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My Bodyguard And I - Episode10


my bodyguard and i - Episode10


Why is he even smiling I said in thought looking away. He made his way inside and locked the door. "Becky, please can I explain?" he asked while looking straight into my eyes searching for answers.
"there's nothing to explain, you already heard sex with he..."
"I didn't, I was about to when you entered" he said cutting me off immediately.
Wow like seriously he didn't do it I smiled pinching my cheeks. "OK, but why"
"I wanted to get an information from her, and our deal was sex"
"even if you would had avoided it. So did you get the information?"
"yes, actually Mr iyke is an insider to Ben's dad, it's a long story but I would tell you all later. " he stared at me checking if I've forgiven him.
So he did this for me I said to myself smiling just then I heard my name "Becky any proble..." I couldn't hold it any longer, so I cut him off with a kiss and he returned the kiss. It felt so good to have him back. His hands were around my waist soon I felt them move to my stomach raising my tope a little.just then our phone rang. "hello, we are calling from apple hospital, one Mr Fred had an accident" the doctor said over the phone. "who is that" I asked Mike when he dropped the phone. "Fred had an accident so we have to go he said dressing his hair properly.
Fred is one of my driver. I swear I would smack him when he recovers (u understand the reason na)

... 5 months later...

Micks pov
Everything is going perfectly fine between me and Becky, we have been trying to capture the criminals but they keep escaping.
Becky has also improved a lot, she can now play her duty perfectly fine as the CEO. I was happy but sad because my time has ran out.

Becky's pov
My birthday is coming soon and I really need to prepare things. First I need to go shopping because I have a surprise for Mike after the birthday celebration.
"Fred let's get going" he started the car and off we went. Actually Fred has recovered but I didn't smack him again.
I bought everything I need and loaded it In the booth. I was about entering into the car when I remembered that I didn't buy something so I quickly ran back to get it.
When I came back to enter into my car, someone covered my mouth,i could hear Fred voice trying to scream for help but they shot him. Everywhere started becoming blurry I heard noise from distance. "was I drugged? Mike please save me" I said in thought as I felt my eyes heavy and finally it close.

Ben's pov .
There was nothing much to do at the office, I was arranging some files when Fred called me. "sir Becky has been kidnapped" he said over the phone in a wounded voice. I felt my phone slid down hand.

Becky's pov
I opened my eyes slowly, I know that I've stayed here for more than a day, I was hungry and tasty. Soon I saw shadows of people approaching towards my direction..
It was Mr iyke, Ben and another elderly man whom I guess is Ben's dad.
'"transfer every thing you have or else I would kill everyone you love just like I did to your parents" James dad said.
"you are a monster, I won't do it" I spitted on his face when he came closer, to my surprise,he slapped me and I started crying immediately.torture her more he commanded his boys. They kept flogging but I bore the pains.
"since you don't want to talk, I would kill your precious bodyguard he concluded walking away. "no! No! Don't dare" I kept shouting.

Micks pov
Due to Becky's watch, tracing her was easy. I wanted to go immediately, but I decided to prepare. The police did there job well, and soon we headed to save my girlfriend.


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