my bodyguard and i - Episode2


Mick's POV
I can't forget what happened at that supermarket that day,i drove Becky to her dance shook,when she came down from the car,I noticed that she was stained, so I decided to go buy pad for her.i don't want to say the rest,but I would never forget the way the girls in the supermarket where staring at me and gossiping among off to bed,tomorrow is a long day.

Becky's POV
Am so happy,I liked the way mick stared at me today,he always sees me as a child,and I don't like least he has started seeing me as an adult.
I can't stop l as laughing because mick still remembers that day.the way he tree the pad at me made me realize that something bad has happened.

The following day,after dressing,I waited for Becky downstairs so that I can drive her to school.when she started walking down the stairs,she looked stunning.I've never seen her dressed like this maybe she wants to meet someone after school I said in thought getting jealous. “where are you going as after school that made you dressed like this?” I asked not wanting to stare at her.“am going to my friends place” she replied happily.“boy or girl” I asked.“boy” she said heading to the car.OK if you say so I replied.

beckys pov
I wanted him to get jealous but he wasn't jealous.I felt disappointed.
After school,I gave him the address of Ben's house.he collected it smiling.I was angry,am wondering if His a gay.when we got to a turning point,to my surprise,he turned and headed home "thats not the road" I said happily."I can't take you to a boys house because you are still tender" he as he continued.deep inside,I knew he was jealous but do sent want to show it.from now on,I would use Ben to make mick jealous I said to myself happily.

Bens pov
I was angry when Becky said that she wasn't coming anymore.Becky owns a fortune,so my dad is trying to get her through me.I must use Becky I said laughing but first I have to clear that her protective for now,I would just pretend to love her.

Mick's POV
I can't afford to take such risk,I love Becky and won't let anyone date her.she's 19 already,and I know that she would have plenty suitors,what should I do to keep her to myself without dating her?


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