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I WANT A HOME- Episode 24


I want a home- Episode 24

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“No one is here, this building has been evacuated. We search everywhere but found nothing”
“Are you sure you did what I told you to do officer?”
“Yes sir, all the officers has surrounded the whole building and we even searched the whole underground but nothing was in place and there is no one in sight”
“And do you check if the underground has secret passages that leads out to another place?”
“Yes we did sir, there is no passage that leads out but seven officers are still there to confirm and check for secret passage that may lead out or inside the building incase we didn’t check well”
“Good. Let me make a call through and report it, I quite don’t understand this and its seems like we’ve been given a wrong information” The senior officer said and brought out his phone before the officer standing in front of him moved back.
Almost 20 minutes later, Margot was forced into one of the jeep Lord Nathaniel was seated. She made no efforts to move at all or even looked at Lord Nathaniel who was seated beside her, her hands were tied and her legs was tied so firmly by Steve before he ordered lord Nathaniel’s men to move her into the car when they moved out of the building.
Its had been 20 minutes already since they left the bombarded building and there was silence all through the drive in the jeep. Steve was seated in different position this time and he still continued to check out the digital wristwatch he was checking earlier again even though he never took an eye one seconds off Margot who was seated beside Lord Nathaniel from the front seat of the jeep.
He looked carefully around each street they passes-by and he was very conscious of everything that goes on behind them as he made eye contact with Margot who smiled at him through the side mirror of the jeep.
He looked at her eyes thoroughly and brought out his phone from his pocket, trying to read what she was thinking, he made a brief glance at the phone and returned his gaze on Margot who doesn’t look like she’ll stop looking at him or stopped smiling soon before he placed the phone on his ear and concentrated back on looking at her, wondering what her smiling meant even though he maintained a very strong face no one would be able to read his mind.
“Have you arranged them into the car?” Steve broke the 20 minutes silence, startling the driver and lord Nathaniel who thinks he was saying something to them.
“Yes, we did so immediately you left and the doors are locked likewise as you’ve ordered but we were waiting for your call before we proceed” he heard a response.
“Good. Now listen to this instructions and make sure none of them isn’t un-followed” Steve began and heard some mumbling on the other end but he ignored.
“The Small remote I handed over to you earlier is the trigger of the bomb I attached with the vehicles some minutes ago and I Want you to blow off the goddamn building after 4 minutes I dropped this call while the rest of you join our other men stationed at the Flx, there is a plan in place to stop us and I want you to get there before we do” Steve ordered and noted Margot expression changed immediately, the smile on her lips quickly disappeared and turned to a frown.
“How do we get to Flx before you? You should be very closer to the place already”
“Yes, it’s 8 minutes drive for us to get to Flx but we are turning back now and taking another route with another vehicle” Steve added without taking off his eyes off Margot whose expression has changed totally, he saw she wasn’t ready to take her gaze off him and he wasn’t likewise until Lord Nathaniel noticed them.
“Just do as I told you and don’t ask me questions, you have less than 30 minutes to get there and Khora will tell you what to do immediately you get there” Steve added more to the instructions he was relaying on the phone and end the call before he decided to answer the drug lord question.
“What is going on Steve?” Lord Nathaniel repeated himself. He looked at Margot and the position of her hands before he turned back to Steve who had already signaled the driver to stop the car.
“We are been monitored, there are gunmen awaiting us to cross the Flx bridge and there is a tracker attached on her cloth which we need to take off now” Steve answered as the driver slowed down and turned to one side of the road quickly referring to Margot.
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He took off his gaze on Margot and took a glance at Lord Nathaniel who was looking at him.
“The driver will go on with this car and head to the nearest restaurant which is 15 minutes drive away from here while the three of us will take a different vehicle to Flx”
“A different vehicle” Lord Nathaniel rephrased.
“Yes, the vehicle is parked at the next street and we would go on foot”
“What about me? What do I do at the restaurant?” the jeep driver asked.
“Drop down when you get to the restaurant and get some food”
“Food !!”
