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I WANT A HOME- Episode 22


I want a home- Episode 22

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Inspector Kelvin drove into the police headquarters and halted the car he drove in instantly, he looked stunned and came out hurriedly from the car with confusion clearly shown on his face when he saw policemen running out of the building with guns into the SRT van and some other police vehicles parked behind the van.
“What is going on here?” He shouted loud to ask an officer who was rushing to enter into one of the other vehicles with his team mates.
“We had a report that some terrorists are on a move and we are to stop them before any casualties”
“Terrorists !!”
“Yes Inspector. I don’t know full details but we are to make sure they do not succeed no matter what” the officer answered after he rephrased, he walk ahead seeing the inspector doesn’t have more to say and entered the Vehicle straightforward with his team mate.
Inspector Kelvin looked more confused as the SRT van began to move along the vehicles hurriedly, its felt strange to him there was no official report about it as he quickly hurried into the building.
“And How was he able to outsmart all of you and escaped?” The head of the security flared in anger at the 8 security men standing in front of him and opened his eyes wide to show his annoyance.
He was a black American man in his forties and one could tell the differences easily he wasn’t just an ordinary security man with his muscles and huge body. He is also an expert in computer programming and has developed different excellent software that was useful for the Metlife company. The company had equipped themselves adequately well in security several weeks ago and he has helped them more when they equipped him with whatever it is he demand from the company management.
He was still annoyed his men acted incompetent by letting just one man outsmart them and escaped at their very grip before the door to his office opened and they all looked back to see who entered at once, including the head of the security who was scolding them.
“Mr. Madison. Your attention is needed sir, I think the interrogation has started” the company staff announced as he stepped into the office fully.
Mr. Madison, the head of the company securities looked up to the staff after the message was relayed and took a brief look at his wristwatch.
“I better go now, I need one of you to come along and explain how this whole thing all started” He waited and looked at the 8 of them but none was willing to follow him until he called out one of them and ordered him to come along before moving out of the room along the staff who came to call him.
Steve took another lovely look at Vivian as he began to buttoned up the suit he wore after adjusting the inner wear of the suit properly. He turned and took a look at the mirror to check himself and smiled, he saw Vivian yawning and smiled again knowing fully she caught him smiling.
“What !!” She exclaimed, wondering why he was smiling.
“Its almost 8am already and you are still on bed, Aren’t you going to work?” Steve smiled again and asked.
“I’ll be there soon but I need to fix some things beforehand”
“And what are you fixing?” Steve asked again almost immediately he saw her stood up on the bed behind him through the big mirror and hurried towards him.
He saw her coming instantly and turned quickly. “Why should you be pacing round the mirror while I’m here to properly tell you how good and handsome you are? I’m I not better fit than the mirror you are looking at?” She asked him and smiled before she grab the buttons on his suit and began to adjust it properly to what he thought and stopped him from speaking.
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“You are such a gentleman Steve Jones, your only flaws is that you have no flaws, you are too extra safe just exactly like your home that I wished you were a little..”
“A little what?” Steve asked inquisitively and looked directly into her eyeballs. He saw her smiling and flashing her teeth, she looked extremely happy ever and its get him to be more curious of all her recent attitudes.
“A little.. Do you have to know?” She asked and punch his chest playfully after adjusting the last button.
“are you sure about this Vivian? Are you sure you want to do this?” Steve changed his face to a serious one and asked as she placed both hands on his chest.
They looked at one another as their eyes lurk and both of them were lost in a sudden immense world of thought for a brief seconds before Vivian spoke again.
“I’m already in this with you Steve, I don’t think you necessarily have to ask me such question again” she answered him.
“You still don’t quite understand how dangerous this is Vivian, what we are about to do concern dangerous men, dangerous people, dangerous Drug Lords” Steve added as she took off her hands on him immediately and made a step backwards.
