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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Twenty-Two
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
I woke up with a very terrible headache due to the way i cried myself to sleep last night,i felt really weak that i couldnt lift a leg

"Selena are you okay"ella asked as she walked into the room

"I feel so weak and hungry"i replied like a baby

"Should i call donald "ella said and i starred at her angrily

"C'mon ella be serious"i said

"you know you have to hear his own part of the story " ella said

"What part do i need to hear when i hear when i caught them red handed " i replied

"Well at least keep the baby because am sure aborting it might harm your health ,you know you are on medication and you dont want to complicate things "ella said and i starred at her,she might be right

"I have never thought of that"i said worridely

"So does that mean you will tell him about the child "she said

"Ella can you get me food already"i half yelled

"Well i will and i will call danny to come over and check you "ella said and left
Soon ella prepared food i ate hungrily and went into the bathroom sluggishly to take my bath,and lay back on the bed and soon i slept off
My phone kept ringing and it woke me up from sleep
hello who am speaking with "i asked sleepy
Selena dear its me kate how are you?

Am fine kate ,Donald gave you my number right?

Yes he did,and the house is really boring without you can you come over"she asked
Am a little bit sick "i replied
what ! and you didnt tell me selena ,am sending someone to come pick you up in the next five minutes" she said

"Selena" danny called as he stepped into the room he was right on time ,he adminstered some treatment and gave me some drugs and soon i heard a loud horn

"Selena are you expecting anyone "ella asked half yelling

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"Yes kate asked me to come over and she sent a driver "i replied and ella giggled

I went into my room arranged my stuffs and bade ella and danny goodbye

I went to donald house ,kate already had some people prepared food for me and she didnt allow me lift a finger prepare

She made sure i was given everything i need and she a mother in deed unlike my own parent who think am dead already i dont even have plans on seeing them or going back to them anytime soon

Dinner was prepared as we all ate in silence i was still feeling weak and my waist especially was paining me ,i wish i was still in good terms with donald i would have asked him to rub it for me ,,soon donald walked in and was he was suprised to see me ,i avoided eye contact with him throught out until kate forced us all to watch movie together and my back aches really bad ,and incase i forgot to mention kate already found out i was pregnant she said my walking step and body said it all

"Kate i need a little waist massage "i whisphered in her ears and she chuckled

"Go to your room i will bring some balm and meet you there in a jiffy"she whisphered back

"Okay" i replied and went upstairs back and waited for her

Donald pov
Kate is the best mother anyone could ask for ,i wonder how she was able to make selena come and note i already told her everything including the pregnancy and she promised to help me ,she told me selena needed some waist massage and gave me a balm ,i went upstairs and opened her room door gently,she was lying on the bed shirtless and wearing a short waiting for the massage

"Kate you took so long"she muttered and i coughed

"Omg"she yelled and stood up immediately her firm boobs were starring at me

"Gosh"she muttered when she realise what she was doing and went to the lying position she was

"Its okay is not like i havent see it before "i said and walked up to her ,sit up i said and she did immediately using her hands to cover her boobs ,i went to her back and began applying the balm gently and she massaging it ,i heard her moan lightly and i chuckeld within me that means she is still affected by my touch ,i extended my hand to her butt

"Bring your hands down "i said and she brought them down without hesitation ,i grabbed her boobs and massage them while she kept moaning ,i placed her on the bed properly and began kissing her with my hands still on her boobs while she moaned in her mouth ,i tralied my hands to her p***y and she stopped me immediately

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"stop donald leave"she yelled angrily using the duvet to cover her self

"Selena what you saw at the office was a mistake i was trying to force johanna out and make things clear to her before you walked in " i said i brought out my phone and played the footage video in my office on everything that happened that day and thank God she payed attention to me

"Am sorry selena i will never do such again i love you and i want to be the best father to our child "i said and her jaw dropped

"Dont be suprised i found out already "i said and she smiled and hugged me

"Am sorry for not trusting you and telling you about the child earlier"selena said

I cupped her face and kiss her lips gently, and soon i was all over her kissing and sucking every part of her body as her moans filled the room ,After making her extremely wet i began ponding into her and soon i emptied my self into her

"Am sure after this you will have twins"i said and we both laughed

"I love you selena "i said and kissed her head

" I love you too mr kings "she said and we cuddled each other

Selena pov
I feels so good to be in his arms again ,i cant believe i mis judge him and didnt even trust him ,all thanks to kate everything is now back to normal

I woke up and donald wasnt beside me anymore ,maybe he is preparing for work i thought,i went into the bathroom took my bath and wore a simple outfit ,on reaching the stairs i saw small candle lights directing me ,i walk down and everywhere was beautifully designed with red petals and roses everywhere ,my name was written in roses i was so romantic that i couldnt hold my tears anymore

"Do you love it"i heard someone asked i turned and it was donald

"I do "i replied smiling
Soon he knelt down before me and brought out a box ,opened it and a shining diamond ring was starring at me

"selena will you marry me"he asked and i nodded

"Yes Yes" i said tearfully he slipped the ring into my hands and kissed me pasionately

"yay"i heard people laughing it was ella ,danny and kate ,i hugged and kissed them all

"Hey you guys should be careful shes carring my twins "donald said and we all laughed


Hope you all enjoyed it ??

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