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I WANT A HOME- Episode 21


I want a home- Episode 21

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Ohhh… God sake,, Don’t start with this story of yours here again. Okay. If you really must know, I’ve decided to build a home together with Steve under any circumstances, I’m going to have the home he always wanted with him, we are both building that home together. That’s all” Vivian answered her and smiled again.
She stepped backwards seeing Margaret was still lost with the bright smile and doesn’t understand what she meant, she pushed the door opened hurriedly and entered the room before Margaret could say anything else.
Steve returned back to his previous seat after the call he answered ended. He had excused himself admist the discussion immediately his phone started ringing earlier.
His smiling face turned to a frown but this time around he looked more relaxed as the detectives and Joel heard the chuckle he made after sitting next to Charles who was listening to the detectives but add no contribution to what was been discussed.
“Who is it?” Joel asked him before the detective could continue his explanation.
“Its A message from Lord Nathaniel”
“And what’s the message?” Joel asked almost immediately he could finish.
“There has been an attack on them and he wants me to meet him in an hours time”
“Attack !!” Detective Cougar rephrased.
“Yes.. But I don’t know the details”
“When was that?”
“About few hours ago” Steve answered him as Detective Cougar glimpse at Louis before they heard the door intercepted and Vivian entered, not less than 60 seconds more did the door opened again and Margaret entered too.
Cheng looked back hurriedly as he entered the supposed code the second time on the Touchpad of the screen on the wall.
The hall he entered was only full of machines and nothing more except the control system. He made sure he entered the correct keys carefully again this time even though he was faster than the first trial but its still displayed log-in attempt failed, password incorrect.
It took him time to switch-on the control data system when he got into the room with the help of his phone flashlights earlier on and he had wasted more than 10 minutes already without success.
He glance backwards as he began to type in the password on the wall system again the third time, already hearing fast footsteps of men running to the hall.
“Weng the password is incorrect, I think we have the wrong information” He speak into the phone immediately the third attempt failed.
“Are you sure you entered it correctly Cheng? The code is DFGH04RA”
“That is exactly what I entered but its still saying login failed” Cheng answered and turned backwards after the failed third attempt when he noticed movement at the entrance.
“I heard his voice, the intruder is trying to log into the server. Make sure he doesn’t escape” five security men heard through their talkon and immediately the light in the hall came on fully and the total darkness vanish.
Cheng moved away from the system immediately the light came on, he was taken aback and doesn’t know what to do as the men began to walk inside but he knew they were five in number due to their walking steps. He looked backwards and tried to figure out an escape plan for himself without getting caught but there was none and no place he could hide.
“Weng, I have incoming men fast approaching me” He said into the phone fearfully and panicked as one of the security men heard him and immediately alert the others even though he had whispered on the phone.
“Right there” the security man said and began to rush towards the direction he heard the voice as the others followed him.
“Make use of your gun and try to outsmart them”
“Gun.. Gun… Outsmart” Cheng mumbled, he panicked and tried to move backwards the more as the security men rushed forward.
“Yes, use the gun and get out of there first and put on your tracker” Weng Instruct him and he quickly walked forward to grab the gun he had placed on the system, almost forgetting he even had a gun with him.
He quickly obeyed Weng instructions and put on his tracker as he tried to proceed out from the system but he couldn’t when he came in contact with one of the securityl.

