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I WANT A HOME- Episode 23


I want a home- Episode 23

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“I Want you all on your knees now” Steve shouted louder when none of Margot men did what he asked them.
He tightened his grip on the handle of the gun and pointed it straight on Margot head, there was blood stains on his inner shirt and his suit was already taken off when he fought the last man who used a knife on him while fighting in the room with Margot who had also sustained an injury on her shoulders with the same knife when she fought with him.
Steve took a look at all her men in the same room, they were more than ten and they were all holding their guns straight at him as he shouted the second time and cocked the gun to show his annoyance and that he was ready to blow her head off.
They all obeyed him reluctantly when Margot told them to drop their guns down instantly.
“Now gather yourselves behind those sets of computers one by one” He ordered them and show the direction by moving his head while his eyes was focused on them.
“Do whatever he says and stop looking at me” Margot shouted at them as the cold gun touched her forehead even though She wasn’t scared or looked worried. She was a drug lord and wont ever be scared of guns but the expertise at which Steve moves when they fought was swift, he handled 3 of her best man too quickly when they killed the man beside him but they were unable to lay a finger on him except the third man who used a knife on his face and chest and that was easily because she had interfered in the fight but she wasn’t even his match, she was wounded badly with the knife as blood also weave from her shoulder and lips.
What surprised her the more was how he was able to get into the control room just sudden and easily while her men all focused on the distraction he had created using their surveillance cameras when the gunshots sounded repeatedly in the compound.
“Now give me the hard drive in your possession” Steve ordered immediately all her men walked behind the computers.
“What hard drive?” Margot asked and tried not to move her head as blood rushed out from her shoulders.
“The hard drive you acquired some days ago, give it to me” Steve shouted on her.
“And how come the file existed? I told you to make sure all those data were deleted”
“Valentine this wasn’t my fault and I don’t think the blames should be acquainted to me, not even by you”
“Then are you saying the blame was mine? What the goddamn thing are you telling me Frank? This data leaked right under your watch and do you know what that has caused for us all? The entire goddamn business thing will crush faster especially now that William has been deprived of his position as the Director of the company”
“This was your entire fault Valentine, your reckoning with people you shouldn’t have trusted or deal with caused all this and you are responsible for everything that happens after”
The two men continued arguing and shouted on themselves for almost 10 minutes on who to be blamed for the leaked data from Metlife server.
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Their argument continued for more than five minutes more before the third man on the seat shouted to stopped the argument, already getting tired of watching in silence.
“I can’t believe both of you are arguing senselessly instead of attempting to ensure that this is taken cared of” He shouted and stand up immediately to show his seriousness and frowned.
“Valentine, Who the hell is Nathaniel? Start telling us all you know about him and whatever it is you might have done together before this gets totally out of hand. Our secrets is goddamn in the open” he shouted as the five guards behind him moved forward with their guns.
Sunny sits on the edge of the hotel bed nakedly as the prostitutes he just mate with stands up nakedly too but covered herself with a towel 30 seconds after she took a glance at him, seeing he was smoking, she started moving into the bathroom without any words.
Sunny lighted another Cigarettes and began to smoke it, he had already finished two packs of the cigarettes to atleast calm himself but he looked totally dissatisfied, he took up his phone after about a minute to check its notifications and the numerous missed calls he had. He dragged the phone notification and saw different mails already sent to him, he scrutinized it and he didn’t took longer to fish out the one he wanted, he select the email he had been expecting and began to read.
“The drug lord you serve is an enemy to our territory and I’m sorry I cannot give you the information you requested or comply with any of your plans either” He read the message out straight and direct as he read again.
He closed the mail without feeling disturbed and refreshed his inbox to check for more but there was none again regarding the mail he expected, the top five mails he had was notifications from Kipwriting.com website and its was a mail about the price of different products of weapons and guns he had demanded to know.

He selected one of the emails sent to him and read briefly before he closed the mail again and scrolled down to check all his unread emails one after other.
He finally returned to the email that was of top priority to him and began to type a reply, he had expected to get negative response he just got from the territory he contacted but he had become determined to make sure his plan succeeded.
He finally sent a message after about 6 minutes of deliberating and composed the right response he thinks was convincing enough and closed the email application immediately.
He opened his call history likewise and studied the time frame of each calls, he knew he had been away for a long time and Lord Nathaniel would have left the new building to another one according to their plans 2 hours ago and he decided to put a call through to him first.
He waited till the phone rang through and there wasn’t any answer to the call before he tried again and again but there wasn’t any answer too.
He dropped the phone down on the bed after checking out the time and stands up just then the prostitutes who entered the bathroom came out with a towel stretched on her shoulders and was already on her red pant.
Sunny stood up after making sure his phone was locked and there was nothing he could loose if the prostitute had it in mind to go away with any of his things while he went for a bath due to his past experiences.
He saw her smiling as he walked nakedly beside her but he maintained his strong face and walked on into the bathroom just immediately his phone made a beep for a new email notification.
Lord Nathaniel stepped down from the jeep with Khora immediately they halted in the compound.
Four of his men immediately surrounded him when they saw Margot and over ten of her men coming ahead. Steve was behind Margot and the gun was still pointed on her head as he ordered her to move slowly while all her men raised their hands on their head and also walked in a slow pace as Steve ordered them.
Margot made a funny chuckle immediately she sighted Lord Nathaniel standing beside a jeep and was surrounded by his men, she tried to stop walking but Steve shouted on her to move forward just then lord Nathaniel’s men already positioned in the compound surrounded Margot men at a very good position that was unfavorable for them.
“Oops.. Who do we have here? Nathaniel” Margot said and laughed immediately Steve ordered her to stop walking few meters away to lord Nathaniel.
Lord Nathaniel walked forward and ordered his men to move out of his way, he smiled and walked closer to her before Steve brought out a Hard Drive behind him and threw it to the drug lord who catch swiftly.
“The Hard Drive is destroyed” Steve announced.

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