“If you’d not run away with me, then we’d both do this together for this country Steve, I’m into this with you willingly and don’t try to persuade me from helping my country” She interrupted him and made two steps closer to him immediately again, he looked at her and wanted to speak but before she could say anything, she closed the gap between them and drag his face to herself through his collar, she placed her lips on his lips instantly and held him to herself as he opened his lips to kiss her back.
Four jeeps lined up after the other with Lord Nathaniel’s men surrounding each jeep as the drug lord himself came out of the main building with Khora and two other of his personal guard.
He was dressed in a casual attire but he looked fit than his age, a sneaker and a long dark jean with a white t-shirt and a black cap, a wrist-band labeled after one of his only legal brand and it was fixed on his right hand with a wristwatch on his left with an eyeglass.
He removed his eye glass as he walked beside Khora after adjusting the position of the gun behind him.
“Where is Sunny?” he asked Khora as he walked to the third jeep on the row.
“He is not back yet sir”
“He isn’t back !!”
“Yes sir, we’ve tried to contact him but he’s not been reachable”
“And for how long have you been trying?”
“About 5 hours ago sir” Khora answered and opened the door of the third jeep, he waited till lord Nathaniel entered and closed it before the men began to enter the other jeeps with their weapons one after the other.
Khora also entered the same jeep and quickly have a seat at the passenger side before the driver hit the engine to life and the whole jeeps began to move completely out of the building.
“Where is Steve?” he asked Khora immediately they were out of the building completely.
“He’ll join us on the road sir. He’s already waiting for us three street away from here” Khora answered and expected the drug lord comment but he said nothing as there was silence in the car straight-end.
“Your lordship, I have something to tell you about Sunny sir” Khora broke the silence after about a minute, he looked at the drug lord who gave him no instant response through the rear mirror of the car and took off his gaze when he made eye contact with the drug lord who was already on a call.
Few minutes later.
Steve came out from the under-construction site as the first two jeeps halted far away but the last two of which lord Nathaniel was seated halted right before the site as Steve walked closer to it.
He was still in his same cloth, he was suited all through and his path really conform him as a perfect gentleman but he’s whole body was fill with different weapons underneath, from his jacket to the inner sides of the suit itself and different kinds of short guns carefully hidden behind him.
He looked left and right as he walked and managed to look backwards to check if Joel had already left the site without making it look suspicious like he was finding something. He finally stepped into the jeep Lord Nathaniel was seated after opening the door himself as the driver moved on.
He said nothing to any of them or even greeted the drug lord himself as he sits and brought out one of the guns instantly.
“Stone, the boss called for you?” one of Vladimir’s men said immediately Stone closed the laptop he just worked on the desk and made an attempt to stand up.
He raised up his face to look at him and carried the laptop into the back-Bag placed beside the laptop.
“Have you found Mark?” He asked and stands up.
“No.. But we’ve kidnapped his two sisters when we couldn’t find him, he must have seen the email sent to him by now but he hadn’t reply yet”
“When was the email sent to him?” Stone asked again and carried the back-bag. He looked round the room if there was anything left he was yet to take but there was none, he took a glance at his wristwatch and walked out from the long desk as he listened.
“The mail was sent about an hour ago”
“An hour ago”
“And he hasn’t reply yet”
“okay then. where is the boss?”
“He’s at the master bedroom and I think the cops he ordered for has been deployed already so he called for you”
“Good. Let’s go then” Stone ushered and opened the door, he walked out of the room and adjust his face cap properly before Max, who had come to call him walked out too.
“So tell me Max” Stone began as they walk down the long passage.
“Aside Mark, who else is involved among our men?” He asked after Max followed beside him.
Steve ordered the driver to stop after about 25 minutes journey from the construction site he was picked, there was only one jeep behind them and he had ordered the rest of the men in the other jeep to take another direction.
He finally stopped discussing with lord Nathaniel and the drug lord himself paused what he was about to say when Steve ordered the two jeeps to halt, wondering why he had said they should.