“There he is” he heard the security man behind him shouted as he fired a shot quickly after the security man fired his gun too.
The two bullets missed and hit no one as Cheng quickly took cover immediately when the rest of the security men reached the system.
“We need more men down here, he has higher grader weapon than us” the first security man said into his talkon immediately he fired more bullet to prevent Cheng from coming out of hiding while the rest ran ahead to stop any chance of him escaping even though only two of the securities held a gun.
Cheng looked right and left the place he had taken cover, he felt extremely scared and his hands trembled as he held the gun, he felt no confidence within him contrarily when he heard one of them requesting for more men.
He rested his occiput on the side of the machine he took as cover and tried to calm his nerves, he swallowed in but couldn’t control his breathing and the fast beating of his heart. He swallowed in again and adjust his fingers on the gun trigger but he still couldn’t help himself or try to calm his nerves until he heard Weng voice on the ongoing call.
“What .. What did you say?” he asked when he didn’t hear what Weng said properly.
“I said you have to try outsmart them, find a means to get out of there before I can come to help you. I can’t try to access their server anymore or it will be easily traced back to me”
“Yeah Cheng. The rest of the men have been arrested and our disguised men has been apprehended, its just as if they knew we were coming and caught them easily”
Cheng heard Weng and tried to peep from his cover when two bullets was fired at him and he quickly took cover back.
“Be careful of the machines” Another security man told the first as he joined the shooting.
Vladimir drank the full content of the alcoholic drink at once and broke the bottle in anger instead of dropping it down carefully. He began to breath in and out with annoyance and fury as two of his men walked towards him after entering the room.
“Did you get me what I told you?” he asked them and moved towards the window of the room.
“Yes your lordship” one of them answered him and moved forward to hand over the cocaine as he stretched his hands to have it.
Vladimir collected the substance and sniffed some of it into his nostrils as the men watched him with fear of making a sound or movement as he sniffed the dope. They see Vladimir becoming extremely dangerous and merciless when he killed over 12 of his own men after the last attack few hours ago, telling them he’ll never condone incompetence from anyone.
They watched him sniffed the cocaine the third time without moving and managed not to make any sounds to avoid his anger before one of them speaks again.
“We have found out the new location your lordship”
He announced as Vladimir turned to dismiss them in the room.
“Just get out and prepare the men” He shouted at them.
Detective Cougar walked back into the room holding his phone and nodded.
Steve was still seated beside Charles and detective Louis was seated beside Joel, Margaret had walked inside and took her seat beside Vivian and Cougar was the only one standing due to the explanation he was relaying to them.
“its true” he announced to them and made a sigh in frustration as he walked back to his previous position.
“What are we going to do now? We must come up with a good plan that will never fail if we don’t want to be stopped halfway again” Detective Louis intercepted as they all focus on him after the short silence that emerged in the room.
“Detective Cougar” Joel called out as they returned their focus back to him. He adjusted his seating position and took off his arm on the sides of the sofa he was seated.
He took both hands into itself and sat half way the sofa as they all concentrate on what he had to say.
“We are still going to follow our same plan but its will be adjusted appropriately if anything changes in time, all we have to do is to ensure that we get our hands on that Drive as soon as possible and Steve” he called out Steve name as some of them took a quick glance at him and back to Joel.
“I think its time you need to get closer to Nathaniel more than ever” he added and took a look at Steve who looked at him with the usual face he expected.
“Yes. If we are going to do this and end this war, you are the best man for it and your job is to make sure this detectives get all they needed to make this possible”
Steve looked at him the more and frowned immediately.
“I don’t understand you” he said and adjust his seating position.
“You should understand what I’m telling you Steve, Nathaniel is not just an ordinary man to badge-out in this game and you know its true. In-fact, he is one of the members of the association and we can get to them through him easily by using Nathaniel’s personal interest in you” Joel said and stands to explain more as they listened attentively.
“Be careful of the machines, don’t destroy them” one of the security men warned the other as Cheng ran out of cover and shoot almost immediately while the security men all took cover instantly but the bullets hit one of them on his chest as the ones with guns shoot back.
Cheng looked behind the machine he just took as cover again as the security men rushed to his new position while the security man that was shot grunt and stayed back. He heard their footsteps and he could see the entrance to the big hall now from his position due to the light that was turned on even though he was still breathing heavily in fear of been caught and arrested.
He heard the rush behind him and likewise began to hear more footsteps from the entrance. Its was clearly over for him, he thought.
He couldn’t even handle a gun properly not to say have a physical combat with any of the security men, he tried to think if there was anything he could do to save himself but couldn’t think of anything at the point as there was silence in the hall instantly before four security men entered the hall almost immediately the light in the whole hall took off.
Mr. Kruger rested himself fully on the big sofa as he continued to watch the business news on the TV after the short break the channel had.
He had on a singlet and a short boxers as he crossed his legs and focus on the news. He put down his phone when the short break ended and the news continued, he adjusted his seating position before the door to the living room opened and Mrs. Kruger entered the room and walked directly towards the refrigerator hurriedly to get herself a drink.
She looked extremely tired but managed to dropped her handbag on the table placed beside the refrigerator as she emptied the chilled malt she picked inside and closed it back.
Mr. Kruger suddenly turned backwards startled on the chair he was seated when he heard a sound and see its was his wife, he didn’t even noticed when she entered but he heard the sound of her car entering the compound when the news began.
“Hey darling.. Welcome” He greeted her and turned back to the news immediately.
“How was work? I got back home 30 minutes ago and was surprised you aren’t home yet. Was your car faulty again?” he added without minding that she didn’t greet back and picked up the TV remote to reduce its volume.
Mrs. Kruger made a sigh and nodded as she dropped off the malt can, she began to walk tiredly towards where her husband was seated as she waited to get there before answering him.
“The car did well today, Its had no fault whatsoever” She answered him when she get to the sofa he was seated and sat beside him.
“Then what took you this long?” Her husband asked and looked at her face, she definitely looked tired but its was more than being tired to him. She looked extremely worried and troubled.
“Darling is anything the matter? You are worried, what is the problem again?” he asked her repeatedly and turned to her fully.
“Kruger, I’m worried about Vivian. I think its..” she answered and stopped when her husband interrupted.
“Oh common, is this all about your dream again? I told you already those are hallucinations and you need to stop worrying or doing this to yourself. Didn’t you put a call through to her this morning?”
“Yeah I did”
“Then what exactly is your problem?” Her husband asked again.
“Kruger, I kept having this dreams repeatedly each and every minute I close my eyes that something bad happened to her”
“oh my goodness, if this is all about your dreams and dreams, I suggest you see a doctor today and probably have yourself checked. Vivian herself clearly said she’s fine and Rhoda confirmed it for us. I don’t know exactly what your problem is”
Mr. Kruger shouted at her and stands up. He seemed pissed off and began to walk away instantly in annoyance.
“I think I’ll have to go there and check on her myself, I already booked my flight today” she announced as he began to walk away in annoyance but he gave no response.
“Either or not something bad happened to her, I’m going to spend some days with her and see how things is going on myself” She added before her husband could close the door he opened.
To be continued…

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