“Yes, make a call to Khora when you get the food, he will give you further instructions on what to do” Steve answered him and opened the front door immediately without more word, he came down and moved directly to the back door where Margot was seated, he opened the door and point a gun directly on her head.
“Hand over the tracker you have on your body” He commanded Margot in a strong tone.
“You will have to search it yourself” Margot countered him immediately and spat the blood on her lips on his face.
Vivian planted the receiver under the back seat of the car she quickly entered, she placed it carefully under the seat after planting the surveillance camera at the point it wouldn’t be discovered easily and began to cross-check the dashboard knowing fully she was wasting more time.
“Vivian, you have less than 2 minutes to get out of that vehicle and only do as you are told. Don’t do otherwise and stop checking out things you shouldn’t” Vivian heard Joel through the talkon as she closed the dashboard startled quickly. She made a quick glance backwards inside the car as she quickly hurried out and closed the door.
“Get out of that vicinity now” Joel shouted.
“I heard you already Mr. Man, don’t block my eardrum. I’m already getting out” Vivian shouted back directly into the mouthpiece. 
[ This story is written by Ireti Adedipe ]
Lord Nathaniel stepped beside Steve who held the gun firmly and told Margot to start walking after telling the driver to pull off the ropes on her legs.
He had taken off the tracker on her body and she didn’t try to oblige or stop him when he moved his fingers round her cleavage to bring out the tracker on her sleeve.
She still maintained her frowned face and tried not to do anything stupid that wouldn’t help her seeing Nathaniel who seemed to totally have different plan for her and she couldn’t even read his thoughts.
Her hands was firmly tied as she walked according to how Steve ordered her to, they soon got to the car Vivian had left awhile ago and they were just few meters away from it when an idea crossed her mind to use the chances.
She calculated the lengths of each leg Nathaniel takes forward and tried to calculate that of Steve but she was unable to get it correctly with the way he moves.
Immediately they were about two legs away to the car, she moved swiftly and turned back, she was about to attack lord Nathaniel who wasn’t fast enough to see it coming when Steve sent two direct punches on her cheek and followed it with kick that sent her straight on the floor almost instantly, Lord Nathaniel stepped back quickly and allowed Steve cover him, he looked terribly at Margot and wondered why she was still aiming to attack him despite several failed attempts. He got angry and began to smash her face quickly on the floor.
“Boss, they’ve started moving again but they’ve changed direction. They are taking another route of the road to the west” Stone announced and showed Vladimir the laptop he was tracking from.
“And where does the route leads to?”
“The road leads to 16d th street sir”
“Okay. Switch to the surveillance system again and check if the bridge on it has stopped” Vladimir commanded as Stone turned the laptop to himself and immediately switched to the surveillance application he minimized few minutes ago when the live stream they were watching stopped.
Vladimir tipped the cigarette he just finished away and stands up, he looked at Stone and the position of some of his men. He nodded twice confidently and brought out another cigarette stick from the cigarette pack.
“What is your status?” Steve said into the phone immediately the call he dialed was answered.
He held the wheel with his left hand and his right with the phone and increased his speed as Lord Nathaniel landed another slap on Margot face. He closed her mouth back with the tape Steve used on her when she was forced into the car earlier and landed two more slaps on her lips as blood weave from her shoulders the more.
Her legs has been tied again and that gave Steve a bit confidence to concentrate freely on the road.
“We are almost at Flx but we have a little problem”
“What problem?” the phone conversation continues.
“The cops are on our trail and they’ve blocked the entire road, both the exit and the entrance has been surrounded”
“The cops !!” Steve rephrased
“Yes boss”
“you must try all your best to outsmart those men and get to Flx before us, make sure you join Khora before we get there” Steve relayed like a warning.
“But boss what do we do? The situation is quite complicated here and we are in a tight status”
“Start shooting and kill whoever stands on your way, do all you can to outsmart them”
“Where are we heading exactly Steve?” Lord Nathaniel asked immediately Steve ended the call. He had been following the whole plan all along but became confused Steve had totally separated him and his men.
“Steve I’m asking you a question” He added when Steve gave him no definite answer before he noticed his phone was vibrating and Sunny was calling again.
To be continued…

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