reason I don't want a relationship with here is because am not whom she thinks I am.


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