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My Bodyguard And I - Episode1


my bodyguard and i - Episode1


I sat on a wooden chair outside as the rain unleashed its anger, I was waiting for my bodyguard, I remembered how my dad would always come to carry me from school and I felt tears slid down my cheeks.

I was so happy because mom and dad were coming back today. "why are you so happy today?" my best friend asked. "am happy because dad would be the one picking me up from school today." I said smiling.
The way some of my teachers were staring at me made me confused. After school my driver came to pick me instead of my dad. "why are you here?" I asked in fury because i was angry. He just tapped me to get in, that I would get to understand later. His face looked sad I wonder why everyone is being moody.when I got home, I saw my aunt and her husband I was suprised because they hardly comes to visit us since they lived in a country far from ours. "aunt and uncle you here,are you also waiting for dad?" I asked smilling, she just nodded her head and told me to go refreshen up.
We can't let her know yet that her parents plane crashed and that they are dead,am not sure that she would be able to take the news she's still too tender" aunt Lilian said to her husband "that's true, we must protect her at all cost, I can't still believe that she's now an orphan." my uncle said. "what did you just say?" I asked in a cracked voice "tell me that everything you just said was a lie" I said crying.
The funeral was done,i was just 14 years old, my aunt hired a well trained bodyguard for me because plenty people were after my wealth.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder, I looked up to see my bodyguard, he was more handsome, he bent down and cleaned the tears on my eyes "don't tell me that you were crying,remember you promised not to cry again? He smiling. He took my hands and led me to the car. I just wish that we would be like this.

In the evening
I entered the living room just to see Mick my bodyguard watching wrestling I hated wrestling especially the royal rumble of what ever because of the weapon they use in fighting. "I need the remote Now" I said in a bossy tune. "am not giving you Becky, go and sleep" he said not even looking at me. When his attention wasn't on the remote control again, I quickly went to drag it but he caught me.he dragged it with fire from my hand, and I landed on his body. I noticed him staring at me strangely, I followed his eyes, and he was staring at my breast then to my lips. I liked the way he looked at me because he always sees me as child.before I could know what was happening, he has already stood up nd was going upstairs.after some time he stopped "am going to bed, see you tomorrow morning and don't forget to package your pad inside your bag, because I wont let what happened last time repeats it self" he said and finally left.

mick's pov
I couldn't help but stare at her, she has really grown and not a child anymore, her breast were now firmer, I was getting tempted, so I quickly stood up and left. I won't lie, I love Becky, but I don't need distractions for now, so I have to put that feeling aside..

What do you think Mick dosent want to repeat?


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