Khora looked at the back seat of the jeep after 54 seconds Steve told them to stop only to see him looking at the digital wristwatch in his left hand.
He brought out his mobile phone after a minute more of silence between them and showed Khora what was displayed on the phone, he stretched it to him when Khora was trying to adjust and collect the phone.
“We are following a different strategy this time” he announced and concentrated back on the wristwatch as Khora took his time to check what was displayed on the phone while Lord Nathaniel watched in silence.
Steve took few more seconds to concentrate on the wristwatch fully which according to Joel was to perform one of the best job in the mission.
He could see they were waiting for him to say more as he still concentrated on it but he took more seconds even Lord Nathaniel had to adjust his seating position to see what he was doing on the wristwatch but he couldn’t see the screen due to how tiny it was.
He knew its was an American watch and he had seen the kinds twice, its was one of the best US military tech and its functions in different diverted patterns. He sat properly back when he couldn’t see what Steve was doing and the silence was break when Khora nodded and gave the phone back to Steve.
“I’ll need only four of your best men to follow me while the rest of you will follow the original plan” Steve told Khora and returned the phone back into his jacket.
“Only four men” Khora asked and widened his face.
“Yes, only four”
“Only four of our best men cannot handle this alone, I think you’ll need more men to handle this” Khora intercepted him and made a glance at lord Nathaniel.
“I don’t need more men, Only four of your best men is enough for me and they’ll majorly handle the crucial part of the mission incase anything contrary happens or if we’ve already been betrayed, the enemy might be waiting for our arrival and that is why I made that plans to ensure immediate alternate incase such happens”
“But This may cause confusion among our men, they have been grouped and the original plan was to attack upfront while others ensure the mission does not fail”
“I think you are wasting my precious time Khora or whatever it is you are called. Just do as I say and stop deliberating with me” Steve shouted at him before the Lord Nathaniel interrupted, he had been watching silently and think its time to say something.
“Just do whatever he says Khora” The drug lord added after seeing Steve confidence.
“There are two men two here and they said they were asked to come by the boss”
“Which men?”
“I don’t know who they are, that’s why I’m asking you to confirm for me”
“Okay. Let me confirm from the boss herself” one of Margot men said through the communication talkon before he switched the live stream to the main gate to check.
“Tell the one at the left side to remove his cap and tell the one suited to move closer to the left. I want to see their faces clearly” He added and removed his finger placed on the talkon.
“Remove your face cap and you move to the left” the one manly the entrance told Steve and one of the best men of lord Nathaniel he requested.
“Good. I can clearly see their faces now. Let me confirm from the boss” The one contacted at the control room said and immediately connected Margot directly without leaving the control room and stared at the screen.
“Your lordship, there are two men at the entrance and they said you demanded to see them personally, I’m asking to confirmed it” Margot heard her man at the control room immediately she was connected to her talkon.
“Which men?” she asked.
“I don’t know their identity but they claimed you asked them to come, that is why I’m reporting it”
“I’m in a middle of something important I can’t overlook right now, I think you need to attend to them yourself, they may be the air contractor I ordered for some minutes ago but make sure you confirm their identity before allowing anyone inside” Margot told him.
Steve took a glance at his phone when he brought it out for Margot security men who was crossing-checking them again after been allowed to enter into the building but its was taking longer than he thought.
“Please we’ve got another place to go and we don’t have much time to waste here. That box had already been checked twice by your men” Steve stopped walking when one of them called back his supposed partner to check the box he carried in anger.
“Mr. Man are you here to tell us what to do? Drop that goddamn box now” The man who halted them shouted at Steve but before he could add more, Steve sent a punch on his face, he pulled his arm almost before he could gain his ground and slapped his face with the back of his palm, he centered a focus on his ribs and sent another punch almost in two seconds before he brought out a gun. Everything happened so fast and swift the three men behind them was shot and Steve adjusted the silencer on the gun as their bodies fell with a thud.
To be continued..

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